ATWT Update Wednesday 10/20/04

As the World Turns Update Wednesday 10/20/04


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At Metro, Nikki and Jordan share a drink at the bar while Paul sits with Jennifer at a table. Jennifer tells Paul about Jordan's offer to buy BRO, and he thinks it could work.

Jordan explains his offer to Nikki. Nikki wonders if it's just a ruse to get to Jennifer. She advises him not to do anything.

At Carly's, Hal and Rosanna discuss Carly's sudden leave. Tom even suggests that Julia just may have a claim to Jack.

At the Lakeview, Carly demands to know Jack's whereabouts.

Jack takes down the robber, who is shot in the leg during the tussle. Allison thanks the detective.

Parker keeps asking for Jack. Hal gets a call that Jack took down a perp like a pro at Al's.

Jack gets more cake as Allison asks how he knew to do that. Jack says it wasn't memory, it was feeling.

Carly accuses Julia of making Jack feel guilty and says she took him from his family who loves him. Him having no memory means nothing. Julia recounts how people can change for whatever reason, and Jack grabbed on to her and J.J. He loves them. Carly declares she doesn't have the right, but it doesn't matter, as Carly knows Jack will recover and come back to his real family. She is convinced that nothing can shake them and insists that Julia take J.J. and start over elsewhere. J.J. returns and yells at Carly, calling her a liar. Julia enjoys this.

Jen doesn't want Jordan in her life. Paul thinks it would be good. He can handle Lucinda, but could Jen handle Jordan? She can't forget what he and Rosanna did.

Paul has been thinking, and he can understand why they turned to each other. Jordan was Cabot's father. Jen doesn't have to forgive him, though. He switches the topic back to World Wide, and Jen asks about Barbara's removal. Paul says there will be a time when they may need Jordan.

Nikki instructs Jordan on how to deal with Jen. Be patient, she advises, and she'll come to him.

Hal explains Jack's heroics to Holden, Margo, Tom and Rosanna, and they all cheer, thinking Jack's memory has returned.

Jack shows up and everyone rushes him in excitement over seeing him. Flustered, Jack apologizes for not knowing them. He asks for Carly. Rosanna says she will be right back and introduces herself as Carly's sister, and expresses their delight in having him home. Margo introduces herself as a cop buddy, then Tom, the D.A. Hal speaks for himself and calls Jack his best friend forever. Then Holden, his cousin, steps forward. They grew up together, Holden says, and Jack looks interested. After, Jack notes the awkwardness, but his friends don't mind. Margo suggests he stop by the station. Sage begins to cry and Jack goes straight for her. He picks her up, awe in his face.

Julia scolds J.J. for being rude, but the boy continues his assault on Carly. Carly tries to calm him and hisses to Julia to see what she has done. Rosanna calls and lets her know Jack is home. Carly takes off with Julia right behind, gloating. Carly won't apologize to her and heads out, bumping straight into Lisa, who drops all her things. Carly blasts Lisa and takes off. Julia asks Lisa about Carly. Lisa states not everyone loves Carly.

Jack holds Sage close, then puts her down.

Parker rushes in and lunges straight for Jack, who seems to recognize the boy as he hugs him tight.

Paul asks Jennifer to consider Jordan's offer, and in return Paul will make sure Jen's dreams come true. He leaves her as Jordan watches from the bar.

Jack gives Parker the cake he brought, but the boy is hurt when Jack reveals he knows Parker but has no memory of him. Confused still, Jack explains that when he saw Parker he knew him, he would have known him anywhere. They share a hug when Parker says he doesn't care and is just glad he is home. Rosanna gets everyone to leave and waits for Carly to return.

J.J. promises to be good, and Julia allows him to return to the room alone. She stops Lisa and asks her about Carly. Lisa is only to happy to dis Carly, but when she learns Jack is alive she is too overcome with happiness to continue. Julia explains she helped Jack at the hospital and they became close. She asks about the "Mythic Love" that Carly and Jack apparently have. Lisa agrees somewhat but then spills that Jack didn't know he was Sage's father until the paternity test.

Carly meets Rosanna outside and she fills her in on Jack's arrival and how he recognized Parker. Inside, Parker and Jack are going through pictures, and Parker is upset to see that Jack can't recall him. Parker tells him how he knew Jack was alive when no one else did. When Carly comes inside, Jack gives the boy a hug and thanks him for helping to bring him home. Carly apologizes for not being home and asks how it went. She knows it's tough, but it will be okay. Jack saw Parker's pain. Carly assures him his family will help him no matter what it takes. When he wants to leave, Carly pleads with him to stay and go upstairs for a nap. He says no, he can't. She doesn't understand. "Tell me," she encourages.

Allison and Holden discuss Jack before she spills about Aaron's boxing.

Jack picks up a picture of himself with Carly. He explains waking up in pain and not knowing who he was, how he left the hospital with no money and Julia found him on a bench. She took him home and cared for him. He started over and married her and became J.J.'s dad. Then Julia discovers the truth, and it's all so crazy. Carly tells him to trust that she and his family love him and would keep him safe, and eventually he will remember. Jack's not sure. Carly won't let it go and advises him that they have already been through the worst and come back from it many times. He needs to stay with her and let his mind and body heal. J.J. calls then and tells Jack of Carly's "attack" on Julia.

Holden confronts Aaron at Al's.

Paul surprises Rosanna with a romantic setting at Emma's barn. He declares their love and they kiss.

Lisa gives Julia the low-down on Carly's machinations. Julia divulges she married Jack. Lisa gets a laugh out of it and can see what Carly will do for her man. She warns Julia to prepare for a fight. Julia is now more sure that she will win, since Carly seems to be such a liar and a tramp.

Jack reassures J.J., then blasts Carly. He demands to know if Carly yelled at Julia in front of J.J., and Carly admits she was yelling, but not purposely; nor did she know J.J. was there. He won't listen to her and she has to snap for him to stop yelling at her. Jack orders her to stay away from his wife and kid.

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