ATWT Update Tuesday 10/19/04

As the World Turns Update Tuesday 10/19/04


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At Al's, another waitress comments on Allison's cheeriness despite doing the midnight shift. Allison doesn't mind and even offers to serve the weirdo who’s been sitting alone for an hour.

Lucy and Rafael catch up since the last time they saw each other. Raf reveals his father died, and Lucy says she and her father are not even talking now, which shocks Rafael.

Aaron makes some noise about not being in the paper, but Dusty reassures him about it. Dominic confronts Dusty about Lucy's involvement with his fighter. Dusty refuses to order Lucy to stay away from an old friend. Dom is not pleased, but Dusty doesn't care.

At Metro, Lucinda and Jordan discuss his interests in World Wide and what he would want to do. Jordan spots Jennifer entering with Mike.

Jen and Mike discuss her new line, Street Jeans, and she goes on about her woes in finding a model to fill the role. She then suggests Mike be her model, which Mike flatly refuses.

At her house, Carly receives a warm reception when she comes down dressed up. Hal, Margo, Holden and Rosanna are there to see Jack. Parker asks if he can stand outside and wait for Jack. Carly okays it, still worried about Jack and how Julia had him under her thumb.

At the Lakeview, Julia and J.J. discuss why they have to be in Oakdale. Julia explains that it is to help Jack.

Outside the room, Jack calls Carly and asks what to bring Parker. Carly suggests chocolate cake, something he and Parker always enjoyed on boys’ night out. Carly hears J.J. laugh then and freaks when Jack says he brought Julia and J.J. with him to Oakdale. Jack assures Carly he is on his way. Rosanna comes out and comforts her sister.

Jen begs Mike to help her with her company, but Mike expresses his fears about helping a "damsel in distress" like he did with Katie. Jen assures him it’s only for business. He makes her a deal: if she makes up with Nikki, he will consider her offer.

Mike meets up with Jordan at the bar. He pumps Mike for information on Jen and BRO. When Mike won't budge, Jordan returns to Lucinda and declares he knows what he can do at World Wide.

Rafael is shocked to hear that Lucy is dating Dusty. Lucy shares her own disbelief but says that Dusty is too good to her and knows her. She is happy no matter what anyone says. They start to talk about the fight, and Lucy inadvertantly lets it slip that Aaron's a fall guy for Raf's first fight. Raf leaves angrily.

Tom shows up at Carly's for Jack, and the others explain Jack's lateness. Tom points to the “welcome home” sign, saying he can’t believe Jack is alive. Margo agrees. Outside, Carly worries about Julia's hold on Jack. Rosanna tries to make her feel better, but Carly feels like Jack is a stranger to her. Regardless, Carly will not allow Julia to keep Jack for herself, and she would fight to the death if she had to to get Jack home to her.

J.J. gives Jack a phone, in case he gets lost, as Jack prepares to go see Carly. He wants dinner at Al's, just the three of them. Julia walks Jack out and they kiss and hug after Julia expresses more worries about losing him.

Nikki comes to Metro, and Jen tries to apologize. Nikki says she doesn't have to. Then Jen reveals she has asked Mike to model for Street Jeans. Nikki tries to hide her jealousy and leaves.

Jordan suggests that World Wide buy BRO. Intrigued, Lucinda asks why. Jordan details how he knows the company, and it’s a good way to stick it to Barbara. After some cajoling, Lucinda agrees.

Rafael confronts Dominic as Lucy tries to explain things to Dusty. Raf lets loose on Dom about wanting this to be a fair fight.

After serving the weirdo again, Allison sees Jack. She freaks and fumbles about as she tries to give Jack information on his life. When he asks of Carly, Allison spins a tale of a legend, gushing about how Carly and Jack had seen the worst but still remained tighter than ever; they were the happily-ever-after everyone looks for. Jack is unsure.

Carly watches Parker, who waits for Jack. Rosanna tries again to comfort Carly, but she is uptight and wants to get Parker inside. Back in the house, Holden wants to know where Jack is, and Carly spews about Julia and how she must be turning Jack all around.

She then asks if they all will help Jack and tell him stories of his life at the farm and the police station. She tells them that they will have to make Jack want to remember.

Outside of Metro, Jordan happens upon Jen leaving a message for Paul about the bankers. Jordan asks how BRO and her new line are doing. He offers his help to a disbelieving Jen.

J.J. and Julia eat at the Lakeview as J.J. asks how long they will be in town. Julia admits she doesn't know but says it could be a long time, since this is Jack's home.

Carly gets Hal to pull Parker inside so they can put back all of Jack's things like she promised Parker. When the boy notices Jack's badge is missing, Carly covers and says she gave it to him to help him remember.

Allison hugs Jack, happy he is alive. The manager asks Alli to take care of Weirdo, and she says bye to Jack

The weirdo turns into a robber when he pulls a gun as Jack watches from just outside.

Jen and Jordan discuss his WW interests in Street Jeans, and he says they want to invest. She turns him down, not wanting him to be her boss.

Rafael confronts Aaron and the two get into it until Dusty breaks it up. Rafael is angry and Dominic works to cool him down

He demands a real fight, but Dom makes him back off. Then Dom orders Dusty to take care of Lucy. Dusty goes to find her.

Lucy tries to apologize by saying she should have listened to Dusty's order. Dusty plays coy, then gives her a hard kiss, cutting her off.

The gunman screams for money as Jack comes in and tries to act the role of a cop, but he has no gun. He gives the guy his options: drop the weapon, or die.

Julia explains how Carly is Jack's wife, too, and Parker is his son, like J.J. is. J.J. says he won't let them have Jack. “He's ours,” the tot declares. Julia gently explains how Carly and Parker love Jack like they do. “Not the same,” J.J. argues. “In a way, yes, it is,” Julia counters

Rosanna tries to assure Carly that Jack will return, but Carly can't help but believe Julia will succeed and has already taken him away again. She wants to go find him, but Rosanna nixes that and makes her agree to wait ten minutes before letting Hal go look for Jack. Once Rosanna returns inside, Carly leaves.

Jen returns to Mike and asks for an answer. After some prodding, Mike finally agrees to an ecstatic Jen, who assures him she is not needy, just desperate.

Raf confronts Aaron again and offers to show Aaron some moves to help him give Rafael a good fight when they box. Aaron agrees.

Lucy is confused, but Dusty says he kissed her because she looked sad. He thought she needed someone on her side, and she should know that would always be him. A happy Lucy gushes about Dusty's chivalry, and he kisses her hard again. Seeing her is all Dusty cares about, to hell with everyone. They smile and this time kiss much more passionately.

Holden and Hal discuss going to find Jack. Rosanna goes to get Carly, who is gone.

J.J. asks what will happen if he remembers his other family. Will they all live together? Julia tells him that can't happen, and it brings her son to tears. She lets him go to the boy's room alone. Carly confronts Julia and demands to know where Jack is

Jack tries to talk the gunman down and it looks like it's working until the man tosses the money and tries to flee. Jack tackles him and the gun goes off.

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