ATWT Update Tuesday 10/12/04

As the World Turns Update Tuesday 10/12/04

By Eva
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At Metro, Dominic advises Dusty to get Aaron as his boxer or Dom won't take his cut in Metro. Dusty pulls Aaron aside as Lucy enters.

Allison approaches a customer reading a paper only to find it'ss Emily. Allison won't give Em the time of day and asks the manager to take her order. When she is forced to take it herself, Alli treats Emily coolly.

Still in the stall, Barbara fends off Decker's advances easily as they gloat over their impending freedom. Rick says thank you for being his shining light and kisses a stunned Barbara.

Carly and Rosanna go over a local map as Ro tries to make Carly return to Hal. Carly refuses, adamantly stating she won't stop until she finds Jack.

Hal and Nikki find nothing after searching Julia's house. Neither can figure out why Jack would stay away from the family he loves so much. The town cop arrives and brings with him the forger who made Jack's new license. Hal shows Jack's picture and demands answers.

At a motel, Julia comes in with some supplies. Jack is going over their route when Julia says they didn't need to stop, a worried look all over her face. Jack assures her that they are fine and that he's not worried at all, and they celebrate with a toast of milk.

Barbara tries not to give away her disgust at Rick's touch by reassuring him that, once they are free, they will be together. Rick details how he will discuss matters with a man who helps him out once in a while, Alphonso. Barbara even offers up the money to pay him. Rick's appreciation for Barbara grows.

Emily tries to talk to Alli again, asking for five minutes to speak with her. Allison is cool when she declines and returns to work.

Dominic tries to get Lucy to warm to him, but she doesn't buy it.

Dusty gives Aaron the chance that he always wanted and makes him his fighter, and, despite having to take a fall, Aaron welcomes the chance. A shocked Lucy overhears them.

Hal threatens Danny with charges if he doesn't help him find Jack. He seems to be impossible to crack. Nikki trips him up, however, when she makes him inadvertently slip and admit that he knows Jack.

At the rest stop, Rosanna pleads with her sister to check in with Hal, which Carly refuses to do. She has a head start in finding Jack and won't give up, she declares. She says she answers to her kids, and if she didn't do everything to bring Jack home she could never face them again.

Julia and Jack get cozy as he whispers that nothing else matters in his life as long as she and J.J. are a part of it. Julia seems content until Jack leaves the room, when she prays that she was doing the right thing.

Emily attempts to connect with Allison by ordering her around for little things a waitress should get. Finally Allison sits and gives her sister her five minutes. Emily tries to make Alli see how impossible it is to overcome the Stewart "curse", the need to self-destruct. She recounts her mother's affair with Bob, Emily's own shameless pursuit of Tom, and finally Allison's dirty deeds in the name of Aaron Snyder. Allison blasts that it's not the same and it doesn't matter, because sisters shouldn't do things like that.

Aaron tells Lucy that this is what he wants and it's his decision, and he takes off. Lucy confronts Dusty with going back on his word. Dusty counters that Aaron would be all right. He announces that singer Ryan Cabrera will be singing at the club and she should have some fun. He kisses her as Dom watches.

Rick and Barbara find Alphonso cleaning a lounge area. When he learns of their intent for the keys, Alphonso flatly declines their offer with the thought he could go to jail for helping them escape.

Another cop appears and hands Hal an envelope worth interest. Inside are fake IDs for several people, and this gives Hal all he needs. He confronts Danny with the evidence obtained from his apartment and demands again to know where Jack is.

Carly and Rosanna speak to some truckers about Jack. Rosanna gets the man to recall if they filled up with gas as Hal calls. Carly gives Hal the details she knows and vice versa. He also advises that Julia Larabee and Julia Lindsay are NOT the same person, and that Jack's identity is Jackson, "Jack". He tells her he's pulled Julia's credit cards and that she should come back to where he is. Carly quietly hangs up. Carly wants to continue, but Ro insists she should go to Hal and allow him to lead her to Jack. Carly feigns agreement and ducks into the bathroom.

Emily pleads with her sister for an ounce of forgiveness or empathy. Despite her sobs and pleas Allison is still distant, but she seems less angry when she says she has to return to work.

Barbara comes up with an idea to melt her jewelry to get the metal for a key. Despite his desire to join her, she leaves Rick behind, taking the soap with her.

After hitting the sheets, Jack and Julia decide to focus on new beginnings and their new life together. There will be no more threats from Les, as everyone thinks they went to Nashville, so there are no more worries, Jack declares to his adoring wife. They reiterate their love for one another and share a tender kiss.

Rosanna returns to Julia's without Carly and explains how a waitress informed her of Carly hitching a ride with a trucker. Hal knows how far Carly's determination goes.

Carly sits pretty in a trucker's rig as she tells him of her search for her life. She asks him to spread the word to other truckers and is disappointed when he can't do it. He asks about her compass and she recalls Jack giving it to her. She whispers her hope that it will work.

Barbara returns and reveals that the metal is cooling off for now in a safe place. Rick declares his love for his new family and expresses his desire for a life with her.

Dom leaves a disgusted Lucy as Dusty approaches her. She's peeved he messed with Aaron. He reminds her that it's Aaron's choice, and he wouldn't like her keeping this from happening. Lucy relents, but she still looks concerned.

Jack and Julia lay in bed and discuss their new life. Jack thinks they should get a puppy, which Julia sees as J.J.'s plan. They kiss and cuddle, content in their love.

Carly is a bit uptight as the trucker tries to joke with her. Hal calls and blasts her for ditching Rosanna. He orders her home, but she refuses. Hal then gets word on a Julia sighting, which Carly overhears. Carly hangs up and asks the driver to floor it to Louisville.

Hal leaves an angry message for Carly and then asks Rosanna if she could return to Oakdale for the kids, which Rosanna quickly agrees to.

Rick's obvious affection for Barbara annoys her as she struggles to keep him at bay by worrying that they will be caught and then separated. He agrees and requests that she think of him while she dreams; then he leaves. Barbara responds that in her world, they were called nightmares.

Dusty announces Ryan Cabrera.

The song plays through a montage of: Dusty asking Lucy to dance; A tearful Emily reading a note from Alli left on the back of her receipt that reads: "Just because I hate you doesn't mean I don't love you;" Alli watching Aaron practice on his punching bag; Carly dreams of some special moments with Jack, like their first bath, Sage's birth and their last day together; And Jack going through some bags, where he finds Julia's hidden stash of his badge and identification as Jack Snyder, Oakdale PD. He looks to his blissfully sleeping "wife".

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