ATWT Update Tuesday 10/26/04

As the World Turns Update Tuesday 10/26/04


By Dixie
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Mike finds an electrocuted Jennifer.

At the asylum, Barbara pesters Rick about the keys, as she wants to escape. A doctor arrives and informs the duo that they may be separated.

Jessica makes her case, and Hal testifies to Jack's former abilities and says he would never have done anything illegal, such as get a fake ID. The judge suggests legal action, but Carly convinces the judge that Jack was not in his right mind and he would not have done anything like that without the help of "someone" (meaning Julia). Jack jumps to her defense. Carly begs the judge to see what has happened to her family.

Jen is treated and refuses to go to the hospital. Mike forces her to agree to go to his house when she won't go home because of her work.

Barbara explains her need to be with Rick as her only source of sanity and says if she were to be separated from him she wouldn't make it. While Rick takes the bad guy role and blasts the doctors for trying to keep them apart, Barbara plays the good guy and assures the doctor that they are not trying to do anything but be friends.

The doctor then reveals that it's been decided that, since they have each had improvements since becoming acquainted, they can see each other for an hour a day. Rick takes the offense, but Barbara thanks the doctor, and he leaves. A nurse arrives as Rick tries to seduce Barbara and announces Paul is here for a visit. She gets rid of Decker as Paul comes in. He demands she sell her shares of BRO to him and Jennifer. Barbara refuses.

Jess calls Greta Williams to the stand, and she details Jack's neglect in treatment. She explains how she confronted Julia, who lied and then took off with Jack. Ben then takes the stand and states Jack did not get adequate treatment. Julia tries to interject, but Carly reams her for not helping him as his nurse and instead keeping him for herself. Things get heated as the judge threatens to have them removed.

Paul tries to convince his mother to sell, but she only wants to talk about her devotion to Will. Paul blasts her for being her son's worst nightmare and says that she can have BRO; he will start over and build a legacy for Will on his own. He tells her how Will smashed her portrait, and Barbara recoils at the news. Paul spews how Will hates his mother for all she has done and leaves.

While the judge reprimands Carly and Julia, Jess notices Ben's nervous state of sweatiness. Jack asks to speak and states he doesn't know who he is and that's no picnic for him, but all he wants to do is be with his family, Julia and J.J. She saved him when he was lost and alone. As for his kids with Carly, he will care for them, but he'll do it while he is with Julia. The judge decides in Carly's favor as Jack embraces Julia.

Mike and Jen return to his house and he helps her undo some buttons, since her hand is bandaged from the spark. When she goes into his room, Mike is clearly affected by their closeness.

Rick brings a sullen Barbara some cake, but she is angry and doesn't want to talk. Rick's incessant talking makes her snap.

Jack is angry as the judge details the terms of his return to Carly. Hal offers to retrieve him. A dazed Ben tries to leave but gets stuck signing papers. Jack vows that nothing will change as Jess confronts Ben. Jack leaves with Julia as Carly watches. Hal assures her that it's only a matter of time.

Rick won't leave until he takes care of Alphonse, and Barbara wants to go now. They argue over the keys; she demands to have them, and he won't part with them.

Carly and Hal wait for Jack at the Lakeview lounge. She worries while Hal agrees with her choice to go to court. Carly asks Hal if he saw the way Jack looked at her, like a stranger, and that Julia was his everything. She hates the thought of them being together. Anxious, she heads up to the room.

Jack packs his things as he tries to explain the situation to J.J. The boy is upset, but Jack assures him it's only for a couple of weeks. They share a group hug as Carly knocks on the door. As Jack leaves, J.J. cries out to him and Julia holds the boy back.

Mike and Jen have a moment and almost kiss. They are interrupted by Jordan knocking at the door.

Julia tries to assure J.J., who is beside himself. She explains that Carly does love Jack, which J.J. doesn't buy.

At Milltown, Carly tries to comfort Jack, but he's still angry over the trial. She tries to get him to reverse the situations and see how it would feel to know his wife was with another man and didn't remember him. When she brings up their plan to have another baby before he went over the bridge, Jack states he doesn't love her anymore. A saddened Carly points out that if he were Jack he would never have said anything like that.

Jack throws Sage's questioned paternity in her face, asking why would she do that if they were so happy. He declares his heart will always belong to Julia and leaves a tearful Carly downstairs.

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