ATWT Update Monday 10/11/04

As the World Turns Update Monday 10/11/04

By Dixie
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At BRO, Jennifer goes over Mike's pictures, a smile on her face. She rushes to the phone when she hears a commotion; it's Paul and Will playfighting. Jen fills Paul in on her idea for a new line, and Will suggests he come to work for his siblings instead of on the farm, which he doesn't particularly enjoy.

At the hospital, Barbara laments about the food while Rick urges her to keep up her strength if she wants to escape with him. Barbara makes some suggestions as to how they should escape, but Rick finds a problem with her plans and says no. He point out that they need the keys. Barbara agrees and says there is only one way to secure the keys from the one person who has them.

Lily, dressed as Rose, is talking with her dead twin as Holden bursts through the door. He doesn't hide his shock. Lily tries to downplay the situation, but Holden doesn't buy it. Lily says it was a favor to Craig.

Carly bangs on Julia's door, knowing that someone is inside. The sitter opens it and tells them that Jack and Julia are gone.

In the car, J.J. questions why they had to leave so quickly, and Julia explains as best as she can. Still upset over having to be the new kid in town, Jack makes J.J. see how they are all in this together and, to help ease J.J.'s new kid status, Jack offers to coach any team the young boy joins. Then Jack reassures Julia and suggests they stop at a drive-in, but Julia says no.

Jen and Paul discuss Will's request to work with them, then tell him he can't because, as long as Barbara has anything to do with them, Will needs to be protected, so he has to lay low for a while. They think he should enjoy being a kid for a while until they can break up BRO and start fresh, with no strings attached to their mother. Will seems okay when Jen sends him off for some sodas. Paul reiterates how important it is to keep Will safe from Barbara.

Barbara and Rick discuss her seducing the guard in order to obtain his keys. Rick vehemently rejects the idea, not willing to forsake her integrity. Barbara feigns appreciation as Rick suggests more things, but she can't agree. He calls her on her negativity, and she soothes him with her concern for being seperated from him should they fail to escape. Then Rick gets an idea and thanks her for being the reason.

Holden and Lily hash out his concern for her masquerading as Rose. She explains how Craig asked her to pretend when Dominic recalled Rose from Atlantic City, and how Craig was desperate to find out what he could of Dusty's dealings with Dominic out of concern for his daughter. Holden erupts at this and reminds her of their pact to stop worrying about others and focus on their relationship.

Carly demands answers from Julia's sitter, who keeps insisting that Jack and Julia are happy and together by their own accord. Carly worries for Jack's safety, thinking that Julia Larabee and Julia Lindsay are the same person. Rosanna starts looking for clues as Carly picks up a shirt Jack wore. She tells Rosanna she can smell Jack and she has to find him.

Jack and Julia stop for a break. Jack again tries to assuage his wife's worries and takes J.J. to the bathroom. Julia sees another poster of her and Jack.

Rick details their escape, concluding that when the guard goes to the bathroom for one of his longer visits they will get his keys. Rick almost gives up when he can't find the molding clay to copy the keys, but Barbara suggests soap. Pleased, Rick tells her to meet him by the men's room after she gets the soap.

Paul and Jen discuss Barbara's chances of appeal, and how once they dissolve BRO they will burn the portrait of her hanging above them. Will, still outside, listens.

Carly calls Hal and demands he put out an APB, call in the marines or do whatever else he has to to find Jack. She tells him about Julia Lindsay and expresses her fear for Jack's safety. Hal warns Carly to stay away from Julia in case she is Jack's psycho ex.

Rosanna shows Carly Julia's trash, and they go through it. Ro pulls out the picture and shows it to Carly. She tells her sister this was the picture Parker put in his message bottle. She panics about why and how Julia would keep Jack from his family while Rosanna tries to calm her fears. Carly vows to find him and takes off, leaving Rosanna rushing to keep up.

Julia keeps Jack from seeing the photo and, while J.J. keeps Jack busy, she rips the bulletin from the wall. As they prepare to leave, Julia dumps the photo in the garbage.

Lily and Holden discuss her going back on her word to think of their family first. She can't understand where Holden is coming from and is defensive as he questions her motives. Lily becomes indignant when Holden asks about her drinking. When Holden offers to leave, Lily blasts him for holding her back from having some fun in her life.

Will waits until Paul and Jen go check on the boiler. He enters the room, sets down the sodas and smashes his mother's picture.

Barbara meets Rick as promised, and they go into the men's room and hide in a stall. Rick gets as close to her as he can.

Lily still can't believe Holden's concerns are valid. She promises she was just remembering her dead sister. Holden accuses her of not listening to him. She says she knows he is worried they will drift apart. Holden details her problems in the past and how, despite everything, she still hasn't returned to normal. She confesses that while she still loves her husband and children, she's tired of being Lily. all that she has is not enough, no matter how hard she tries to make it be. Holden suggests a separation to a sobbing Lily.

Hal and Nikki arrive at Julia's to find Carly and Rosanna are gone. The sitter arrives with a cop, and Hal identifies himself and explains how they are looking for a man they believed to be held by Julia Larabee.

Carly stops at the same rest stop that Jack visited earlier, telling Ro how she felt like she had to stop for Jack. A man approaches Carly to tell her he saw J.J. there just a little while ago.

Lily sobs as Holden expresses his confusion at her denial and offers to leave. Lily plans to take the kids to see Iva. She removes Rose's jewelry and turns to leave. Holden stops her and says he won't stop looking for an answer, and Lily agrees she won't either.

Paul and Jen discover Will sitting next to the broken photo and try to assure his brother to stay strong longer. Will asks again for a job, but Paul refuses.

Rick tries to kiss Barbara, but she sends him to do his job when Briggs finally does the deed. They press some keys as quickly as possible but have to hide again when Briggs finishes. Briggs finds his keys on the floor and looks under the stalls.

Carly grills the man for more information on J.J. and Jack. The man recalls J.J. calling Jack "Daddy," which disturbs Carly.

Rosanna looks around and spots the crumpled bulletin in the garbage. Carly fears that Julia is the ex and Jack is in danger.

Jack makes Julia promise there will be no more moving or running, swearing that they are together now and she shouldn't worry. Julia questions if luck can change, and Jack points out it doesn't matter what happened then, now is what matters. She gives him a kiss.

Hal questions the sitter. She explains how happy Jack is with Julia and that he loved her. Nikki wonders how Jack could obtain a marriage licence without any identification. Hal asks the town cop if anyone could forge Jack a new license. The cop certainly knows.

Julia sleeps while Jack drives, a smile on his face.

The man details as much as he can about Julia's car to a desperate Carly, who learns their destination.

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