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As the World Turns Update Monday 10/18/04


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At the gym, Dusty helps Aaron pump up as Dominic announces a press conference that requires Aaron's presence. A stoked Aaron tells Bud that he's better than anyone thinks.

Lucy commiserates over Dusty with a supportive Allison as she reads about the press conference in the paper. She laments that Dusty should have told her himself. Allison talks Lucy into going to the gym to confront Dusty and then tags along.

Bob looks at the pills Ben provided as Ben explains that they are ibuprofen for his tension headaches, all thanks to his deceitful wife, Jessica. Jess in turn tries to get Ben to admit he has a problem. Ben blasts Jessica for trashing his life.

Paul tries to apologize for bringing up Cabot, but Rosanna admits it is not so hard recalling her dead son as it is knowing she always would. She also says she isn't in such a dark place anymore as when she lost Cabot. The two reminisce over Cabot's innocent gestures. A sad Rosanna then says that watching Paul with Parker and Sage made her remember that he, too, loved Cabot. Paul agrees. She also tells him that she is thinking of forgiving him.

J.J. inquires about Jack's absence to a worried Julia. She tries to assure the boy that Jack will return, but she is not so sure herself.

Outside, Carly can't understand Jack's reasons for not returning to his family, his children. Jack tells her he can only deal with what he knows, and right now that is J.J. and Julia. He made promises to them he is unwilling to break. Carly asks of the promises he made to her, to their children. They deserve his love, Carly declares. Jack responds that it’s not real to him. Carly insists Julia is the make-believe wife and he should come home with her.

Jack again tells her he is the one who pushed Julia into marriage. Changing gears, Carly asks if he can remember their last day together at Emma's pond. He wanted to have more kids. She accuses him of not trying, and Jack admits it’s hard. She asks him again to come home. Jack refuses and suggests she leave for Oakdale without him, and he will follow later. A defiant Carly won't even think of that option, but Jack gets her to consider it when he asks if he ever went back on his word. Carly admits he never did, so Jack promises her he will go to Oakdale.


Ben is unable to sidestep the issue when Bob mentions drug addiction. Ben again tries to diffuse the situation by blaming Jessica for the mix-up. He begs Bob to not let Jessica ruin his career

Paul tries to explain his actions to Rosanna regarding the night of the fire, but Rosanna cuts him off. She says she needed someone to lash out at, and she chose Paul because he was the closest to her. She knows he would have saved Cabot, but her mind couldn't accept anything else. She apologizes for hurting him, but Paul tells her to stop punishing herself for nothing. They both agree they thought they were smarter than James, and that's what got them into trouble. Rosanna finally says that James has caused enough pain, and after watching her sister get a second chance she felt she deserved one too. As she sobs she says she wants it to be with Paul.

An excited Aaron can barely stand still as Dusty coaches him on what to do at the boxing match.

Allison and Lucy enter, and Alli gives Lucy one final nudge in Dusty's direction. Lucy stops Dusty cold. Allison surprises Aaron. Lucy asks Dusty why he didn't tell her about the press conference, and he wonders why she is at the gym at all. He thought they agreed, but she corrects him and says he agreed and dares him to make her leave.

Rosanna explains how watching Carly's reaction to the news of Jack's "death" made her start to see how precious life really is and that love is a terrible thing to waste. Paul agrees and kisses her.

Carly expresses her understanding towards Julia and J.J. but also points out that it doesn't mean anything, since Carly is Jack's wife. Nonetheless, she'll wait for him because she trusts him, and he agrees to return to Oakdale the next day. She writes down her address and numbers. She also gives him a credit card to use to come home with. He turns to go and Carly calls out to him

He turns back, and she rushes to him and gives him a long kiss. As they part she whispers that she will see him at home. A stunned Jack returns inside as Carly gives her lips a touch and then leaves.

Inside, Julia wants to know what is going to happen. Jack announces they are going to Oakdale.

Bob expresses his desire to see Ben and Jessica reconcile and for Ben to get the help he needs. Then he mentions that he will have to open an official inquiry into Jessica's allegations.

Paul and Rosanna share a drink as Carly arrives home. Shellshocked, Carly keeps mum as Paul makes a graceful exit. Rosanna wants to know what happened, but an uneasy Carly can't risk Parker overhearing, so they go outside. Carly then explains everything to Rosanna, how she was so sure he would remember her once he saw her, how he loves Julia and J.J. and won't leave them behind. Rosanna encourages her sister to fight for what is hers, but Carly can't let go of Julia's connection to Jack. Rosanna hugs her sister as Carly declares Julia will never get Jack.

Julia tries to persuade Jack to get to Louisville and settle in before he returns to Oakdale. Angry, Jack demands to know why she kept Carly from him when he trusted her so much. She insists she had no idea until after they were married, and by that point she was too in love. She thought Carly was "Psycho Julia" and that she was with a new man. Jack tells her it wasn't her decision.

Dusty and Lucy argue over her involvement in the fight. When he steps too far Lucy blasts him for not being the person she thought he was and says if that is the case he should tell her now, so she can split. Dusty relents and tells her that it was a mistake, as he was just trying to protect her. They kiss and make up.

Bud announces the start of the interview and introduces Aaron Snyder to the crowd. Dominic takes the mike to announce his boxer, Rafael Ortega.

Julia admits she was wrong to keep the truth from Jack. But, she wonders, does he still love her? He promises he does and that will never change, but he still has to return to Oakdale ASAP. Julia wants to know what would happen to her and J.J. without him.

A sullen Carly listens as Rosanna tries to assure her that Jack will come home to her. Still worried, she talks of his love for Julia and J.J. They are his family to him now, and he has forgotten his real one. Rosanna assures her that once Jack steps foot in their house he will have no choice but to stay because the memories are so strong. They reminisce of past times. Parker interrupts, looking for Jack. He is disappointed to not see him.

Ben tries to cover, but Bob is insistent that he take a drug test to prove his innocence. A furious Ben tries to disclaim Jessica's accusations, but Bob is adamant. Ben angrily refuses to take any test and be humiliated any further by his cheating wife. After one final plea, Ben leaves.

Rafael answers questions from the press as Lucy tries to get a look. Dusty finally relents and takes her into the ring. Screaming “Jose,” Lucy jumps into the arms of Rafael, who happily greets her


Paul explains his day with Parker and Sage and, of course, Rosanna to Will over lunch. He explains a bit of the situation and also reveals that he and Rosanna talked, and maybe more.

Parker wants to know when Jack is coming home and is not encouraged by his mother’s insistence that Jack will absolutely be home. When she mentions that Jack promised himself, Parker gleefully accepts, knowing Jack would never break his word.

Julia wants to know if Jack thinks they will live happily ever after together, or would he ship them off in a bus when he remembers his life before her and J.J. He says he can't answer that, but he needs to go; he has kids, a daughter. Julia sobs that she and J.J. will lose him for sure. “Never,” he promises. He asks her to come to Oakdale. J.J. comes out and wonders why Oakdale. Julia explains they are going to help Jack find out who he is.

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