ATWT Update Friday 10/8/04

As the World Turns Update Friday 10/8/04

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At the gym, Dusty thinks Aaron has boxing chops and wants to talk to him about the fight. Lucy makes it clear to Dusty that he shouldn't even think of talking to Aaron about it. Dusty tries to persuade Lucy that Aaron would be a perfect fighter. Lucy worries that Aaron would get hurt, and she doesn't want to see a friend get hurt. Lucy finally persuades Dusty to agree with her point of view. Dusty gives Lucy a kiss and walks over to speak to Aaron.

At Metro, Craig explains to Lily that Dominic wants to buy Dusty's share of Metro. Lily begins pretending to be Rose and tells Dominic she is sorry she ignored him, but she doesn't quite feel like herself in fancy clothes. Craig tells Dominic that "Rose" works part-time at the club. Once Dominic leaves to say good-bye to his date, Craig gets an idea and asks Lily to continue impersonating Rose to find out the connection between Dominic and Dusty. Lily refuses to impersonate her sister to help Craig. Craig uses Lily's love for Lucy to persuade her by saying Lucy probably won't get hurt at all by Dusty's connection to Dominic.

At BRO, a nervous Jennifer tells Mike it would be best if Nikki didn't find them together, so he should leave. Jennifer can't understand why she is so nervous about Nikki finding them together, because they did nothing wrong. Mike wonders the same thing, and Jennifer struggles to find an answer to her own question. Nikki arrives at the BRO parking garage with Jordan and a passed-out Henry in her back seat. She brings the car to a sudden stop, and she and Jordan get out of the car. Jordan asks Nikki if she is sure she wants to do this right now. Nikki can't figure out why Jordan doesn't want to find out what Jennifer is doing with Mike. Nikki tells Jordan that a good cop always gets her man. Jordan thinks that Nikki might run the risk of looking like a fool.

At Jack and Carly's house, Carly and Rosanna make sure they have everything they need and lock the door. They get in the car and head to St. Genevieve's Hospital to find Jack.

At St. Genevieve's Hospital, a nurse who is a friend of Julia's stops Julia before she leaves and tells her she is sorry that she is leaving the hospital. Julia explains to her friend about the job offer in Nashville. Julia's friend wants to hear more about the great job, but Julia is lost in thought. Julia walks over to Greta, the social worker, and apologizes for the way she spoke to her earlier. Julia assures Greta that as soon as she and Jack get settled in their new home she will make it a priority to find Jack a therapist so he can discuss any residual issues about his past. Greta tells Julia she hopes she will do that, because Jack needs to deal with his amnesia. Julia leaves the hospital and heads home.

At the BRO parking garage, Henry wakes up with Nikki's coat over him. Henry at first thinks he and Nikki slept together, but then he remembers what happened at the Snyder pond. Henry is very cold and wonders where Nikki and Jordan are and why they left him alone.

Inside BRO, Nikki and Jordan arrive just as Jennifer is pushing Mike out the door. Jennifer still has both hands on Mike's back and Nikki demands that Jennifer take her hands off him. Jennifer gets angry and tells Nikki they have to talk about this right now, and if Nikki doesn't want to talk she can just arrest her right now.

At Metro, "Rose" invites Dominic to her apartment to talk. She gives Dominic her address and asks him to give her a little time to get ready before he comes over. After "Rose" leaves, Dominic tells Craig he better get used to seeing his face at the club, because he will be there a lot.

At the Jackson house, Julia arrives home and asks Jack if he is ready to leave yet. Jack tells Julia he was just going to the grocery store to get some boxes for their things. Julia explains that boxes are too big to fit in the car and that they are only taking things that can't be replaced. Jack doesn't quite understand Julia's way of packing but does persuade her to take some of J.J.'s favorite toys.

At the BRO garage, Henry is very cold and decides to get out of the car and look for some clothes to wear. Henry gets out and tries to open Nikki's trunk to see if she has extra clothes, but Nikki's car alarm goes off. A security guard arrives and takes Henry to the police station.

Inside BRO, Jennifer shows Nikki the boiler that exploded and explains that Mike temporarily fixed it until a repairman can come look at it. Mike decides to use Jennifer's office to make things clear to Nikki. Jennifer and Jordan go outside so Nikki and Mike can talk alone. Mike explains to Nikki that he isn't ready to date anyone, and he still wants to get to know her, but only as a friend. Mike apologizes for not being clear about his feelings but says it was only because he didn't want to hurt her.

At the gym, Aaron wants to fight and tells Dusty he did some boxing in Seattle. Dusty tells Aaron he doesn't want to use him in the fight. Aaron thinks the reason Dusty doesn't want him for the fight is because he is Lucy's former boyfriend.

At Rose's place, Dominic brings "Rose" flowers and a bottle of wine and gives her a kiss.

At the Jackson house, Julia packs in a hurry while Jack is upstairs getting J.J.'s toys. Julia looks at the picture of Jack, Carly, and the kids. She hopes that Carly can understand that Jack is happy with his new life. Julia doesn't think it's a crime to move on, since Carly has moved on with someone else. Julia continues to look at the picture and promises Carly that she will make Jack happy for the rest of his life. Frank arrives with the police sketch and demands an explanation from Julia.

At St. Genevieve's Hospital, Carly shows the police sketch to a nurse and is told the woman in the sketch is named Julia. Carly grabs the nurse and screams that the nurse must tell her where Jack is right now. Rosanna gets Carly to let go of the nurse. The nurse runs to call security. Carly is frantic because she thinks the Julia that has Jack is Julia Lindsey, altered by plastic surgery. Another thought that crosses Carly's mind is that maybe this woman named Julia is working for Julia Lindsay. Carly tells Rosanna she must find Jack before he leaves town, or she could lose him for good. Rosanna decides to create a diversion so Carly can look at the hospital records to find Julia's address. When the nurse returns to her station, Rosanna pretends to faint so she can be taken to an exam room. Carly tries to find the employee addresses in the hospital records.

At the Jackson house, Julia explains to Frank that her wife-beating ex-husband put up the sketches all over town. Julia tells Frank that is why she must leave town before he can get to her again. Frank thinks Julia should tell Jack about Les. Julia explains that she doesn't want Jack to know because she doesn't want to worry him. Frank crumples the sketch just before Jack arrives, wondering why Frank came back to see them. Frank tells Jack that he just came by to see if they needed any boxes. Julia thanks Frank for all the help he has given them, and they all say good-bye to each other.

At the gym, Dusty explains to Aaron that Lucy isn't the reason why he can't be in the fight; he needs someone with more experience.

At Rose's place, "Rose" uses sex appeal to pump Dominic for information about his deal with Dusty. Dominic remembers old times with Rose; Lily avoids another kiss. After a few minutes, Dominic confesses that he made a deal with Dusty and the fight is fixed. Dominic kisses "Rose" again and wants to do more than just kiss. Dominic is interrupted by a phone call from Bud at the gym. Bud informs Dominic that Dusty passed on a good boxer for the fight because of Lucy. Dominic decides to go to the gym and have a talk with Dusty.

At Rose's place, Lily is thrilled she was able to get the information from Dominic. Lily tells Craig she has never had so much fun and wants to do it again.

AT BRO, Jordan congratulates Jennifer on starting her own company. Jennifer wonders how Jordan was able to get a job at Worldwide. Jordan tells Jennifer he got the job just like everyone else - by working hard. Jordan asks Jennifer to tell Nikki he will be waiting for her in the car. Nikki tells Mike it may be possible for them to be friends. Nikki notices pieces of Mike's jeans laying on the floor and wonders how Mike tore his jeans working on the boiler. Jennifer explains that Mike inspired a new design and served as her model. Nikki gets angry with Jennifer again and says that Mike helped inspire her new design while she had a lousy evening being stood up and dealing with a drunken Henry. Nikki doesn't believe her sister is telling the truth and stomps out of the office.

At the gym, Dominic demands to know why Dusty didn't pick Aaron for the fight. Dusty explains Aaron doesn't have enough experience. Dominic tells Dusty if he doesn't sign Aaron to a contract he and his pretty young girlfriend can both rot for the rest of their lives inside Metro.

At Rose's place, Craig refuses to allow Lily to help him get more information on Dominic because he thinks Holden would get upset with her. After Craig leaves, Lily decides to get more information on her own to help Lucy. Holden is surprised to find Lily dressed in Rose's clothes.

At St. Genevieve's Hospital, Carly and Rosanna find Julia's address and quickly leave the hospital.

At the Jackson house, Jack wonders why Julia is so worried and nervous. He thinks it's because of Greta Williams calling the police, and assures Julia that nothing in the world will ever separate them. Jack tells Julia that they can handle any problem together. Julia explains that she is just stressed and nervous about the move and her new job. Jack tells Julia that he would die for her and J.J.'s sake. Julia asks Jack to hold her and never let her go. She explains to Jack that if she does things that seem selfish or greedy its only because she loves him very much.

Later at the Jackson house, Carly and Rosanna arrive. Carly starts knocking on the door without stopping and screams Jack's name, but nobody answers the door

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