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Inside the rental car, Jennifer is frustrated because she can’t get a signal on her cell phone. Mike gets back inside the car and informs Jennifer the rental car doesn’t have a spare tire. Jennifer wants to borrow Mike’s cell phone to call Will. She grabs the phone from Mike and is annoyed when his phone doesn’t work either. Mike informs her he didn’t charge the phone because he had to turn it off on the plane and he figured he would charge it when he got home. Jennifer is quite upset because she is stuck in the middle of nowhere with so many things to do. Mike tells her not to worry about the things she can’t change. He notices a white bull constellation and stops to stare up at the sky. Jennifer thinks he is strange for not worrying about their problem and using the time to stargaze.

At the hospital, Ben informs Carly and Jack that his test results are normal, which means there isn’t a physiological or neurological cause to his amnesia. Ben tells Jack and Carly that when they return to court, a judge could rule that the medical care Jack received at St. Genevieve’s was adequate. Julia arrives and starts to leave when she sees Carly, but Carly allows Julia to stay with Jack while she steps outside to talk to Ben. Jack tells Julia the good news and they share a kiss.

In the hospital hallway, Carly wonders if the fact that there is nothing medically wrong with Jack will mean he may never get his memory back. Ben tells her there is no way to tell that right now. Carly tells Ben Jack has had fragments of memories resurface, but Ben thinks he would be more optimistic if Jack had full memory flashes which built on each other. Ben encourages Carly not to give up hope, it just takes time. Carly watches Jack and Julia kiss and worries that her time to help Jack get his memory back is running out.

At Metro, Lucy worries that Aaron is really hurt when he doesn’t get up after the referee has finished counting to ten. Dominic’s goon is happy and calls his bookie to find out how much money he won on the fight.

At the gym, Allison and Rafael plead for Aaron to get up, but Aaron continues to lie motionless in the ring. A stunned Rafael keeps saying, "I killed him," while Dominic struggles to keep Rafael quiet. Holden and Chris get inside the ring, and Chris tends to Aaron. Allison wants to get in the ring, too, but Dusty stops her because Chris must have room to do his job.

Inside the rental car, Jennifer is tense because she must get home. Mike compares Jennifer’s attitude to a puppy he used to have; the puppy would stay inside the house all day, and when Mike would arrive home he would not stop running around outside until Mike forced him to calm down. Jennifer is annoyed to be compared to a dog. Mike explains he loved his dog because he was good, just a little too intense. Jennifer explains that she never used to worry about anything when she was modeling in Europe, but then things changed when she returned home and her mother left her and her brothers. Jennifer feels guilty because then she returned to Europe to model and left Will. Jennifer promises that she can’t leave Will again. She tells Mike that even though her family is falling apart, she loves them. Mike tells Jennifer he understands how she feels about her family, and it's one of the things he admires about her.

At the hospital, Jack thanks Carly for letting Julia stay with him and share the good news. Carly explains that, despite everything she has done lately, she isnít a mean person, she just tends to be overprotective of the people she loves.

Jack tells Carly that he knows she isnít a mean person. Carly admits to Jack that she wanted something to be medically wrong with him so the doctors could fix it. Carly again wonders if that makes her a bad person. Jack thinks it just makes Carly a human being. Jack asks Carly to describe to him the type of man he was before the accident. Carly tells Jack that he was the type of man who everybody in the family was excited to see when he arrived at any family gathering. She tells him that Parker and Sage would always wait anxiously for him to return home from work. Parker would always run to the door, and Sage would crawl to the door so fast that Carly worried she would scrape her knees. Carly goes on with the story and tells Jack that he would then scoop up the kids and hug and kiss them. Carly explains she never felt as safe and happy as when she watched him with the kids and they were all together. Jack asks Carly what type of man he was to the rest of Oakdale. Carly tells Jack that everyone in town loved him, and when he was missing and presumed dead everyone in the community prayed for him and Carly and the children. Everyone offered their help to them in the kindest ways. Carly calls Jack a true everyday hero. Jack decides to go home with Carly and see the children because he wants to get to know Jack Snyder.

At the gym, Chris thinks Aaron may have a depressed skull fracture, and it is best he not be moved until the ambulance arrives to take him to the hospital.

At Metro, Lucy worries that Aaron may be seriously hurt, and she also feels she must get to the gym and warn Dusty about Dominic. Craig continues to try and persuade his daughter that Dusty knew about the weighted gloves and that Aaron might be seriously hurt in the fight, but Lucy refuses to believe Dusty could be capable of such a thing. The goon, who is still talking to his bookie, tells Lucy to shut her mouth or he will shut it for her. This makes Craig angry, and he reaches for a bottle on the bar and cracks the goon over the head with it. Craig looks at the goon on the floor and tells him nobody talks to his baby that way.

Inside the rental car, Mike explains to Jennifer the myth of the white bull constellation. He says that Zeus dressed as a white bull and kidnapped a woman, whose name he can’t recall, and forced her to have three sons with him. As punishment for his actions, the gods placed him up in the heavens as a constellation that is shaped like a white bull. Mike encourages Jennifer to step back and try to get perspective on her life. Mike thinks it’s not a crime for Jennifer to want her own life. Jennifer explains that the last time she tried to have her own life, with Jordan, Barbara helped kill Cabot. Jennifer feels that if she hadn’t wanted her own life, Cabot would still be alive. Mike tells Jennifer not to blame herself, because Barbara helped kill Cabot, not her. Mike gets out bubble gum and he and Jennifer decide to have a bubble-blowing contest.

At the hospital, Jack doesn’t want to bother Julia while she is working to tell her he has been released, so Carly volunteers to leave Julia a note while Jack does all the check-out paperwork. Carly writes a note telling Julia Jack was released and she took him home. Carly leaves the note at the nurses’ station.

At the gym, Chris calls Ben to inform him Aaron will be coming in soon with a possible depressed skull fracture. Allison, Holden, and Chris head to the hospital with Aaron. Dusty wants to go too, but Holden warns him to stay away from Aaron.

At Metro, Craig unties himself and Lucy and asks her to help tie up Dominic’s goon, but Lucy runs to the door as soon as Craig unties her because she wants to go to the gym.

At the gym, a guilt-ridden Rafael wants to tells Dusty what happened, but Dominic stops him by whispering in his ear that if he tells the truth, Lucy will die. Dusty wants to know what Rafael wanted to say, but Rafael just tells Dusty he feels sorry about what happened to Aaron. Dominic is eager to settle up with Dusty but is interrupted by Bud, who tells him Rafael wants to talk with him in the locker room.

At the hospital, Chris knows it's procedure to confirm the diagnosis by taking a CAT scan, but he feels Aaron needs to be operated on as soon as possible. Ben runs all the tests to stall for time while he waits for Doctor Ramirez to arrive at the hospital. Chris tells Ben they can't wait, Ben must operate on Aaron. Holden tells Ben he is glad he will be performing the operation on Aaron. Ben considers taking a pill to calm the pain in his hand, but the audience is never shown whether he takes the pill.

At Jack and Carly’s house, Jack arrives home and asks to see some of Carly’s designs. Jack flips through Carly’s book and thinks her designs are classy and sophisticated. Jack wonders why Carly never wears any of the clothes she designs. Carly tells Jack she sometimes wears her own designs. Carly tells Jack about their wedding day. Jack wants to know what kind of woman Carly is.

At the gym, Dusty wants to know what Dominic did tonight. Dominic tells Dusty to stop acting so innocent, because he knew the score from the beginning.

Inside the car, Mike pops Jenniferís bubble gum bubble when it is clear she is going to win the contest. Mike and Jennifer almost kiss each other. Mike turns on the radio, and Jennifer laughs and tells him as punishment for his actions she is ordering him to become a constellation in the shape of a bubble.

Mike pulls Jennifer close to him and pretends to dance with her. When the battery dies and the music stops, Mike and Jennifer kiss each other.

At Jack and Carly’s house, Jack wonders why, if Carly loved him, she did so many hurtful things to him during their relationship. Carly explains that she was insecure because of the way she grew up and she had a hard time believing that Jack was the real thing. Carly explains that, after being together and splitting up so many times, Jack changed her life by making her believe and trust in their love for each other. Carly explains the reason that Jack forgave her and took her back even after she slept with Mike the night before their wedding was because he understood she was insecure. Carly also explains that Jack did postpone the wedding for a while after he found out about Mike, but eventually they found their way back to each other, like they always do. Carly tells Jack he taught her what was important in life. Parker runs downstairs and is happy that Jack is going to stay to have Snuggle Sunday with him. Parker asks Jack to put him on his feet. Carly helps Jack learn how to put Parker on his feet. Carly moves the table and tells Jack to put his feet up while she places Parker on them. Parker slips from his feet, and he and Carly fall on top of Jack. Jack grabs Carly’s hand to keep her from falling. Parker gets up, but Carly and Jack stay that way for a minute. When Jack forgets to let go of Carly’s hand so she can get up, Carly gently reminds him of it. Jack apologizes quickly for not letting go of Carly’s hand.

At Metro, Craig explains everything that happened to Margo. Craig wants to leave and look for Lucy, but Margo handcuffs him so he can stay and give her a statement.

At the gym, Dominic admits to Dusty he put weights in Rafaelís gloves.

Dusty vows he had no idea about anything that Dominic did, but when Dominic sees Lucy arrive and knows she is listening to their conversation, he makes it appear that Dustyís statement is cute and only for her benefit. Dusty doesnít see Lucy behind him.

Inside the rental car, Mike and Jennifer are about to kiss again but are interrupted by a policeman who offers to help them. Mike refuses the policeman’s help, telling him they have everything under control.

At the hospital, Julia wonders why Jack is gone from his room.

Allison admits to Holden that it took her a long time to realize that she loves Aaron. Holden tells Allison that Aaron has loved her for a long time and will be happy that she feels the same way. Chris overhears Allisonís conversation with Holden. Chris informs Holden that his diagnosis of a depressed skull fracture is correct according to the tests. Chris tells Holden he must sign a consent form so Ben can operate on Aaron. He also informs Holden that he will be assisting Ben with Aaronís operation. Ben prays to the Lord to guide his hands during the operation. Chris tells Ben that he will be assisting him, and that everything is ready for the operation.

At Metro, Margo goes over the details of Craig’s statement and tells Craig he also has Aaron’s blood on his hands and is just as guilty as everyone else involved, because he did nothing to stop the fight.

A stunned Lucy comes out from her hiding spot, and when Dusty asks her how long she has been standing there she responds, "Long enough to find out what you didn’t want me to know."

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