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Allison tries to coach Aaron on his boxing skills.

She suggests he drink a raw egg concoction that she's mixed up for him. Aaron tells her no way and suggests she lay off. Alli gets offended and says if he doesn't want her help, she'll leave. She starts to pick up her things and mentions that Aaron needs to guard his left when he's fighting. Aaron looks surprised. He says that his boxing coach in Seattle used to tell him the same thing. He asks Alli how she knows about boxing. She explains that she rented all the "Rocky" movies and did some reading on the subject. Aaron says she seems to know what she's talking about and he wants her help after all. Alli is excited. She then demands that Aaron start doing push-ups and sit-ups for his new "coach".

Meanwhile, Rafi is talking to Dominic at the Lakeview. Dom chews him out for hurting his hand so close to a fight. Rafi says he can start practicing again when the stitches come out in a few days. Dom tells him he was an idiot to try to change a tire and hurt his hand like that. He tells Rafi to leave before he gets any angrier. Rafi is leaving when he runs into Craig, who had overheard the conversation. Craig tells Rafi he shouldn't let Dom talk to him that way. Rafi says Dom was just trying to be a good agent, and everything will be okay when his hand gets better. Craig gives Rafi a picture he found of Rafi and Lucy when they were kids. Rafi says he hasn't seen it in ages. Craig says Lucy probably hasn't, either, and suggests Rafi show it to her. Rafi thanks Craig and leaves.

Meanwhile, Lucy is talking to Dusty. She says she's sorry she dragged Rafi out of the gym, ultimately causing him to hurt his hand. Dusty asks her what she was thinking.

Lucy says she thought if she gave Aaron some time to train without Rafi's interference, he might have a fighting chance. Dusty asks what's wrong with her, worrying about Aaron when they need Rafi to win. Lucy says she just doesn't want Aaron to make too big a fool of himself. She asks if the fight is really that important. She asks Dusty why he couldn't just pick up and leave with her right now. She says that they both have money, and Dusty could sell the club later. Dusty says Dom would come after him if he picked up and left, and besides, too many other people were depending on the fight now, too. Lucy thinks about it for a minute and admits Dusty is right. She says she was selfish not to realize how many other people were depending on the fight and that they couldn't just leave. Dusty says it's okay, and he is sorry he got mad at her. He tells her that as soon as Rafi wins the fight, they'll get out of Oakdale for good. He kisses Lucy good-bye and she leaves.

Lucy goes to the gym where she runs into Rafi. He shows her the picture. She gets excited and says she hasn't seen it in ages. They start reminiscing about how close they used to be.

Meanwhile, Craig goes to Metro to talk to Dusty. Dusty says Lucy isn't there, and she doesn't want to see Craig, anyway. Craig tries to get Dusty worried about Rafi. He says that everyone thinks Aaron was Lucy's first great love, but it was really Rafi. He says they were naming their children when they were twelve. Dusty tells Craig to get out of there. Craig leaves, looking satisfied that he's at least planted a seed of doubt.

Alli and Aaron join Lucy and Rafi at the gym. Alli explains that she is Aaron's new coach. Lucy says she has to leave and goes back to Metro. Rafi and Aaron start talking about training. Rafi says it is unfortunate that they aren't supposed to have sex during training. Both Alli and Aaron looked concerned, and Aaron asks why. Rafi says it is supposed to drain an athlete's energy or something. Aaron says that's just a silly superstition. Rafi says he wouldn't take a chance. Then he says he has to leave and he'll see them later.

Alli asks Aaron why he was so concerned. She is still rubbing his shoulders. She asks if there is anyone he wanted to have sex with. Aaron asks her why it's any of her business. She says she needs to know as his trainer....and his friend. Aaron asks if it's the trainer or the friend who's more concerned.

Back at Metro, Lucy tells Dusty she is sorry again. She says she realizes how important the fight is to Rafi and Aaron. Dusty says it's okay, but next time she gets a flat she better call a garage. Lucy says it's a deal. They are kissing when Dominic walks in.

Jen is pounding on Mike's door and wakes him up. She rushes in, telling him that she has a photographer coming in to take his pictures for a spread in Vogue. Mike says no way. Jen reminds him that he is supposed to help her launch her new business. She says she wants his butt, then quickly corrects herself by saying she wants his butt for her ad campaign to sell her Street Jeans. She shows him a contract that says he is the face of Street Jeans for a year. Mike says no way. Jen reminds him of his promise.

Mike says he agreed to take a few pictures, but this was going too far. Jen starts pouting and threatens to cry if Mike doesn't agree to help her launch her new business. Mike finally gives in but says he's just taking a few pictures today, and that's it. Jen jumps up and opens the door, letting in some make-up people. She says she has to leave, but he is in good hands. Mike looks horrified.

Jen returns later with the famous photographer. Mike is complaining about the gel they put in his hair. He is wearing only the ripped jeans and an unbuttoned shirt. Jen tells him his hair is fine.

The photographer starts yelling at him to move with the music. Mike looks uncomfortable. The photographer yells that he can't work with him. Jen suggests they all take five. She tells Mike everything is fine and he's doing great. She gets him to relax by joking around with him. She grabs a bucket of water and threatens to douse him. They laugh and Mike tells her to put the bucket down. The photographers start snapping pictures; finally they get what they need, and the crew leaves. Jen tells Mike he was great. Mike still looks embarrassed but suggests they go out to celebrate. Jen tells him his clothes are in her car and gives him the keys. He goes to change. Jen decides to help pick up the lights that the crew has left out. She touches one of the lights and there is a spark. Jen shrieks and falls to the ground, unconcscious. Apparently she received an electrical shock

Jessica goes to Carly's house and tells her the papers have been filed. They are appearing in court today. Carly is distracted, walking around the house and looking at pictures of herself and Jack. Jess asks if she's talked to Dr. Ramirez, the neurologist, about Jack's head injury. Carly says no, but she talked to Ben and he was willing to help. She asks Jessica is she'll go talk to Ben about it. Jess starts to say she doesn't think that's such a good idea. Carly protests that she is barely handling things. Jess reluctantly agrees to talk to Ben for her and leaves.

Jess finds Ben at the Lakeview. He asks if she is there to strip-search him for illegal drugs. Jess explains that she is Carly's lawyer and has come to talk to him about the case. Ben reluctantly agrees to talk to her. He says she is the whole reason he's only able to do consults in the first place. She gives him Jack's files and explains that they want to have him declared incompetent. Ben says he'll look over the files and come to the hearing later. Jess leaves. Ben starts rubbing his hand as if it hurts. He digs a bottle of pills out of his pocket, looks at it for a minute, then puts it back.

Jack and Julia are at their hotel room. Jack says he is going to tell Carly that he'll honor his responsibilities with the kids, but the life he had with her is over. Julia is thrilled to hear that. She and Jack are kissing when someone knocks at the door. Julia opens it, and the man standing there asks for Jack Snyder. Jack asks what he wants. The man hands him some papers and says, "You've been served." Then he leaves. Jack and Julia look at the papers. Jack is horrified that Carly is taking him to court to determine his competence level. He says if she loves him so much, how can she do this to him? He says he can't believe he used to be married to her. Julia agrees with him. She says she is going to court with him no matter how ugly things get. Jack gives her a big kiss, and they leave.

At the courthouse, Carly shows Jess some pictures of herself and Jack. She thinks they might help sway the judge. Jess says she understands how Carly feels, but they need to keep this strictly business and focus on Jack's head injury, his illegal marriage to Julia, and all the reasons why he is incompetent. Carly says she loves Jack and will never give up on him. She asks Jess how she would feel if one morning she woke up and Ben didn't even remember her. Jess sadly says that would almost be a relief right now. Carly looks surprised, but before she can ask any questions, Jack and Julia walk up. They both blast Carly for taking Jack to court. Jack says this is a terrible thing to do to him. Carly shows him her pictures. Jack says they mean nothing to him, then he shows Carly a folder. He tells her it contains copies of marriage and divorce certificates, etc. He says it's a fascinating read. They all start arguing, but they are interrupted by the bailiff calling everyone into the courtroom.

Jessica explains to the judge that Jack has made many bad decisions and received poor medical care in St. Genevieve. Jack protests that he'd gotten great medical care and he is fine. The judge tells him to wait his turn. Jack keeps going anyway, saying he loves Julia and wants to move on with his life, and he is perfectly fine. Julia says that Carly just can't accept the fact that Jack doesn't want her any more. They start yelling at each other. Carly says she can't believe the way Jack is talking about her, and it is all Julia's fault. Julia says Jack just doesn't want Carly anymore, he wants Julia. The judge tells them all to cool it.

Ben arrives, and the bailiff tells him he can wait outside, they'll call him if they need him. Ben sits down and looks at his hands, which are shaking. He gets up and goes to the water fountain. He fishes out his pill bottle again, opens it, shakes out a pill, then changes his mind and puts it back in the bottle. He goes back to his seat and starts rubbing his hand.

The judge gets everyone to settle down. Jess says their first order of contention is Jack's marriage to Julia. The judge says he is inclined to agree, explaining that since Jack married Julia using a fake name and is still married to Carly, their marriage wasn't legal and was immediately terminated.

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