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Jack is holding Sage and talking to her about how he wishes he could remember helping bring her into the world, or just remember that he has a daughter at all. Carly watches with a sad look on her face as Jack puts Sage into her playpen. Carly tells Jack that perhaps if the doctors at Memorial can help him, he may begin to remember very soon. Jack gets angry and prepares to leave for the hospital, but Carly reminds him that Hal is coming to take him to Memorial. Jack grows angrier and asks if he needs a police escort, and Carly tries to explain that she thought if Jack went with a friend it would help him remember. Jack, still mad, asks if it's okay for him to see friends, and Carly assures him she doesn't mind. She tries convincing him the custody thing isn't meant to hurt him or be a pseudo-jail. Jack then tells her he wants to see Julia.

Julia is on the phone with Lisa in her suite, thanking Lisa for the interview. She tells Lisa that she was told to start tonight and promises to pay Lisa back for being so good to her once she and Jack get back together.

Rosanna, Jennifer, Will and Paul are all dressed up and walk into a Halloween party at the Lakeview. Will obviously doesn’t want to be there, and Paul pulls him aside to talk to him. While Paul and Will are off talking, Rosanna tells Jennifer that they should clear the air. Rosanna asks Jennifer if she’s going to hate her for the rest of her life for what happened between her (Rosanna) and Jordan. Meanwhile, Paul is trying to convince Will to stay at the party. Paul reminds Will that it was Will who wanted to get off the farm and do something different. Will tells Paul that he still wants to go because the kids are in the room. Paul reminds Will that he survived Barbara, and after that he can survive anyone. Paul reminds his little brother that Barbara will never get to Will again.

At the state mental hospital, Barbara and Rick are making out when suddenly Barbara stabs Rick in the neck with a syringe. Rick collapses to the floor, asking, "Why?" Barbara looks almost shocked at what she has done.

In the boxing ring, the fight is still going on. Aaron delivers a huge blow, making his opponent hit the mat hard.

Carly pleads with Jack, telling him that Julia isn’t a friend and that the point of his time here is to find ways to remember his life in Oakdale. Jack shrugs it all off, reminding Carly that he will be in the hospital overnight, if not for a few days. Jack tells Carly that this situation has to be hard on J.J. Carly likens the J.J. situation to what Parker went through and Jack brushes it off, claiming that Parker never believed everything everyone told him. The doorbell rings and Carly goes to answer it. It's Hal, and Jack tells him that he will be ready to leave as soon as Carly answers a question of his. Carly tries explaining to Jack that Julia will need to explain the situation to J.J. and that he’s old enough to try and understand it. Jack asks Carly to admit that he can’t see Julia and J.J., and Carly tries to make him understand why she feels the way she does. Jack takes that as a no and goes upstairs to get his things for the hospital. Hal seems a bit shocked at what he has just seen, and Carly tells Hal that she knows Jack wants to get his memory back, but he resents Carly for making him a ‘prisoner.’ Hal warns Carly that she needs to control less of his life if she wants to keep him, because there is a real possibility that Jack may never get his memory back.

Jennifer tells Rosanna that she won’t say she’s forgotten what happened, but she will give her forgiveness. Rosanna tells her that she needs to know that Jennifer is going to be okay. Jennifer tells Rosanna that Paul has forgiven Rosanna, and that’s enough for her. Rosanna asks if Jennifer has forgiven Jordan yet, and Jennifer tells Rosanna she hasn’t. Jennifer laughs, commenting that Jordan is her new boss and she refuses to go backwards. Jennifer comments that she’s not a quick forgiver like her brother. Rosanna agrees with Jennifer that Paul is a very special man, and Jennifer warns Rosanna to treat him right.

Paul offers to go talk to the kids for Will, but he declines, telling his big brother that it wouldn’t be the greatest thing for his image. Will tells Paul he can handle it on his own and goes towards the group of kids. The kids leave, and Will runs into a girl dressed as a witch who makes conversation with him. The witch, whose name is Kay, doesn’t know who Will is after he introduces himself. Will is excited and then finds out that Kay is from Wisconsin visiting.

Barbara leans over to check on Rick and he pops up. Barbara looks shocked, telling him that she gave him the whole syringe. He laughs and tells Barbara he filled it with water. He grabs Barbara and tells her that they’re finally leaving.

In the boxing ring, the fight is out of control. Dusty pulls Aaron back in his corner and tells the onlooking press to come back for the real fight. Dominic accuses Rafael of sucker-punching Aaron because of Lucy, and Rafael denies it. As Craig watches on from the corner, Lucy stays behind to try and make sure that Rafael is okay, and he shrugs her off. Dominic pulls Dusty aside and tells him that it’s about time Dusty found out exactly how the fight is supposed to go down.

At the Lakeview, Will is still talking to Kay when Emily and Susan come up to him. Emily asks Will where Hal is, and he tells her he doesn’t know. Emily simply asks that Will tell Hal Emily is there if and when he arrives. Kay and Will talk about mothers and how both of theirs are complete nightmares. Kay asks about his real mom and Will bails on her, claiming that Rosanna wanted to talk to him. Will goes over to Rosanna and explains his predicament. Rosanna asks him what happened to make him bail on a pretty girl. In another room,

Paul is telling Jennifer that there was no reason for her to grill Rosanna. Jennifer tries telling Paul that she wasn't grilling Rosanna, she was simply telling her how she felt about certain things. Jennifer tells Paul that she was sticking up for her brother and warned Rosanna not to hurt Paul again. Paul tells Jennifer that he thinks it’s sweet.

Rick takes Barbara to the old mill and tells her that there is someone he wants her to meet. He hands Barbara a shovel and tells her to start digging.. Barbara tells Rick that she doesn’t understand. Rick explains to Barbara that he wants to introduce her to the last person who crossed him. Barbara comes towards Rick with the shovel, and he pushes her to the ground. Barbara tries apologizing, telling Rick that she didn’t mean to hurt him. Rick is enraged and tells Barbara that the man he buried here didn’t mean to hurt him either, he simply wanted a story. Rick tells Barbara that she’s nothing special in a long line of victims.

The press follows Aaron, wanting to know all the details about him. Allison tries answering the questions and praises Aaron up and down to the reporters. Allison tells the press that she is Aaron’s coach, and the great thing about him being the long shot is simply that they’ll win big when he beats Rafael.

Allison rushes the press out and runs back in to hug Aaron.

Dominic reminds Dusty that, if and when Aaron gets put down, he is to stay down in the third round. Dusty reminds Dominic that it is a felony, and Dominic tells Dusty that neither he nor his investors are patient men. Dusty tells Dominic he wants no part of it and that he will pull the plug on the fight if he has to. Dusty claims he knew nothing about the ‘investors’ beforehand, and Dominic tells Dusty that they like to keep quiet. Dominic also reminds Dusty that these are big people who, if things don’t go the way they planned, will make it very hard for Dusty and Lucy to run and hide. Dominic tells Dusty that as long as Aaron goes down in the third round everything will be fine.

Lucy tells Rafael to be careful because of his hand, but he tells her that he can’t wait because of promises he made to his family. Rafael assures Lucy that he will win the fight. Dusty comes to Lucy and tells her that they need to get to Metro, where the press is waiting.

Rafael approaches Dominic and assures him that he will beat Aaron when the time comes. Dominic sends Rafael to practice some more while he and Bud go to make some assurances that Raphael will win. Craig is still watching everything from the corner.

The doctors at Memorial are explaining to Jack, Carly and Hal exactly what they are going to be doing in the next few days. Jack tells his doctor that he has another wife named Julia who he wants to be kept abreast of what is going on with his health. His doctor agrees to keep whomever Jack authorizes up to date with his health status. The doctor leaves, and Jack assures Hal and Carly that he’s fine for the night. Carly tells Jack that she’s going to take Parker trick-or-treating and make sure Sage is okay with the sitter, and she’ll be back later. Carly walks Hal out and tells Hal that she realizes what he said back at the house is true, that Jack looks at her like a warden. Hal tells Carly that perhaps she should think about letting Jack see Julia. As Hal and Carly leave we see Julia, in scrubs, walking alongside another nurse. The other nurse tells Julia that Memorial is a great place to work.

Allison and Aaron pull apart, and Allison tells Aaron he should get going to Metro. Aaron decides to take one more interview from the City Times. Meanwhile, Craig approaches Rafael and tells him not to worry about Aaron. Rafael tells Craig that he doesn’t understand Dominic; one minute he will be down Rafael’s throat, and the next he tells Rafael not to worry about the fight.

Will tries to explain to Rosanna that he didn’t want to tell Kay about his mother. Rosanna tells Will that most of the time when people ask about families, they’re just being polite. She tells him not to worry about giving Kay his entire family history until he gets to know the girl a little better. Will agrees that Rosanna is right and thanks her. Will goes back over to Kay, and the two agree to go somewhere a little less cutesy. Kay tells Will that she has to go home and change and that she will meet him later. Will goes over to Paul and asks to borrow his car, and he agrees.

Will takes off just as Kay is pointing Will out to her friends. Kay’s friends tell her that Will is a psycho and he killed someone.

Barbara is still digging while Rick tells her that she needs to dig her new home. Barbara tells Rick that she is afraid.

She tells Rick that she has accepted the fact that she is going to die, but she still apologizes for betraying him. Rick tells her it’s too late to change what happened, and Barbara tells Rick that she’s dreamt about a man like him for so long. Barbara tries hitting on Rick, telling him that she wants to experience him before she dies. The two kiss; Rick drops the shovel and Barbara attempts to reach for it.

Allison is at Metro explaining to Lucy and Dusty how great Aaron is doing in terms of the fight. Aaron walks in, and Allison runs over to him.

Lucy comments to Dusty that she’s worried that Aaron’s hit to Rafael will cost him. Dusty tells her that he doesn’t understand, and Lucy tries explaining to Dusty just how embarrassed Rafael was by the punch that landed him on the mat. Dusty shrugs off Lucy’s concerns and tells her that Aaron could win.

Dusty pulls Aaron aside and tells him that everything isn’t great. Meanwhile, in the locker room, Bud approaches Rafael. Bud tries convincing Rafael to go to Metro, and he agrees. Rafael asks if Dominic is okay, and Bud assures him that everything will be fine. Bud remains in the locker room and motions when it is okay for Dominic to join him. Dominic comes into the locker room with a new pair of gloves in a box and assures Bud that the gloves will do the trick.

Barbara is still reaching for the shovel when it slips. Rick realizes what Barbara is doing and drags her aside.

The doctor tells Jack that they are done for the night and that someone will be in shortly to take his blood.

In the hallway, Julia is put to work handing out towels to the patients, and the first room she enters is Jack’s room. The two both look excited to see one another.

After Carly sees Parker off she thinks back to her conversation with Hal about Jack.

At Metro, Lucy warns Allison that the fight could be a disaster for Aaron. Dusty tells Aaron that he is going down in the third round and doesn’t give him a choice about it.

In the locker room, Craig inspects the new boxing gloves and realizes the new ones have weights in them.

Carly calls Julia’s suite and is told that Julia has started her new job at the hospital.

Hal arrives at the Lakeview, where Paul and Jennifer fill him in about how Will met a girl. Suddenly Hal receives a phone call telling him that both Rick Decker and Barbara escaped. Hal asks Jennifer and Paul where Will is, and they tell him they don’t know.

At the old mill, Will wanders around looking for Kay. He walks in on Rick choking his mother and looks astonished.

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