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As the World Turns Update Monday 11/1/04


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Carly asks Julia's sitter where Julia got a job; when she learns it's at Memorial, Carly rushes off.

Jack and Julia lie on his bed and cuddle. Julia confesses she is now working for Memorial, which excites Jack, but when she mentions J.J.'s needs he reiterates that, despite it not being legal, he is her husband.

Craig checks out Rafael's altered gloves, then hides when Bud and Dominic enter. He listens in as Dom details the plan for the fight to Bud. After they leave, Craig heads off.

Dusty tells Aaron that he has to go down in round three, and if he doesn't people will come after him. Aaron believes he has a chance, but Dusty breaks his bubble and orders him to take the fall. Aaron agrees reluctantly and walks off. Dusty then wonders how he can protect Lucy from Dominic.

Lucy expresses concern over Aaron's big chance of being seriously hurt, but Allison isn't so sure. Rafi appears behind them and makes light of their conversation.

At the Lakeview, Hal, Paul and Jennifer worry for Will after Barbara's escape. They need to find this girl he was meeting with, Jen concludes. Hal orders Susan and Emily to stay put while he goes to the asylum to find out what happened. Susan expresses her concern for Allison, whom Rick hates the most. Hal says he will post a guard for them and leaves. Emily tries to call Alli on her cell, but the young girl doesn't answer. Emily goes to the gym to find her.

Paul checks in with Rosanna, who reveals how much she hates Barbara.

At the old mill, Will is frozen as he watches Decker strangle his mother. Rick turns to Will and holds Barbara as he taunts Will with his mother's fate. "Should she live or die?" he asks the confused boy.

Julia returns to Jack and the two get cozy again. She worries about Carly but changes the subject to his kids. Jack enjoyed every moment with them, he reveals. They are awesome kids, but Carly is the one who makes him feel like a lab rat. He resents her for being so in his face. Outside, Holden asks a nurse about Jack. The nurse reveals he is good now that his wife is here. Holden goes to the room expecting to see Carly but finds Jack and Julia kissing. He leaves without them seeing him. Carly appears, and Holden won't let her in to see Jack because Julia is in there.

Carly becomes angry and refuses to let Julia steal any more of their time. Holden tries to make her see that Jack will need time, since Julia is the only thing he knows right now.

Hal speaks with the doctors at the sanitarium, who reveal how Alphonso took ill and that Barbara and Decker took the opportunity to slip out. Hal becomes alarmed when Griggs informs him of Barbara's worries over the last few days. Hal wonders if Barbara was really kidnapped by the serial killer.

Rosanna feels bad for saying such things about Paul's mother. Paul understands and tells her he loves her. Then they express their worry over what will happen to Will if Barbara finds him.

Will hesitates as Rick taunts him with Barbara's fate. When Will doesn't object, Rick begins to strangle her. Will blurts out to stop, and Decker turns the tables and suggests that Barbara's punishment should be to watch her beloved Will die in her place. Barbara freaks out and pleads with Will to leave. Will takes off, and Decker ridicules her for having no one who cares for her.

Lucy and Raf discuss the fight, and she asks him to go easy on Aaron. Raf promises to be fair, but leaves no doubt that he intends to win.

Allison tries to talk Aaron up about the fight, and he appreciates her support. Emily arrives to warn her of Decker and tries to make her go with her. Allison refuses, saying Aaron will protect her.

At the sanitarium, the doctor reveals that Alphonso was given a drug, and Hal wonders how Rick could get his hands on a powerful narcotic. Griggs reveals his attempt on Barbara when they first met. The doctor explains about Decker's obsession with Barbara, and how at first they thought it was mutual.

Paul and Jennifer commiserate over their family woes as Hal calls to inform them that their mother may be a victim in all of this. Paul doesn't buy the idea of his mother as a victim. Jen spots Kay, who reveals she found out Will is a murderer and blew him off. She also tells them where they were to meet. Paul takes off for the old mill.

Decker attacks Barbara again and begins to choke her as he vows punishment for all of her wrongdoings. Will appears behind them, but Decker doesn't believe her when she comments. Will then smashes a rock over Decker's back and the bad doctor falls to the ground. Barbara has to stop Will from hitting Rick with the rock again.

Carly insists she will only give Julia two more minutes with Jack before she goes in. Holden warns her against pushing Jack. Carly questions Holden's reason for protecting Julia. He is only being fair, he assures her. Then Carly advises him of Julia's new job at Memorial, which shocks him. She becomes irate and vows to do as much damage as Julia, and, despite Holden's warnings, she barges into the room to find Jack kissing Julia. Upset, she rushes back out as Jack jumps to his feet.

Allison convinces Emily to let her stay with Aaron. Em, still worried, agrees, hugs her sister, then leaves.

Dusty confronts Aaron and tries to make amends. Aaron is defiant, but Dusty promises him that if he does it this way he will reap rewards he has never seen. Aaron, excited at the idea, tells Dusty he is in. Dusty promises he won't regret it as Allison pulls Aaron away.

Dominic appears and asks about Aaron. Dusty assures Dom that Aaron knows the score and makes him promise to leave Lucy alone. He asks Lucy to dance as Craig enters and spies them together.

Rick wakes with a dislocated shoulder. He taunts Will to try and kill him, but Barbara insists her son is not a killer. Rick brings up Rose, but Will stands his ground and Rick takes off, warning Barbara he will come after her. She then turns to her son, who tells her to back off.

Craig tries to talk to Lucy, but she just wants to be with Dusty. Craig backs off when Lucy pulls Dusty in for a kiss.

Lucinda comes over and asks about their plan to keep the two apart.

Will accuses his mother of setting him up by having Kay ask to meet there. He won't listen to Barbara's insistence that she had nothing to do with his showing up there, that they have a connection and that's why he showed up. He wants answers about why she let James escape and kill Cabot. She tells him it was for him, to protect him.

Carly lets Holden comfort her as she sobs about seeing Jack and Julia kissing. She reveals how scared she is of losing Jack, how different she is from the Carly Tenney of the past. Jack changed her and showed her life, love and family, but now he forgets her, and he's not trying to remember because he has Julia in his bed to keep him from caring about his past. Holden reminds her of how many times they fell apart and got back together, and that she just needs to be patient and not give up.

In the room, Julia reflects on Jack's expression at Carly seeing them kiss being sad. Jack reasons Carly's been through a lot, losing her husband, finding him and thinking she had him back only to find he's not the same. He feels compassion for her, that's all. Julia is not so sure, so Jack suggests he make the next move before Carly does. An excited Julia asks what he is going to do, and he thinks he should file for divorce.

Holden tries to reason with Carly one last time to leave Jack and Julia be for now. She refuses, and he leaves.

Craig tries to tiptoe around Lucinda's questions and then fantasizes about Lucy forgiving him as soon as she learns of Dusty's involvement in fixing the fight. Lucinda brings him out of his daydream with a warning to tell her, or else she will do her own thing.

Aaron and Rafi pose for pictures, then part. Lucy wishes Raf good luck and gives him a hug.

Bud again tries to convince Dom that Rafi will know his gloves are fixed, but Dom is not worried as he eyes Lucy coldly.

Will still can't believe Barbara's claim that she was kidnapped, but she continues to plead with him that she loves him no matter what and finally gets him to hold her. Paul appears in the doorway as Barbara catches her older son's eye.

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