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As the World Turns Update Thursday 10/21/04


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At the farm, Paul has things set up for a romantic afternoon in the barn. Rosanna arrives and is thrilled that he took the time to make things look so nice. Paul doesn’t even want to think of the possibility of losing Rosanna again. Rosanna tells Paul he shouldn’t think about it, and the two kiss.

At Al’s diner, Holden is angry that his son is going to fight Rafael Ortega and wonders what on earth made Aaron choose to fight him. Aaron is hurt that his father doesn’t support him; he feels that his decision to box is the smartest decision he has ever made in his life.

Outside Al s diner, Chris arrives and tries to talk to Allison, but Allison resists any of his attempts to be friends.

Chris informs Allison he is working at the clinic and also congratulates her on her new job. Allison explains to Chris that she is fine, but her life is none of his concern anymore. She also makes it clear that they can never be friends.

At the gym, Craig comes to see Rafael because he found out about the boxing match. Craig brings some pictures of Rafael and Lucy when they were children in Montega and asks Rafael to say hello to his parents for him the next time he speaks to them. Lucy arrives and asks Craig to leave Rafael alone.

At the Lakeview, Julia arrives back at her room and is not happy that J.J. didn’t keep his promise to read his book.

J.J. tells Julia that he called Jack and told him that the mean blonde lady yelled at her, and now Jack is on his way home to them. Julia tries to explain to her son that Jack must get to know his family. J.J. insists that the blonde lady is mean and will only hurt Jack. J.J also refuses to accept that Cary is Jack’s wife and insists that Julia is his wife now. J.J. is positive that Jack will stay with them because he loves them.

At Jack and Carly s house, Jack insists that Carly leave his wife and son alone. Carly cries and tells Jack she is his wife. Jack explains he doesn t want to hurt Carly, but in his heart he thinks of Julia and J.J. as his wife and son. Jack asks Carly to accept that he has a wife and son that he loves.

Carly tries to persuade Jack to move back home so his body and mind can heal. Jack refuses to leave Julia and J.J. alone in a hotel room in a strange town. He wants to find another way to remember his past without abandoning Julia and J.J. Carly thinks Jack should go see a specialist at Memorial.

At the gym, Lucy wonders why Craig has suddenly become interested in Rafael’s life, since he never seemed to care much about him when they were friends in Montega. Lucy thinks her father wants to use Rafael to get information on her, which he will later use to get her to forgive him. Craig explains to Lucy that he will always be her father and he will always care about her. Lucy shouts that his love for her almost got her killed and tells her father to stay out of her life.

At Al s Diner, Aaron explains to Holden how he became involved in the fight. Aaron feels that this fight is his chance to prove to people he is good at something.

Aaron is tired of being stuck in a rut and feels the fight will help him earn enough money to start making plans for his future. Holden still thinks that there are other ways to earn money and can t understand why his son chose to be involved in a boxing match. Aaron is annoyed when he sees Chris and Allison talking outside. Holden thinks Aaron is boxing because he wants to impress Allison. Aaron explains to Holden that he loves Allison, but she isn t ready for anything but friendship from him.

At Jack and Carly’s house, Jack explains to Carly that he had all sorts of tests run at St. Genevieve’s Hospital when he arrived there, and he is fine. Carly asks Jack when he last saw a doctor. Jack responds that he saw a doctor four months ago. Carly thinks that a lot of things may have changed in four months and again insists that the doctors were not specialists. Jack insists he had the best care at St. Genevieve’s. Carly accuses Julia of keeping Jack away from his family by not helping him to remember his past after she fell in love with him. This accusation makes Jack very angry, and he explains that he was the one who wanted to move on with his life and not remember his past. Jack goes outside to call Julia and explains that there are still some things he and Carly must discuss, and he will be home when he is done. Julia and Jack tell each other "I love you," and Jack hangs up the phone.

At the Lakeview, Lisa arrives to talk to Julia and meet J.J. Julia sends J.J. to read his book so she and Lisa can talk. Lisa feels guilty because she told Julia all those things about Carly. Julia thanks Lisa for giving her hope that Jack might stay with her instead of getting back together with Carly. Lisa tells Julia that, no matter what happened in their lives, Jack and Carly always found their way back to each other. Julia asks Lisa to describe what Mike looks like to her. When Julia hears Lisa’s description of Mike she has a flashback of seeing Mike at the pond with Carly. Julia asks Lisa to give her Mike’s address.

At the farm, Rosanna tells Paul that there is no place she would rather be then with him and says she doesn t want to waste any more time. The two begin to make love but are interrupted by an embarrassed Will, who is looking for his backpack. Rosanna, a bit nervous and embarrassed, tells Will his backpack is in the kitchen. Will takes Paul aside to apologize for interrupting his romantic moment and leaves to get his backpack.

Once Will is gone, Rosanna and Paul make love.

At Jack and Carly’s place, Carly continues to encourage Jack to see a specialist. Jack has had enough and shouts at Carly to stop pressuring him. Carly is hurt; she feels like Jack is annoyed by her and doesn’t want to remember his past. Carly explains that she will always be grateful to Julia and J.J. for taking such good care of him and loving him. She tells Jack she is trying very hard to understand the way he feels about Julia and J.J. Carly says he must understand that she will never stop fighting for the life they shared, because it was too special and wonderful to ever give up on.

At Mike’s place, Julia arrives to try and pump Mike for information on his relationship with Carly. After a few minutes Mike catches on to her game and sets her straight by telling her that she should stay out of Carly's and Jack’s business. Mike explains to Julia how Parker and Carly grieved for Jack for months, and how Parker was positive Jack would come home spent every day waiting for Jack to return. Julia thinks that Carly and Mike were close once, and maybe they could have a romantic relationship again. This makes Mike even angrier; he knows Julia just wants Mike to get together with Carly so that she can have Jack for herself. Mike tells Julia she has no clue about his relationship with Carly. He explains that even if he had romantic feelings for Carly, which he doesn’t, he understood a long time ago that, no matter what troubles they face, Jack and Carly always end up together.

At Al's Diner, Holden tells Aaron they will continue their discussion later and then leaves. Chris comes inside with Allison to get a cup of coffee. After Chris leaves, Aaron wonders how Allison handled seeing Chris.

Allison explains that their conversation was awkward and it hurt, but she is fine. She asks Aaron if she can go to the gym to watch him practice. Aaron smiles because he is happy Alison wants to watch him.

At the gym, Lucy warns Rafael not to let Craig use him to get to her. Rafael tells her not to worry, because he never lets anyone use him. Rafael tells Lucy he would just tell Craig he shouldn’t have hurt her. Aaron and Allison arrive at the gym, and Allison asks Lucy if Rafael is there. Lucy points to where Rafael is punching the heavy bag. Lucy wonders why Allison is suddenly interested in boxing. She walks over to where Allison is standing and watches Rafael for a few minutes. They both think Aaron will be dead meat.

At Jack and Carly s place, Jack tells Carly he will try to understand her feelings.

Jack tells Carly he does want to remember and promises to think about seeing a specialist, but vows that whatever his decision is, he will make it on his own. Carly promises not to bother J.J. and Julia. Jack promises to return for a visit tomorrow. Carly sheds a few tears as she watches Jack leave.

At Mike’s place, Julia thinks that, from all she has heard about Carly and Jack’s relationship, they have only had two years of happiness. Julia is still positive that Jack will stay with her and J.J. Mike throws Julia out of the house. Julia sees Carly coming to visit Mike. Carly gets angry because she knows Julia is trying to dig up dirt on her. Carly doesn’t buy Julia’s explanation that she just wanted to understand things better. She assures Julia that whatever she is trying to do won’t work.

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