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As the World Turns Update Tuesday 11/2/04


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Aaron and Allison discuss the fight and how her neck hurts from sleeping on his sofa. As he gives her a massage, Allison decides to go for a manicure to look pretty for Aaron when he wins the fight. Alli leaves, and Aaron imagines kissing her when he knocks Rafael out cold. Rafael bursts his bubble, but Aaron vows to win.

Lucy gives Dusty a good luck kiss as they enter the Lakeview. They discuss how well the fight is selling as Dusty recalls telling Aaron to take a dive. Lucy calls him on his nerves, but Dusty covers and asks her not to attend the fight and go to the club instead. She wants to see the fight, but he thinks it's a bad idea. She accuses him of trying to get rid of her.

At Hal's, Will questions Paul about their mother's circumstances.. Paul tells him she is okay and wants to know how Will is doing.

Will is edgy as he explains how Decker taunted him, and how he knew if he kept silent Rick would have killed Barbara. Paul admits he doesn't want their mother dead. Will admits he loves her.

Hal visits Barbara in the sanitarium. She wants him to take her out, since Rick is coming for her.

At Memorial, Lily finds Carly asleep in a chair. She wakes her, and Carly fills Lily in on Jack's progress. She vents to her about the nightmare her life is and how she hopes Jack will remember their family. Lily falters under Carly's worries that her marriage is over and reveals she and Holden are not doing so good. Carly struggles to stay strong, and Lily encourages her to hold on because, while Jack may not remember her, they are still married.

Jack introduces Julia to their new lawyer, Marty Bender. He explains how he will file for divorce but adds that it won't be cheap. He recommends Jack wait the rest of the time, but Jack wants to file immediately.

Lily tries to explain how since Rose's death she and Holden haven't been able to gel. Holden tried, but nothing worked. Carly tells Lily to fight, like she is with Jack. Lily has faith for Carly and Jack but knows Holden is gone.

Carly goes on about her and Jack's last day together, remembering how they made love and talked of having more kids. Lily hugs her, and the two women bond for a moment. Carly then pulls back and makes a hasty exit when she spots Holden behind Lily. Holden asks her why she is here, and she tells him she hoped that Jack would recognize her, or maybe Holden needed her.

Jack tells Marty that all he wants is joint custody of Sage and visitation with Parker. Other than that, he wants nothing from Carly.

Marty leaves and Jack hugs Julia, who expresses concern for Carly seeing them again. Jack reassures her. She has to go to take J.J. to school, and Jack promises that they will all be a family soon, and before long they could make it legal.

Barbara tries to convince Hal she was a victim in Rick's plot and she needs to be released so she will be safe. Hal agrees that she needs to be moved.

Paul and Will discuss Will's feelings for their mother. Paul warns him of the dangers in being Barbara's child, but Will refuses to be afraid of his mother. Will freaks when Paul tells him that Barbara will be sent to jail.

Dusty explains to Lucy that he wants to keep her safe. She insists on going and sitting with him, but Dusty doesn't want her to see Aaron getting beaten. He finally convinces her and shows her tickets to London for the following day. An excited Lucy agrees to his request and expresses her love for him.

Aaron and Rafael have a war of words when they go at it about the fight. Aaron realizes Rafi is in the dark about the fix and clues him in.

Hal tells Barbara she is going to jail. Shocked, she denies any wrongdoing. Hal knows her tricks and orders the officer to take her away.

Holden and Lily discuss her idea to have Jack see them as a couple. She tries to get him to go in with her, but he turns to leave. When she stops him he states they are over and that he won't pretend anymore.

Carly surprises Jack with a picnic as he plays with his oatmeal. She reveals he never liked the stuff and brings out some eggs and fried bologna that Parker made for him. She tells him it was a ritual, along with "Snuggle Sundays," when the four of them would cuddle in their bed, pretending it was a boat, and read stories. Jack apologizes to Carly but she won't have it. He's alive and that's all that matters. Julia enters then, talking about papers. Jack reveals he is filing for divorce.

Aaron tries to convince Rafi of the fix and tells him to go to Dominic, who is talking with Bud. Dusty watches as Dom tells Rafi to do what he says. Rafael threatens to walk, but Dom advises he doesn't have that option.

Allison and Lucy discuss Alli's fight attire. Lucy notes Allison's support of Aaron, but Alli accuses Lucy of being too negative about Aaron's chances.

Barbara is cuffed as Will and Hal spar over her. Barbara's pleas are lost on Hal. Will comes in and blasts his father for sending his mother to jail.

Carly moves away from Jack as he fumbles over his words trying to explain. He asks Julia to leave, and she apologizes to Carly, saying she didn't know she was there. Jack tries to talk to her, but Carly can't face him for a moment, her body rigid as she fights a sob. Wiping her tears, she turns to Jack and admits she feels worse now than when he was presumed dead. She thinks about all she went through, including Parker's near-drowning to find him and the long search, only to end up finding him without any memory of the life they shared. She blasts him for giving up on them so easily. They were happy and they were not finished. She goes on to say her Jack would never quit or walk out on his family. He tries to justify his decision, but she says that if you don't know who you are, you can't decide to get married. He is throwing away the past that he has here, the family and the friends. Still, she refuses to give up; if he won't fight, she will fight for both of them.

Hal tries to explain his reasons to Will, but the kid won't hear of it. He wants Barbara released. Paul has come, and he tries to talk sense into Will. Will thinks that maybe it's them who should change and not Barbara.

Holden wants to help Jack but insists on not pretending to be a couple with Lily.

At the Lakeview, J.J. and Julia decide on dinner, but J.J. is very unhappy as he sits behind his menu. Julia asks about school, but J.J. is sullen and spits that he hates school, and they should just get Jack and go.

Jack is still lost as Carly accuses him of cutting out on his family. When Jack asks if they always fought this way, Carly admits that most of the time they didn't fight, but when they did, watch out. This brings a smile to Jack's face, which amuses Carly. It eases the moment and Carly switches gears, trying to make him continue searching for his past. She knows it's a bad situation, but they have to keep going. Jack wants to be with Julia and J.J. and just move on. Carly thinks that is a bad idea, but Jack continues to ask her to accept his decision and let him go.

Dusty warns Rafael and Aaron not to mess up the fight. If they do it right all will be well and no one will get hurt. After he leaves, Aaron and Raf groan about their situation. Aaron decides he won't throw the fight, and Raf agrees to give it his best.

Dusty makes a call to have someone watch Lucy.

Lucy tries to explain the object of the fight to Allison, but Alli is still suspicious. Lucy changes the subject to London, and the girls decide to take off and get ready for the fight.

At another table, Dominic points Lucy out to a mysterious-looking man.

Paul tries to get Will to leave with him and let Barbara go. Will pleads for them to help her and let her come live with Hal. A pleased Barbara smiles.

Julia tries to assure J.J. that Jack is fine and just having some tests, and then he will return to them. J.J. solemnly declares that if Jack remembers, he will leave them. Julia thinks not and tells him that Jack made a good decision for them today, and they will be together soon.

Carly refuses to believe Jack is lost to her. Jack believes his life is with Julia and J.J., but Carly can't accept it and won't let him go. They promised forever, she says, and she pleads with Jack to not give up. She is sure they need to stay married and fight, but regardless of what he says now, she will fight him until he sees the truth. As she pleads with him, Lily and Holden enter but turn to back out when Jack tells "Rose" not to leave.

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