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At the state mental hospital, Barbara watches another patient whose family has come to visit her. Barbara has flashbacks of what Will told her before he left the hospital.

She sheds a few tears as she remembers Will telling her that she belonged in the mental hospital and that he hoped he would never see her again. Rick tells Barbara he has tested all the keys they stole from the guard, and they work perfectly. Rick is excited because they will be able to escape very soon.

At the farm, Paul dreams that Will has come back to the barn, awakened Rosanna, and is about to give her poisoned mouthwash. Paul is restless and says, "Rosanna, no, donít," just before he wakes up. Rosanna is worried and wonders what sort of dream Paul had that involved her. Paul is hesitant to tell her at first, but then he explains the dream to Rosanna.

At Metro, Dominic is excited because he got a major newspaper to do a story on Rafael. Dominic is worried that Aaron is training too hard and has forgotten he is supposed to lose the fight. Dusty assures Dominic that Aaron knows what is supposed to happen and that he will do what he is supposed to do. Dominic wants Dusty to keep Aaron under control. Dusty tells Dominic not to worry about anything.

At the gym, Aaron is hurt that Allison and Lucy think he doesnít stand a chance against Rafael.

At the Lakeview, Jack tries to explain to J.J. how Carly and his children are feeling right now. Jack tells J.J. that Carly apologized for yelling at Julia and that Carly isnít a mean person. Jack also wants him to understand that Carly is just sad because he doesnít remember her or his children. J.J worries that the blonde lady is going to try to make Jack remember, and then Jack will leave him and Julia. Jack tells J.J. that he will always be his dad; that is something that will never change.

Outside Mikeís place, Julia tells Carly that, after all she has learned about her past, if she were Jack, she wouldnít want to remember her.

At the farm, Paul explains to Rosanna that he believes Will has changed, but he worries that he is wrong. Rosanna thinks she has made a connection with Will and that he wouldnít hurt her. Rosanna wants to invite Will to have dinner at the Lakeview so he can get to know her and realize she is no threat to his relationship with Paul.

At the state mental hospital, Rick tells Barbara that there is only one problem in their escape plan: their doctor. Rick and Barbara are about to discuss how to handle the good doctor when the doctor walks in the room. Hospital staff has told Rick and Barbaraís doctor that Rick and Barbara are becoming too close to each other. The doctor thinks that their relationship is causing them both harm, so he decides to separate them.

Outside Mikeís place, Julia begins to tell Carly all the information she has discovered about her past. Julia threatens to tell Jack all about Carlyís past, saying Jack deserves to know the truth about her. Carly dares her to tell Jack everything; Jack will return home to her in the end because of the power of their love for each other. Julia tells Carly not to be so sure that Jack will return to her once he finds out that she seduced Mike the night before their wedding. Mike comes out of the house when he hears the two women arguing and tells Carly exactly what he told Julia.

At the Lakeview, Jack wonders why Julia is taking so long to come back. J.J. tells Jack that Julia is visiting one of Carlyís friends. Jack calls Julia, who tells him she is just trying to find out information that will help him remember his past. When Jack hears Carlyís voice in the background, he decides he doesnít want Julia to deal with Carly alone. Julia gives Jack the address, and he tells her he is on his way. Julia looks pleased with herself as she tells Carly that Jack is on his way over. Mike tries to calm the ladies down, because he is sure that Jack doesnít need to see them arguing right now. Mike is not successful, and the ladies continue their confrontation. Julia once again tells Carly she will tell Jack the truth. Julia thinks Jack has a habit of marrying women who lie to him and hurt him, and she is going to end that habit now by being the only one of his wives to tell him the truth.

At Metro, Dominic once again tells Dusty he must keep Aaron under control. Dominic leaves to go to the gym to check on Rafaelís training. Holden demands to know what Dustyís plans are for Aaron and asks Dusty if the fight is fixed. Dusty lies and responds no. Holden doesnít buy Dustyís lie and warns him that Aaron had better not get hurt, or Dusty will have to deal with him.

At the gym, as Allison and Lucy watch Aaron spar against Rafael it becomes clear to both of them that Rafael is a much more experienced fighter then Aaron. Allison asks Lucy to distract Rafael so he wonít train so hard; that way Aaron might have a chance in the fight. Allison asks Lucy to invite Rafael to dinner at Alís Diner so Aaron can have some time to concentrate on training. Lucy invites Rafael to dinner. At first he refuses her invitation because he has to train for the fight, but after a few minutes Lucy manages to change his mind.

At the state mental hospital, the security guard accuses Rick and Barbara of stealing his keys and making copies of them. Rick and Barbara deny the accusation and tell the doctor the security guard has no proof they stole his keys. When the doctor asks the security guard to take Rick back to his room, Barbara grabs a syringe full of sedative and threatens to kill herself.

Outside Mikeís place, Julia continues to make Carly angry. When Julia sees Jack coming, she gets Carly so angry that Carly starts to hit her. Jack tells Carly to take her hands off his wife. Jack is very upset that Carly broke her promise to leave Julia alone. Carly explains to Jack that she had no idea Julia would be there, she was just coming to visit Mike. Mike defends Carly by saying that Julia baited her until Carly lunged for her. Jack doesnít buy it and is still very upset that Carly broke her promise to him.. Carly asks Jack when he is coming to visit the children. She says the children will be sad if he doesnít come to visit them. Jack tells Carly that they will have to make other arrangements about when and where he visits the kids, because she broke her promise to him. Jack thinks that the only child that is sad right now is J.J., because he is sitting alone in a strange hotel room waiting for his mother and stepfather to return. After Jack leaves with Julia, Carly feels frustrated because Julia is going to tell Jack a one-sided version of her past and make herself look like she is only trying to help Jack, not hurt Carly. Mike tries to encourage Carly not to give up by telling her she is Jackís legal wife. Mike thinks that since Jack isnít in his right mind, there must be some legal way for Carly to get the time she needs to help Jack remember his family. Carly gives Mike a kiss and leaves to go call Jessica.

At the Lakeview, Rosanna leaves to give Paul some time alone with Will. Paul tells Will that he and Rosanna are back together. Paul wonders how Will feels about his relationship with Rosanna. Will tells Paul that he is happy that his brother is with her. Will explains that knowing that Barbara is locked away and canít control him has allowed him to think for himself. Will tells Paul that, thanks to therapy, he understands why he killed Rose and that Barbara pressured him to do it. When Rosanna returns, Will also tells her that he is happy about her relationship with Paul.

At the Lakeview, Jack sends J.J. to the movies because he needs to speak with Julia alone. Jack asks Julia what she and Carly were fighting about earlier. Julia tells Jack Carly was angry because she was visiting Mike in order to help him (Jack) remember about his past. Julia tells Jack that she isnít trying to put Carly down or act like a jealous wife, although she is jealous; she just feels he needs to know the truth. Julia tells Jack to sit down and begins to tell him everything she has learned about his relationship with Carly.

At the state mental hospital, Rick calms Barbara down, takes the syringe away from her, and gives it to the doctor. The doctor tells Rick to say good-night to Barbara, and he will let them know tomorrow if they are to be separated from each other. Once the doctor leaves, Rick congratulates Barbara on her performance.

At the gym, Dominic is upset when Allison tells him Rafael went to dinner with Lucy instead of training. Dominic tells Dusty that his girlfriend is messing things up again, and he better tell Lucy to bring Rafael back to the gym.

Outside Alís Diner, Rafael asks Lucy about her relationship with Aaron. Lucy explains Aaron was her first love, but they grew apart.

Lucy tells Rafael that she and Aaron are friends now and Aaron is a good guy. Lucy asks Rafael why he wants to fight. Rafael explains that he wants to give his mother a better life. Rafael says that his mother worries that he will get hurt, but fighting pays well, so, although she doesnít like the idea, she understands why he wants to fight. Rafael and Lucy are ready to go back to the gym when Lucy discovers she has a flat tire.

At the Lakeview, Jack goes over everything Julia has told him about Carly and repeats some of it back to her. Julia tells Jack she isnít sure how much of the information is true and how much is gossip, but if even half of it is true... She canít understand why Carly would tell so many lies to someone she claims to love. Julia is sympathetic and tells Jack it breaks her heart that Carly would lie to him that way. Jack tells Julia that he isnít sure how much of his past is real, but he feels like Julia is the only real thing in his life right now. Julia tells Jack to hold on to what is real to him and never let go. Julia and Jack hold each other and share a kiss.

At Jack and Carlyís house, Carly explains to Jessica about Julia and Jackís relationship. Jessica advises Carly to declare herself Jackís legal guardian, since he isnít in his right mind right now. Carly wants to go to court to fight for Jack.

At the state mental hospital, Rick sneaks in to see Barbara and informs her that he saw the nurse throw away the syringe with sugar water in it. Rick also tells Barbara that he has the syringe with the sedative in it, which they will use to make their escape on Halloween night.

At the gym, Aaron is getting tired because Allison is training him so hard.. Allison and Aaron decide to go to the grocery store to get some healthy food for him to eat. Dusty calls Lucy and tells him Dominic is upset and she should bring Rafael back to the gym. Lucy explains to Dusty that her car has a flat tire, and as soon as Rafael is finished fixing it they will go back to the gym. Rafael cuts his hand when the wrench slips from his it while he is fixing the flat tire. Lucy looks at the cut and thinks it may need stitches, but they are stranded with no way to get to the hospital.

At Carly and Jack's place, Jessica warns Carly that if she files papers to become Jackís legal guardian, she must make it appear like she is doing this on behalf of Sage. She canít appear to be a jealous wife trying to get her husband back. Jessica thinks Jack is a strong and stubborn man who doesnít like to be forced to do something he doesnít want to do. Jessica warns Carly that if she files the guardianship petition, she may run the risk of alienating Jack forever. Carly tells Jessica to file the papers, because she is determined to do anything she must do to fight for Jack.

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