ATWT Update Wednesday 10/27/04

As the World Turns Update Wednesday 10/27/04


By Dixie
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At the Lakeview, Dominic rants about Lucy taking his fighter off and his hand getting hurt right before the fight. Craig becomes alarmed when Dominic warns him to keep Lucy away or something bad could happen.

At Mike's, Jordan informs Jennifer that Paul accepted his offer to have World Wide buy BRO. Jen is reluctant as Jordan explains Barbara's refusal to sell, which led Paul to arrange this so Jen could have her company. Jen refuses his offer.

Rick becomes irate and blasts Barbara for her iciness when she refused his comfort after Paul left. She tries to convince him that she wants him, it's just that when she is hurt she shuts down.

At their hotel room, a sad J.J. looks over his handprint that Jack forgot to pack. Julia tries to comfort her son, but J.J. says it's okay that daddies lie and leave. An upset Julia embraces him.

Carly tries to put Jack at ease, but he's still wound up from the trial. He's reluctant to communicate with Carly as she points out things from their life. Jack calls Carly crazy and wishes he were home with his real family, Julia and J.J. He says that no matter what Carly does she will not be able to keep him from them. Angry, Jack heads upstairs. Holden arrives with Parker and Sage and asks Carly how things are going. Carly admits it was daunting; Jack felt like a stranger, and she's afraid she may have pushed too far and made a mistake by forcing him to come home.

Dominic flatly threatens Lucy if anything goes wrong with his fight and then tells Craig to take a hike. Craig rushes off and calls Lily to beg her to pretend to be Rose and come and talk to Dominic. She's reluctant at first, but Craig gets her when he says Lucy's life is in danger.

Barbara continues to try to make Decker see she wants him. When he is still leery, Barbara declares he should just kill her now since she can't live without his trust, playing on his ego as a man. When he's still on the fence, she gives up and offers her arm. This makes Rick fall to his knees and declare his love and his shame for ever doubting her.

Julia tries to explain to J.J. that Jack will come back and be with them forever.

As Holden peruses the court documents, Carly details how Julia dug up her entire past and told Jack, so now his idea of Carly is most assuredly bad. Holden tells Carly to make Jack fall back in love with her; give him the time to remember, and once the pressure is off he will be free to feel. Jack comes down and grumbles about being kept prisoner when Holden asks how things are. Parker arrives with Sage and the tension eases a bit as Jack embraces the boy. Parker wants to play ball with Jack.

Jordan pleads with Jennifer to take the offer since it was better for her anyway. Barbara won't sell, and she needs a backer. He takes a look at the pictures as Mike returns. Mike lets Jordan know about Jen's accident. Jen insists she is all right, thanks to Mike. When Mike takes off again, Jordan lets her know he thinks Mike isn't right for the model gig. Jen becomes defensive and assures him that everything is professional between her and Mike.

Lily (as Rose) sneaks up on Dominic and takes a seat. He's a bit distant and reveals that it's because of her association with Craig.

Parker and Jack have an easy time together that does not go unnoticed by Carly, who holds Sage. She sends the boy to prepare for bed and hands Sage to her father. Jack feels an instant connection. He comments on how she has Carly's eyes and some nice dimples. Outside, Holden stops Julia from knocking on the door.

Lily stops an eager Dominic from leaving long enough to get him riled up about Lucy interfering in the fight. Dom utters another threat. Lily diverts her shock as Dom makes her promise to attend the fight.

Jordan makes a final stab at persuading Jen to dump Mike, but she doesn't feel the same. She trusts her instincts and feels Mike is the best person for the job. He is the inspiration. Jordan, fueled by some jealousy, thinks it's a bad idea

Parker brings Jack the book they were reading when he disappeared. Jack suggests they start from the beginning and carries the boy off as Carly watches with delight.

Outside, Holden warns Julia to keep away from Carly and Jack. She has to consider her own son, she says. J.J. looks to Jack as a father, and she can't let him lose that. Holden sympathizes with her but asks her to be sensitive to what Carly is going through. Julia counters with what J.J. told her about men lying and leaving and says that Holden should be sensitive to that as well.

Barbara and Rick plot their escape as Rick pulls her close and talks of his dreams to be free. He leaves, and Barbara envisions her plot to turn Rick in with its reward of Will's forgiveness and freedom. Back in reality, she goes to the security guard and asks to speak with him.

Jordan makes a final plea, then relents and comes to an agreement. If he doesn't cut it, they cut him. Jen agrees and they shake. When Jordan leaves, Mike comes out and offers to drop out.

Holden again apologizes for Julia's strife, but it's not helping her to keep coming to see Jack. He advises her to give them space. Julia states that it's a long time for J.J. to not see Jack and that he loves him. Holden questions her motives and she insists she loves Jack.

She gives him the print of J.J.'s hand to give to Jack. Holden believes that, no matter what, Jack will stick by J.J. because he is a good man. He also cautions her not to put J.J. in the middle of this mess, since nothing can break Carly and Jack. When Holden calls it false hope, Julia blasts him for thinking what she has with Jack isn't as strong as what Carly "had" with Jack. She suggests that maybe Jack doesn't remember her because deep down inside he never really forgave Carly for hurting him as much as she did. Holden doesn't believe that, and Julia leaves.

Carly hands Jack some wine, stating it was a ritual of theirs when they needed to unwind. Jack refuses it and wants to go to bed. She offers the bedroom, but he wants the sofa. They go for the blanket at the same time and their hands touch. Both are clearly affected, but Jack pulls back.

Mike and Jen bond as she assures him she wants Mike as their model. He offers his sofa when she says she should leave. They agree to keep it as friends and business.

Craig tries to convince Lily to be Rose at the fight. She refuses, wondering how she could pass herself off as Rose around Lucy, Dusty and Aaron, but Craig plays the Lucy card and Lily finally relents.

Barbara and Griggs discuss Rick's antics and she expresses her fear for everyone.

Julia runs into Lisa and thanks her for taking care of J.J. She then asks her for a job.

As Jack sleeps on the sofa, Carly comes down and covers him with a blanket. She kneels down to watch him and whispers how she hopes things work out, but it doesn't matter as long as he is alive. She tells him she loves him, then leans over and kisses him softly on the lips. Carly returns upstairs as Jack opens his eyes.

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