ATWT Update Thursday 10/28/04

As the World Turns Update Thursday 10/28/04


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At the state mental hospital, Barbara worries that she truly will end up crazy if she doesn’t escape soon. Barbara again warns the guard that Rick is going to escape from the hospital tonight. The guard tells her that the doctor told him about her bipolar disorder, so now he just thinks Barbara is trying to get attention. Barbara tries to persuade the guard to believe her, but he doesn’t. Barbara is unaware that Rick is listening to the conversation between her and the guard. Rick thinks that Barbara never loved him and was using him in the same way that Susan never loved him.

At the Lakeview, Lily and Holden have dinner, and Lily tells Holden she knows she can always count on him. Lily assures Holden she is committed to their marriage. Holden is pleased to hear Lily say those words because he needs her help in dealing with the situation with Jack. Holden shares the pain he is feeling about having his cousin and best friend home, but having him not recognize him, Carly, or his children. Lily takes Holden’s hand and promises to help him through this difficult time. Craig calls Lily from the gym to once again ask her to dress up as Rose and pump Dominic for information about the fight. Craig tells Lily that Dominic threatened to hurt Lucy. Lily refuses to help Craig and tells him he must handle the situation alone.

At the gym, Allison surprises Aaron with balloons and his own boxing robe. Dominic tells Aaron that he will need to put "rest in peace" on that robe once Rafael is finished with him. Dominic is secretly worried that Aaron will give Rafael more of a fight then he is supposed to.

At Metro, Lucy worries that Aaron will get physically and emotionally hurt in the fight. Dusty assures Lucy that Aaron will be fine, and the two share a kiss. Lucy doesn’t think that she should go to the weigh-in or the fight with Dusty because she doesn’t want to cause problems for Rafael or Dusty with Dominic. Dusty tells Lucy not to worry about Dominic, because she has every right to see her old friend Rafael fight. Dusty also tells Lucy it doesn’t bother him that she and Rafael are friends. Craig arrives and overhears part of Dusty and Lucy’s conversation. Craig is happy his daughter is using the brain she had before she met Dusty..

At the hospital, Ben flashes back to everything that led to him being taken off surgical rotation after Jessica’s allegations of his drug use. Bob informs Ben that he will need to submit to a urine test before he can consider reinstating his surgical privileges. Ben agrees to take the test and goes to the lab. Jessica arrives because she needs Ben to sign some papers regarding Jack’s court case. Bob thinks Jessica only accused Ben of drug use because she's angry about the divorce. Bob thinks of Ben as a member of his family and believes he isn’t capable of using drugs. Bob explains that Ben has gone through the humiliation of people whispering about him every time he walks around the hospital. Bob thinks the worst humiliation for Ben has been being asked to give a urine sample before he can perform surgery again. Bob tells Jessica she should stop interfering in Ben’s life. Ben overhears part of Bob’s conversation with Jessica and thanks Bob for all his support. Ben signs the court papers for Jessica and cuts her off in the middle of her apology because he doesn’t want to hear another word from her.

At Metro, Craig has a flashback of when Dominic told him that if Lucy messed with his fight he would mess with her. Craig invites Lucy to go to the ballet with him instead of going to the weigh-in and fight. Dusty tells Lucy she can go to the ballet with her father if that is what she wants to do. Lucy chooses to go with Dusty to the weigh-in instead of going with her father to the ballet. Lucy tells her father if he interferes in her life one more time, she will tell the police he hired men to kidnap her. Craig follows Lucy and Dusty to the gym.

At the gym, Allison defends Aaron against Dominic’s accusation that Aaron is a loser who has never succeeded at anything in his life. Dominic also thinks that Aaron doesn’t have the killer instinct necessary to be a good fighter. Allison insists that Aaron does have what it takes to beat Rafael in the fight. She tells Dominic that Aaron is a good man who will surprise everyone with his boxing ability. Allison calls Dominic a jerk and asks that he leave her and Aaron alone. Allison is unaware that Aaron was listening to her conversation with Dominic until she turns around to see him standing behind her. She tells Aaron not to listen to Dominic because he is a jerk who is just trying to psych him out. Aaron asks Allison to take the balloons and robe she brought him and wait for him outside. Aaron takes out his anger at Dominic and everyone who doesn’t believe in him by punching the heavy bag.

At the mental hospital, Rick starts hearing Barbara’s voice and seeing her tell him she never loved him and was only using him in order to escape from the hospital. Rick tells Barbara it's time for them to escape and they must do it now.

At the hospital, Ben shows Bob his test results, which are negative. Bob tells Ben he will reinstate him immediately for surgical rotation.. Ben flashes back to when he told Curtis Bob was making him take a drug test and he was afraid the cold medicine he has been taking would show up on the test and cost him his job. Ben also remembers Curtis offering to give him a clean urine sample. Ben thinks Curtis is a hero because he saved his career.

At the Lakeview, Lily lies to Holden when he asks her what she did last night and why she didn’t tell him that she had arrived home. Lily tells Holden that she had some business to do, which made her get home late, and she didn’t want to wake him. Holden goes to pay the check so they can go home and be with the children. Dominic spots Lily, kisses her on the cheek, and calls her Rose. Holden tells Dominic that Lily isn’t Rose and that Rose died. Dominic wonders who was with him last night in that same room. Dominic tells Lily to warn Craig he will be sorry he ever double-crossed him. Lily calls Craig to warn him that her cover is blown with Dominic and repeats the message Dominic gave her. When Lily finishes her phone call she discovers Holden has left without her.

At the mental hospital, Rick injects Alfonso with the sedative according to their plan, but then he takes out another syringe and holds it against Barbara’s throat. Rick tells Barbara he won’t allow her to double-cross him. Rick also makes it clear that the syringe is full of the drug that he liked to use to put his patients out of their misery. Rick tells Barbara to scream for help like they planned, but now she will be his hostage instead of them being a couple.

At the gym, Aaron feels hurt because Holden hasn’t shown up at the weigh-in. Allison encourages Aaron not to listen to Dominic because he is capable of going the distance, in the ring and as a friend. Allison tells Aaron he is the best friend she has ever had in her life, and she thinks Aaron is a great person. Aaron gives Allison a hug and tells her he doesn’t know what he would ever do without her. Allison and Aaron leave to get Aaron ready for his big entrance at the weigh-in.

At the hospital, Jessica once again tries to apologize to Ben, but he refuses to listen to her. Ben tells Jessica the only thing he wants is for her to sign the divorce papers.

At Lily and Holden’s place, Lily explains to Holden that she only dressed as Rose to get Craig information about the fight. Lily explains that Dominic told her Rafael was a safe bet and was going to win. Holden doesn’t believe her and thinks Dominic just told her that to promote Rafael. Lily also tells Holden that Dominic threatened Lucy’s life.

Holden thinks that Lily always puts everyone else ahead of his or her family.. Lily tells Holden that Aaron is family and she was also trying to keep him from danger. This comment makes Holden very angry, and he says that their argument isn’t even about their family, it's about her using every possible excuse not to work on fixing the problems in their marriage. Holden tells Lily she doesn’t want to be married to him anymore, so he will say the words she has been unable to say to him. Holden says he is tired of being the only person fighting for their marriage and tells Lily their marriage is over. Lily cries as she watches Holden go into the next room.

At the gym, the press wants to take pictures of Rafael and Aaron sparring with each other. At first Dusty and Dominic refuse to let the press take pictures, but since Aaron and Rafael want to get in the ring, they eventually allow it. Rafael and Aaron begin to box as the press takes pictures.. Rafael begins to trash-talk Aaron, and when Aaron comes close enough to him Rafael whispers it’s just for the benefit of the press. Craig watches the weigh-in from the back of the gym.

At the mental hospital, the hospital staff tries to help Alfonso while Rick continues to hold a syringe against Barbara’s throat. Rick tells Barbara if she tells anyone he is holding her hostage in order to escape, she will never see anyone again.

At the gym, Aaron knocks Rafael out by punching him on the side of the head. Everyone in the room is shocked and the press continues to take pictures.

At the mental hospital, Barbara pretends that she wants Rick to make love to her; as Rick is kissing her, Barbara takes the syringe away from him and injects him with it. Barbara tells Rick he must die. Rick has a stunned look of pain on his face as he walks backward and rests against the wall. Rick only whispers one word to Barbara: "Why?"

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