ATWT Update Thursday 10/14/04

As the World Turns Update Thursday 10/14/04

By Dixie
Proofread by Angie
pictures by Boo

Paul and Hal enter to hear Al discussing Rosanna's absence from the farm. Paul expresses his concern and wants to go find her. Will decides to stay at Al's to eat. Allison comes to wait on him. He makes a joke about him being crazy.

Barbara comes to Rick. He tries to get cozy with her, but she fends him off by handing him the keys to the locks she was able to make from her jewelry.. An excited Rick wants to check out the locks before the meds kick in.

At Carly's, Hal and Rosanna discuss how Parker could have known the exact logo on the hotel sign. Parker rushes down and tells his father he helped his mommy find Jack.

Outside the motel, a shocked Carly says hi to her long-lost husband. She introduces herself to him as Carly.

Barbara continues to fend off Rickís advances as signs of the meds start to show. He leaves to try out the keys and Griggs confronts Barbara about her and Decker's plan.

Allison and Will talk about their respective troubles. Allison gives Will some advice about dealing with his evil mother.

An excited Parker can't stop talking about Jack's homecoming. Rosanna questions Hal on what Carly can expect from Jack, and Hal reveals that Jack married Julia.

At the motel, Julia and J.J. argue over him taking a bath and the boy finally relents when Julia promises him a back yard.

Outside, Carly gently approaches Jack. She asks him if he remembers her, and he says no. He admits to flashes of her but says they were vague. He asks if they were close, and she gets flustered and drops her bag. They both drop to pick it up. Jack gets it first and stands and offers his hand to Carly. Moved, Carly can't let go of him and tells him so. She wants to hold his hand. She makes him say her name when he is resistant. He insists he can't remember, but Carly knows he can feel that they are drawn to each other. Jack's reluctant as she says they belong together and that she is his wife.

Barbara plays loony with Griggs and spins lies when he accuses her of trying to bribe Alphonso, adding that she wouldn't get away with it. Barbara doesn't falter, but she worries when they bring up charges against her. Rick enters and Barbara runs to him, trying to explain what was happening. Griggs takes Rick away.

Rosanna and Parker are playing with Sage when Paul shows up. He was worried, he confesses, and says he went to the police to find her.

Jack doesn't believe Carly, as he thinks Julia Lindsay was his wife, but Carly tells him that she was his second wife, his forever wife. Jack flashes to the ring she gave him on their wedding day.

J.J. wants to find Jack, but Julia gets him to finish getting ready to hit the road. She herself is about to go find Jack when J.J. calls out to her.

Carly tells Jack they have a family and pulls out the crumpled picture of her, Jack and the kids. She explains that Sage is their baby, and is about to point to Parker in the picture. Jack points at Parker first and says, "Parker.Ē Carly is thrilled. She says she knows he and Parker have always been close, so of course he would remember him first. Jack says he remembers the name and thatís all. Carly says thatís okay, it would all come back to him later. She says Jack just needs to come home with her. Jack says he can't come home with her, his wife is inside the motel, and they have to leave soon... Carly is horrified to hear that he's married Julia and immediately says that Julia must have tricked Jack. Jack says that isn't true, he loves Julia. They are arguing about it when Julia walks out.. Julia comes out of the room calling for Jack but stops dead when she sees Carly.

When Carly sees Julia she attacks her, screaming that she'd taken advantage of Jack (go Carly!). Julia protests that she hasn't done anything wrong. Carly screams that Julia is a conniving witch who is keeping Jack away from his family. Jack intervenes and defends Julia. He says neither of them knew who he was, so it isn't like Julia knew about his other family. Carly says Julia did too know about them, she'd come to see them at their house. Julia keeps trying to interrupt so Carly can't tell Jack the truth. She tells Jack they need to go inside and talk. Jack tells Carly to calm down, their son is inside. "Don't you mean HER son?" Carly snaps. She says if Julia wanted to talk, she should tell Jack the truth - how she had come to Carly's house, how she'd seen Carly and the children, and how she'd lied to Jack. Carly says that the minute Julia realized Carly was coming after them she'd pulled up stakes and convinced Jack to leave town so Carly couldn't find them. Jack looks at Julia and asks if it is true.

Meanwhile, Paul and Will are having breakfast at Al's. They had been to the farm and Rosanna wasn't there. Will worries that Ro has changed her mind about him working there. Paul says there are probably lots of reasons for her having forgotten. He tells Will he has to get going and leaves.

Alli comes to wait on Will and gives him a menu. Will asks if she is sure she wants to wait on a murderer. Alli says thatís ridiculous, sheís still his friend. Will says that everyone else looks at him strangely since he's gotten out. The manager comes over to remind Alli of her other customers. She tells him she wants to take her mandatory hourly five-minute break and sits down to talk to Will. She tells Will she understands, that she'd been through the same thing after she burned down the barn and got out of jail, etc. Then she adds that her mom married a serial killer, Chris saved her, she got pregnant and lost the baby, and after she and Chris finally got engaged he dumped her on her wedding day. Will says he heard and heís sorry Chris dumped her. Alli tells him itís okay, she just decided to apologize to the people she hurt, and if people still didn't like her, she just didn't care. She tells Will he should feel the same way. Will thanks her for the advice. He says no one has been so nice to him since he got out. Alli says she is his friend, and she owes him anyway after burning down the barn and blaming him for it. Then she asks his advice. She tells him about the situation with Aaron and how she is worried that Aaron is going to get into trouble with the law because of Dusty. She says he won't listen to her. Will says she should just try to be Aaron's friend and help him out any way she can.

Paul goes to Carly's looking for Ro. She opens the door and suddenly realizes that she's forgotten about Will. She apologizes and explains that she was watching the kids while Carly looked for Jack. Paul says he's heard about Jack and is happy for them. Ro reluctantly invites him in. Paul sits down and starts talking to Parker. Ro goes upstairs. Parker explains how he helped find Jack with the picture of the white horse. Paul says thatís great. He is playing with Sage when Ro comes back downstairs. Parker says Sage really likes Paul and asks if he has a baby, too. Paul looks at Ro and says no, but he really wants one, more than anything. Ro turns around and runs out of the room.

Paul is helping Parker cook breakfast when Ro comes back downstairs again. She apologizes for getting upset. Paul apologizes for saying something to upset her. She says no, he told the truth, and she shouldn't have gotten upset. Paul asks if she wants to take a nap. She asks what kind of nap. Paul says the kind where she closed her eyes and got some sleep. Ro admits that that sounds nice. Paul assures her he'll watch the kids for her. Rosanna thanks him and agrees. She goes upstairs to take a nap while Paul goes back in the kitchen to help Parker.

At the most poorly secured mental hospital in the world, the guards have searched Barbara and Rick and found nothing. Barbara says she is going to sue, etc. The guard tells her that she and Rick better enjoy their time together, because he is going to have them separated. Barbara says he couldn't punish them without proof. He assures her he'll get proof and leaves.

Rick gives Barbara the four keys back, pulling them out of his mouth (yuck!). He had been hiding them there all along. (I'd love to know how, since the guard said he was going to do a body search of Rick.) Rick tells Barbara the keys all work. She is thrilled. Rick says they just have one more problem - Alphonso. He says they have to get rid of him. Barbara tells him not to be hasty, pointing out that if Alphonso dies mysteriously everyone will look at them. Decker agrees that she is right, saying how clever she is. Barbara says that instead of looking at Alphonso as an obstacle, they should look at him as their ticket out. She says that in order to escape they'll need an ambulance waiting outside. She says that instead of offing Alphonso they should just make him sick enough to need an ambulance and create a distraction. Rick is thrilled with her plan. He tells her how brilliant she is and expresses his desire to kiss her. Barbara says they can't be seen canoodling, someone might get suspicious. Rick reluctantly agrees, saying that he fantasizes about her every night. He asks if they could be together once they got out. Barbara says of course, as soon as they were free she was all his (but of course she didn't mean it).

Ben is dining with Bob at Metro. He tries to convince Bob he is ready to go back to work. Bob asks if his hand is better. Ben says itís fine. Bob asks if he is off the painkillers. Ben says he is. Bob says he'd love to reinstate Ben as a surgeon, but he couldn't do it without another doctor signing off on it. Ben says he needs to get back to work. He starts to explain about his divorce from Jessica and how he needs work to keep his mind off it. Bob says he knew Ben and Jess were having problems, but he didnít realize they were headed for divorce.

Just then Jess walks up, slaps the divorce papers down on the table, and says she didn't know it, either. She says she was talking to a client about the client's divorce when a process server served her with the papers. She says she wished Ben would have told her he was filing for divorce. Bob doesn't want to intrude, so he starts to excuse himself. Ben stops him, saying they haven't finished discussing his reinstatement. Bob says he is glad Benís feeling better and is off the painkillers. He says he'll talk to the other doctors and they'll discuss it again later. Then he leaves.

Ben tells Jess she's just interrupted an important meeting. He starts to explain how he was trying to get back to work, but Bob wouldn't approve it. Jess says he must know that the hospital couldn't let him get back to work until they were sure he was fine. Ben says itís none of her business anyway, he wants nothing to do with her. Jess says she doesn't want a divorce, she wants to work things out. She points out that Tom and Margo are working things out. Ben yells that Margo didn't sleep with Doc. Jess protests that she loves Ben and would do whatever it took to work things out with him. Ben begs her to leave him with something. He says he has lost everything because of her, couldn't she at least leave him with his dignity by signing the papers? Jess says again that she wants to make things work. Ben says that, in case the divorce papers didn't make it clear enough, he will spell it out for her. He says he wants nothing to do with her, and if she doesn't stay out of his life, he will force her out. He slams his hand down on the table for emphasis, hurting it. Jess expresses concern that he's hurt his hand again. Ben yells at her to get lost, and, reluctantly, she leaves. As she is going up the stairs Ben reaches into his pocket and pulls out the pill bottle, taking one. Jess, stopped on the stairs, is watching. (You'd think he'd look before he took the pill bottle out of his pocket.) Jess flashes back on what Bob had said earlier, about how he was glad Ben was completely off painkillers. Then she flashes on seeing the bottle of pills with Henry's name on it a few days earlier. She remembers that Ben had had the bottle and wouldn't tell her anything about Henry's condition other than that he was a patient. She realizes Ben is developing a pill problem and rushes back down the stairs. Ben has put the pills back in his pocket and doesn't see her coming. She comes up from behind him and snatches the pills out of his pocket, then whips around to face him. "What is this?" she yells at him. "Ben, what are you doing to yourself?"

Jack discusses Julia and how she was so awful he understands why he would forget her. He wants to know what Carly did to him. She confesses there were lies and she left him, but there was love, love and more love, and they belong together. When Carly mentions the compass, he remembers giving it to her. She tells him it was so she could always find her way back to him. She details their marriage, the first wedding at the Lakeview and the second when Sage, his daughter, was born. Jack is stunned and asks about her. She is like her daddy, Carly says, and she misses him dearly. She tells him she won't push, and she understands that he doesn't remember her, but she knows him and she went through the motions of losing him. Jack is skeptical of her, but she is adamant that Jack is her future. He says he would have remembered his family. She makes him look in her eyes to see if she is lying. When Jack doesn't bite, Carly details her son's premonitions. Jack asks about the accident, and Carly tells him how they found his shirt and presumed he was dead, but Parker and Carly knew all along that Jack was alive. He has flashes but still can't recall anything. Carly assures him that with his G-Man mind he will figure it out. She gets closer as she tells him their love will never die.

Paul and Sage play cards with Parker, and the boy peppers Paul with questions on Jack's condition. Paul does his best to appease the boy as Rosanna returns. Paul sends Parker for Sage's milk, and Ro apologizes for running off earlier. She thanks Paul for sticking around and offers to take Sage for her nap. They bond once again over him helping her with the kids. He returns to Parker in the kitchen as Rosanna watches with a renewed fondness for him.

When Carly again attacks Julia, Jack says he is at fault since he had no idea who he was, and that he insisted they get married. Carly orders Julia to be honest with the husband she claims to love, that she admit how she has kept them apart and how she saw Carly with the kids and did nothing. Julia prepares to talk.

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