ATWT Update Wednesday 11/3/04

As the World Turns Update Wednesday 11/3/04


By Dixie
Proofread by Angie
Pictures by Boo

(Please note that ATWT was interrupted for half of the show.)

Lily sits with Jack on his bed as he mutters about her being gone. Lily questions Jack, and he reveals a memory of Rose, Carly and Emily being missing. Carly tells him of their kidnapping and how Jack rescued her. He then has a memory of Rose when she was old, and her going on about finding Carly and Emily. Lily hugs Jack in excitement as she gushes about Jack's love for Carly and that he could never imagine his life without her. Carly sits with him as he explains how he feels like he is going through it all over again. Carly counters that she feels like that now, and has since Jack disappeared. She asks him to hold on to the memory. Lily and Holden leave. Jack becomes frustrated with not being able to remember. Carly assures him it will come in time. He wants her to stop pushing. Julia barges in and demands to know what Carly did to Jack. Jack doesn't blame Carly, though.

Craig finds Lucy at Metro and wants to talk. When he reveals it's about the fight she bristles. She won't listen to him bash Dusty and tells him Dusty always tells her the truth, no matter what. She also reveals their plans to leave Oakdale, because of Craig.

Aaron rolls some dice to test his luck; a result of sevens all the way encourages him. Dusty comes in to wrap his hands and make sure Aaron knows what to do.

Bud stops Rafael from picking up the heavy gloves. Dominic enters and wants to know if Raf is on board. Raf is resistant.

Paul tries to talk Will out of defending their mother. Will refuses. "Why do you want to protect her?" Paul wonders. "Because she is our mother," Will counters. Paul tries to make him see how dangerous Barbara is and warns him not to let her sucker him into her world again. Barbara comes in and snaps at Paul for trying to turn Will away from her.

Lily tries to discuss her marriage with Holden by using Jack's traumas. Holden points out they pretended to help Jack remember his life, but her dealings with Craig were wrong because she lied. Holden asserts that as soon as he figures out how to tell the kids about them, he will be gone.

Julia rubs Jack's shoulders and cooes at him while Carly watches. Carly decides to concede and allow Julia and J.J. to visit Milltown as soon as Jack gets out, and if after the thirty days he still wants a divorce, she won't fight him.

Dusty makes Aaron promise to throw the fight by explaining the benifits in the future. He also hints if he doesn't throw the fight, the people he cares for will be hurt. Meanwhile, Dom threatens Raf when the fighter refuses to be unfair.

Lucy tries to leave, but Craig stops her with the news that the gloves are fixed. Craig asks her to come to the gym where he will reveal the charade.

Carly explains to Lily her risky move. Lily is worried, but Carly feels that when Jack is relaxed he seems to remember more, and when he is pushed, he clams up, so this is her only shot.

Julia is suspicious of Carly's offer but gets excited at the prospect of having Jack all to herself. The doctor comes in to take Jack for some tests.

Carly tells Lily she felt it was her only option and she can't worry about the future, she has to focus on now. Jack and Julia come from his room, holding hands. Carly watches them as they pass. Jack can't take his eyes off Carly.

Emily comes home with a handful of groceries. As she struggles to open the door, it opens and she drops her bags. It's Barbara.

Dom and Dusty each give their fighters one last talking-to as the announcer begins. Aaron gets called up first as Allison greets Holden. Holden expresses his concern and wants to know if Alli appreciates Aaron's efforts.

Lucy refuses to believe her father and takes off. Outside she finds her guard apparently dead. She screams when a gunman grabs her.

Bud talks to Raf before he goes on. Raf notices that his gloves are not right as the announcer calls him out.

Lucy calls for her father. Craig rushes out as the man points the gun to Lucy and forces them inside.

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