ATWT Update Friday 10/15/04

As the World Turns Update Friday 10/15/04

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Carly continues her tirade against Julia and warns her not to lie to Jack. Julia asks Jack for some alone time for her to explain that she did everything because she was scared. Julia gets a little too close for Carly's comfort, and the blonde pulls them apart.

Parker watches the phone as he sits for breakfast with Paul and Rosanna. When Rosanna sends him to the kitchen, Parker worries he will miss Jack's phone call. Rosanna thanks Paul for his help.

At The Lakeview, Craig spies Lucinda and Lucy and he bribes a waiter for a favor.

At Al's, Susan pulls Allison away from Will to see how her daughter is doing. Allison's reaction is to defend herself, but Susan wants her to know she is proud of her.

Jessica demands that Ben tell her about the pills she found in his pocket. Ben is defiant and spiteful as he warns Jessica to leave him alone. She wants to help and can see he is in trouble. Ben refuses to budge.

Inside the motel room, Julia comes from checking on J.J. and Carly jumps all over her again for keeping Jack from his real family. Jack tells Carly to back off, which doesn't go over well. He suggests she leave them (Jack and Julia) alone for a few minutes. Insulted, Carly lashes out that she is the one who suffered for months while she believed Jack was dead. She mourned him and her kids mourned him. “Tell her to go,” Carly blasts, pointing to Julia. He can't leave her, Jack says, she's his wife. Carly declares herself Jack's only wife, his forever wife, and says nothing will change that. She leaves reluctantly.

Ben tries to cover with his anger, but Jessica doesn't buy it. He states he is no longer her concern and walks away from her. Jessica makes a call to Bob.

Lucy and Lucinda discuss Lucy’s spat with Dusty as Lucinda tries to make her see it more sensibly. She asks her grandmother for help in getting Dusty back. Lucinda assures her that this will pass, that Dusty was just doing what every guy does by keeping her out of guy things. Lucy blames Craig for her woes and wishes he would stop interfering. Just then, flowers arrive. Lucy quickly assumes they are from Dusty. Her smile fades once Craig appears.

Susan and Allison reconnect and agree to be more involved with each other. Susan talks of Will and Allison's desire to befriend him as a bully enters and begins to humiliate Will, calling him a psycho. Allison quickly jumps to Will's defense.

Carly calls Parker, who can't wait for Jack to come home once his mother reveals she found Jack. Rosanna takes the phone, and Carly tells her sister about Jack and Julia and expresses her fear that Jack will never remember her. Rosanna tells her to give it time, but Carly worries about Julia's hold on Jack. Carly hangs up and turns back to the room.

Inside, Jack comforts Julia, who is upset. He has her hand when Carly re-enters. Carly shows him the picture from the bottle. She explains when it was taken and how Sage had thrown up on him right after. Jack just laughs. She also tells him that he delivered Sage, that they were alone when she was born. “We make a great team,” she says. She then informs him of Julia's knowledge of their marriage, how Julia came to Milltown and got directions for Carly's whereabouts but never showed. Julia fights back that she saw Carly happy with another man. Carly explodes about how she has not been happy for one second since Jack's disappearance. Julia mentions J.J.'s bottle, in response to which Carly corrects her and says it’s Parker's bottle. She details what Parker did and how she found the picture in Julia's trash. Jack looks to Julia, who admits she wanted to tell him but was scared she would lose him.

Lucy tries to be civil, but Craig's attempts to reconcile are met with fury when he even dares to say one word against Dusty. Craig pleads with Lucy to listen to him, but she leaves in disgust. Lucinda stops Craig from going after Lucy and blames him for terrorizing his own child. She suggests he grow up, but Craig turns it around and asks Lucinda for help when she reveals she sees Lucy frequently.

Allison blasts the bully and says that anyone with money is welcome in Al's, including a loser like him. Will wants to leave, but the manager informs Will he is welcome anytime and kicks the bully out.

Parker is way too excited about Jack's impending homecoming, and Paul suggests a big “Welcome Home” sign for him, so Parker rushes off. Rosanna and Paul share another moment. Rosanna worries that her sister will lose Jack twice if he can never remember her.

Carly talks to J.J. about the time they met. J.J. wants to know who she is, so Julia takes him off. She explains how Parker saw Jack that day but was unable to get to him. Julia thanks Carly for not spilling her identity to J.J. Carly would never wish this mess on anyone. Carly insists that Jack come home to Oakdale where he has a life with her. She tries to make Jack see Julia for what she is, but Jack won't desert his wife. Carly cries that Julia is heartless, forcing her and their children to go through all they went through, convincing him to run away. Jack inches closer and touches her face.

Bob meets Jessica, and she informs him of Ben's pill-popping. Jessica expresses her concern for Ben's behavior.

Lucinda won't help Craig in his scheme to get Lucy away from Dusty and warns him to not hurt her relationship with her granddaughter. She still refuses to help Craig even after he threatens she is making a big mistake.

Susan commends Allison for her defense of Will and says hi to the young man. Will thanks Allison again and leaves as Lucy enters. When Alison takes her order she says she wants a spine.

Paul offers his help anytime, which Rosanna graciously accepts. Paul goes to leave, but his closeness to Rosanna makes him stop.

Julia cries as J.J. comes to comfort her. He asks if Carly is going to take Jack away from them, and Julia holds him tight.

Outside, Jack admits he has feelings but doesn't recognize them. Nevertheless, he is sure that Carly is important to him. Carly laughs and says she is his world. She begs him to return to Milltown. His cousin Holden misses him, as well as Hal, Margo, and the kids most importantly. She says once he holds Sage he will remember everything. She acknowledges his concern for Julia but says to listen to his heart. Her life started with him and almost ended without him. He comforts her over her mourning him. She insists he is all she needs, her hero, G-Man. He wants to remember, he feels something. She says they are in each other’s blood and to trust her. When Jack says he does, she makes him promise to return to Oakdale. When he agrees, she hugs him tight.

Ben arrives to meet with Bob and sees Jessica. He blasts her but Bob cuts him off, saying she is there for him. Ben denies the pills, but Bob warns him of the dangers of abusing drugs while on duty as a doctor.

Craig worries for Lucy, but Lucinda doesn't buy it. She says that Lucy and Dusty will continue to stay strong as long as people try and pull them apart. Craig won't listen to her and swears he'll be careful.

Allison and Lucy discuss how she should approach Dusty about being an equal. Allison refers to Lucy as Dusty's puppy one too many times, and Lucy agrees to confront him.

Rosanna and Paul agree to keep in touch. As he is about to leave he turns back and kisses her.

Bob demands to have the pills Ben is taking. Ben angrily slams them on the table.

Lucinda warns Craig to leave Lucy alone or he will answer to her. Craig says Lucy is far too precious for Donovan and needs to get into college, where she will become the person she should be.

Rosanna pushes Paul away as she remembers him saving her and not Cabot from the explosion.

A thrilled Carly takes Jack's hand and wants to fly home to make it there faster. Jack balks and says he can't leave his wife, Julia. He made promises to her. Carly reminds him she is his wife and he made promises to her. He continues to hold strong, and she says she had him a lot longer and first. He empathizes with Julia for being lonely, but it doesn't matter, he can't just leave her after promising her so much, and he won't walk away from her.

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