ATWT Update Thursday 11/4/04

As the World Turns Update Thursday 11/4/04


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At the Lakeview, Jordan talks with a lawyer who tells him they have the papers drawn up for Street Jeans, and all Jennifer needs to do is sign them. Jordan calls Jennifer on her cell phone to relay the news to her. Jennifer tells Jordan that she and Mike are in a car on their way to the airport right now, and she will go over to sign the papers as soon as she arrives in Oakdale. Jennifer tells Jordan they got some wonderful photos of Mike at the photo session, and an agent is also interested in Mike.

Inside the rental car, Jennifer finishes her phone call with Jordan and Mike just gives her a look, wondering why she said a Hollywood agent was interested in him. Jennifer admits she embellished things just a bit, but she wanted Jordan to know she is the one in control of Street Jeans, not him. Jennifer is positive that Mike is the hot new look in the modeling world; every man is going to want to be him, and every woman is going to want to be with him. Mike wonders if the "every woman" Jennifer referred to includes present company. Jennifer doesn’t respond to Mike’s question.

At Hal and Emilyís house, Emily arrives home with her arms full of groceries and is shocked when Barbara opens the door and offers to help her with them. Emily opens the door and starts screaming for Hal, Will, and Daniel because she thinks Barbara has escaped from the hospital and kidnapped them. Emily demands to know what Barbara has done with her family.

Hal, Will, and Paul come down the stairs, and Hal asks Emily to come down so he can explain everything to her. Emily refuses to hear any explanations and demands that Hal get Barbara out of the house now. Barbara smiles as she tells Emily that she is sorry nobody told her, but she is living there now.

At the gym, everyone is puzzled as to why Rafael hasn’t come out to the ring after his name has been announced twice. Rafael is talking to Bud in the locker room and demands he help him take off his gloves so he can look inside them, because they feel very heavy. Dominic arrives and admits to Rafael that the fight is fixed and the gloves have weights inside them. Dominic explains that, while he was confident Rafael could win the fight against Aaron, he was worried that Aaron was too hungry, and that could cause Rafael to lose the fight. Dominic explains that some major players have placed bets on the fight and they would be very unhappy if Rafael lost, so he had to have some insurance that Rafael would win. Rafael refuses to fight Aaron using the weighted gloves.

At Metro, one of Dominicís goons continues to hold Lucy and Craig at gunpoint. Craig grabs the gun and struggles with the goon for a minute or so. Craig screams for Lucy to run and get out because she must go stop the fight. Lucy gets just outside the door when she hears a gunshot and screams, "Daddy! No!" Lucy goes back inside the club.

Hal explains to Emily about the situation with Rick Decker and everything that happened to Barbara and Will. Will asks Emily not to blame Hal, because Barbara staying at the house was his idea, not Halís. Emily is informed by Hal that Will is going to be staying with Paul until Barbara is safe enough to be moved to a jail to await trial. Will pleads with Emily to please understand his mother is in danger and allow her to stay. Will and Paul then leave the house. Hal asks Barbara to leave him and Emily alone so they can talk. Emily thinks Barbara is using Will to get what she wants, which is to stay in the house with Hal. Hal tries to explain to Emily that Will was traumatized to see his mother almost killed by Rick Decker, and this is Willís way of having some control over the situation. Emily refuses to allow that woman to stay in her house.

At the hospital, Curtis arrives to ask his father to go to the fight with him. Ben tells his son he canít go because he is too busy with his rotation today. Curtis is happy that his father has his job back and that he was able to help him by giving him a clean urine sample. Ben reminds his son that he shouldnít talk about what he did while he is at the hospital.

Chris overhears that Ben has his job back and shakes Benís injured hand. Ben quickly pulls away from the handshake because he doesnít want Chris or Curtis to see that he is in pain. Curtis offers Chris the extra ticket to the fight and they both leave to go to the gym.

At Metro, Lucy begs Dominic’s goon not to hurt Craig. Craig tells Lucy that he discovered that the fight was fixed and Rafael’s gloves are weighted, so he could really hurt Aaron if he hits him. Craig implies that Dusty knew that Rafael’s gloves are weighted. Lucy thinks Dominic was the one who weighted Rafael’s gloves, not Dusty. The goon explains to Craig and Lucy he was sent there to keep Lucy away from the fight.

At the gym, Dominic puts Lucy on the phone so Rafael knows he has kidnapped Lucy and Craig and will kill Lucy if he doesn’t fight Aaron.

At Hal and Emilyís house, Emily is angry that Hal once again didnít consult with her before making another important decision concerning their family. Emily is worried about everyoneís safety while Barbara is living in the house. Hal promises to keep both eyes on Barbara and keep Emily and Daniel safe from her.

Emily thinks that Hal feels so guilty about not being able to stop Will from killing Rose that he is trying to make amends now, because he feels he let Will down as a father.

At the Lakeview, Will asks Paul if he loves Barbara. Paul explains to his brother that he still loves Barbara someplace deep inside him, but he can’t allow himself to love her because she has caused too much pain to Cabot and Rosanna, and she persuaded him to kill Rose for her. Paul thinks Will has made wonderful progress in the short time he has been out of the hospital and he shouldn’t go backwards by believing all of Barbara’s lies. Paul calls Jennifer and tells her what happened with Rick Decker and that it was Will’s idea that Barbara stay with Hal. Jennifer is upset and wonders why Hal allowed Will to make that decision.

Inside the rental car, Mike notices that Jennifer is upset and tells her he will listen to her if she needs to talk. Jennifer cries a little and tells Mike that Barbara will never allow her or her brothers to be happy.

At the Lakeview, Jordan overhears part of the conversation Paul had with Jennifer and is angry that they allowed Barbara to get out of the hospital. Jordan tells Paul she helped James kill Cabot. Paul sends Will upstairs so he doesnít hear the rest of the conversation between him and Jordan. Jordan fears for the safety of Jennifer, Will, Paul, and everyone else that Barbara has hurt. Jordan also fears that Barbara will call James and ask him to help her escape to another country.

Paul promises he can keep Will, Jennifer, and Rosanna safe from Barbara and James. Jordan thinks Paul is a fool if he believes he can keep his family safe from James or Barbara.

At the gym, Rafael gets in the ring and the fight is ready to begin.

At Metro, Craig explains to Lucy that Dominic is using her to force Rafael to fight Aaron, because Rafael probably discovered his gloves were weighted and refused to fight Aaron. Lucy begs Dominic’s goon to let them go because they must stop the fight, but he tells Lucy it’s too late. The goon turns on the TV so that Lucy and Craig can watch the fight.

At the gym, Curtis and Chris arrive at the fight. Chis apologizes to Allison because he was unaware that he would be sitting next to her during the fight. Allison tells Chris that he was right; calling off the wedding was the best decision for both of them. Dominic reminds Rafael that Lucy’s life is in his hands.

Inside the rental car, Jennifer tells Mike that it is painful to want to have a normal relationship with her mother when, just when they are starting to form some sort of bond, Barbara does something horrible. It makes Jennifer realize her mother is a sick woman. Mike informs Jennifer they are lost.

At Hal and Emily’s place, Emily is angry that Hal didn’t consult Will’s doctor before making the decision to allow Barbara to move into the house. Emily refuses to live in the same house as Barbara and decides to leave. Hal begs Emily not to leave; Emily tells him she isn’t just leaving, he is pushing her away.

At Metro, Curtis arrives to check if Lucy needs anything for the fight after-party. Lucy tells Curtis to have Dusty call her with a final head count for the party. Curtis leaves the club. Lucy dials Dusty’s phone number. Dusty hears the phone ringing but turns it off. The goon catches Lucy and then decides to tie Craig and Lucy up. The goon turns to the TV; Aaron is winning the fight and knocks Rafael out. Rafael doesn’t get up until the count of eight. The goon tells Lucy it isn’t looking good for her and says Craig better say good-bye to his lullaby.

At Hal and Emily’s place, Hal drinks a beer and is sad because Emily has left the house. Barbara is happy that Emily has left the house and goes to make some tea. Hal makes it clear that she is only staying there because of Will, and the arrangement is only temporary.

At the hospital, Ben is in great pain because of his hand. The pain gets worse when a nurse hands him a file with Jack’s test results in it.

At the gym, Aaron begs Dusty to stop the fight, but Dusty says Aaron must fight. Dusty asks Aaron to go down in the third round and not to argue with him. Dusty overhears Dominic tell Rafael that Dusty is eager to get his girl back.

In the rental car, Jennifer and Mike argue because they are lost. Mike loses control of the car.

At Hal and Emily’s place, Barbara daydreams about spending Thanksgiving with her family, which includes Hal, Will, Jennifer and Paul. Barbara tells herself that a lot can happen in three weeks.

At the Lakeview, Paul makes it clear to Will that Barbara’s arrangement is only temporary and she must go to jail to await trial. Will remembers how they all spent Thanksgiving as a family. Paul understands that his brother misses their holiday traditions, but he promises they will make new ones together.

At the gym, Rafael begs Aaron to go down now, but Aaron challenges Rafael to hit him. When Rafael hits Aaron hard, Aaronís body hits the ropes and then he goes down to the mat.

The referee begins the count, but Aaronís body lies still and he doesnít get up.

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