ATWT Update Wednesday 10/13/04

As the World Turns Update Wednesday 10/13/04

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At the gym, Dusty coaches Aaron, and elsewhere Dominic pays off Bud for a job well done. Craig calls Dom and warns him he won't back off as long as Lucy is involved with the fight. When Dominic doesn't cave, Craig advises him that he will call the police and the boxing commission if Dominic fails. Dom hangs up on Montgomery and confronts Dusty about Lucy.

Lucy shows up at Al's after Allison gets her first paycheck. Alli wants to know why Lucy would let Dusty trick Aaron into fighting and says she won't stand by and let Dusty ruin his life.

Nikki and Hal are baffled with Jack's and Carlyís antics. Hal expresses his concern for Carly upon discovering Jack with the other woman he married.

In the rig, Carly tries to be patient as she gets a call from Hal. Carly updates Hal on her new friend Buck and how he is helping her find Jack. She can't come home until she finds Jack, no matter what Hal says. She hangs up and vows to keep going until she finds him.

Rosanna finds Parker trying to draw a picture. Parker reveals that itís a clue that he has for his mommy and he needs to finish it. He refuses to grant Rosanna access to it until he is finished.

Julia wakes to find Jack missing. She finds him outside. He needed some air, he says, and she goes inside to get J.J. ready. Jack stops her cold with his badge and demands answers. Julia admits that the staff gave it to her when she went to the hospital, saying that an orderly had stolen it. Jack presumes that this was her reason for running out of town so quickly.

Allison and Lucy continue to argue over the legality of the fight, and Allison accuses Lucy of being naive when Lucy continues to defend Dusty.

Dominic can't handle Craig's interference any longer. Dusty isn't concerned, but Dom won't let it go. He is worried that Lucy is way too much trouble to have around. Dusty advises Dom that without Lucy Dusty would have no reason for the fight. Dom wants him to keep Lucy away from the fight, to keep his personal life out of things. When Dusty balks, Dom tells him to be a man.

At Metro, Craig returns Dusty's phone book to his office via Curtis as Holden bursts in and blasts Craig for what he had Lily do.

Carly pleads with Buck to not drop her off after the trucker expresses his concern for his job. Carly offers him whatever he wants via Cabot Motors but Buck still resists.

Rosanna urges Parker to show her the picture but the child won't, repeating that he can't until itís finished. Parker also declares that this will help Carly find Jack.

Julia tries to explain to Jack why she didn't tell him about the badge. Jack thinks it was a big deal and that itís no wonder she was so on edge. He touches her and comforts her but wants to know why she is so scared of his old life. She says she fears he will leave her and she will be alone again. He would never, Jack swears, his life is with her.

Hal is talking to the state trooper about Jack when Rosanna calls to tell him about Parkerís insistence about the drawing. She adds that Carly won't answer the phone, so he can tell her. Rosanna finally gets the boy to reveal that Jack is with the "White Horse"

Jack reassures Julia again that he loves her and needs her. Julia wants to get J.J. and go, but Jack can't. He needs to know what happened to him and his life in Oakdale. She hugs him and asks that he not return.

Lucy tells Aaron to back out of the fight to appease Allison. Aaron refuses and tells Alli that this is his life and to stop trying to live it for him.He knows he doesn't have much of a chance, but he's glad he was given the opportunity. He confesses he knows he won't win, but itís okay with him. Lucy tells Alli she tried to get Aaron to back out but he wouldn't, and that itís his life. Still confused about Aaron's motives, Allison makes a bet on Aaron to win.

Holden blasts Craig for his insensitivity towards Lily's fragile state.Craig taunts Holden with his own failures and how Lily seemed to enjoy being Rose. Holden declares that Craig was a threat to his family and he considered him an enemy. Holden leaves in a fury as Dusty enters. Dusty warns Craig to back off of Dominic or else. Craig wants to know why. Dusty advises him to watch himself, and Craig counters that he would always watch out for his daughter. Dusty threatens to go to the police if Craig doesn't back off.

Hal and Nikki discuss Parker's premonitions and worry for the boy and Carly. They return to Oakdale.

Buck is about to drop Carly off but Carly convinces him to keep going for one more hour. They pass by the White Horse Motel.

Julia pleads with Jack to not return to Oakdale. Jack believes that he has to go. He wonders why Julia is so reluctant for him to remember. Says she is scared that she will lose him to his old life if he goes back there.

Dusty tells Craig that he won't hesitate because of Lucy again when it comes to telling the cops about Craigís role in her kidnapping.

A cool Craig does not seem concerned. Dusty knows he can get a copy of the bank note, and that Sierra would finally learn the truth as well. ďAnd if all else failed, Craig confessed to Lucy,Ē Dusty reminds him. Craig refuses to believe his daughter would ever send him to jail, but Dusty unsettles Craig by declaring that, despite everything, he has Lucy and that's all that matters.

Julia and Jack have a little cuddle as Jack promises to not abandon Julia or J.J. and says that he needs her to bail him out in case the life in Oakdale is less than stellar. Still unconvinced, Julia asks Jack for a week to give J.J. time to understand why Jack had to go. Jack isn't going anywhere, he says.

Hal arrives at Carly's and sits with his son. Parker shows him the picture but says there is something missing. Hal wonders where Parker heard this from, and Parker says his mind. Unnerved, Hal talks with Rosanna about how Parker could know this information. Just then Parker declares that heís figured it out.

Carly's despair is palpable as she and Buck continue on. Hal's voice booms over the CB radio and asks for Carly. Buck picks up the line and urges Carly to talk. She gets on when Hal mentions Parker. Hal fills her in on Parkerís drawing, a shiny horse with three crowns. An excited Carly says she knows where it is, and she shares a moment with her son as she has Buck turn around.

Alli and Aaron discuss his fight and his desire to make something of himself. He knows he will lose, but itís good exposure. He also suggests she apologize to Lucy, which Alli does. Lucy blows it off and leaves.

Flash to Metro as Lucy asks Dusty to have Allison banned from the gym. She explains about Allisonís wrath against Dusty and how she hates it when people do that. Lucy reveals she understands why they have to leave. Why can't they see what she sees, she wonders? Dusty comforts her but then tells her to back off. Offended, she won't stop protecting him. Dusty orders her away from the fight because Craig won't leave him or Dominic alone, and itís because of Lucy. Lucy wants to confront Craig, but Dusty stops her. Dusty firmly orders her to stay out of the fight and concentrate on school. He leaves her angry and defiant.

Jack and Julia prepare to leave the motel and again express their love for one another.

Jack takes the bags outside to the car.

Outside, Carly comes up the path and sees Jack.

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