ATWT Update Thursday 10/7/04

As the World Turns Update Thursday 10/7/04

By Eva
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At BRO, Mike fixes the boiler, which has exploded, while Jennifer calls a repairman to come look at the boiler. Jennifer asks Mike not to mention to Nikki that he was at BRO with her. Mike is puzzled by the request and asks Jennifer why she wants him to keep quiet about the visit. Jennifer hesitates before explaining to Mike that Nikki thinks she is interested in him.

At the Lakeview, a drunken Henry tries to impress Nikki by catching olives in his mouth. Henry almost chokes on an olive until Nikki helps him spit it out.

At the gym, Dusty thinks he has found the right boxer for the fight, while Lucy is unsure the guy is good at all. Lucy worries that if the fight doesn’t go as planned they won’t have the money to leave Oakdale. Dusty gives Lucy a kiss and assures her that it won’t be long before they can leave town.

At Metro, Craig tells Lily he wants to try to put his family back together. Craig also tells Lily that he fears Dusty has connections with the mob. Craig thinks that Dusty’s boxing match may be fixed and fears Lucy could get hurt because of her involvement with him. Dominic waves to Lily, who he believes is Rose.

At Jack and Carly’s house, Carly explains to Rosanna that a woman who may have information about Jack visited the house while she was at the pond with Parker. Carly thinks the same woman followed them to the pond and wonders why the woman left without telling her what she knows about Jack’s whereabouts.

At the Jackson house, Jack becomes suspicious and wonders why Julia suddenly wants to move away. Julia is about to explain her reasons when she gets a message on the answering machine from work. The hospital has called to say that her day off today will have to be unpaid because she has used all of her sick time. Jack gets even more suspicious and wonders where Julia was all day if she wasn’t at work.

At BRO, Mike continues to be confused by the opposite sex. He doesn’t understand why Nikki would think Jennifer wants him for herself. Mike tells Jennifer he told Nikki he isn’t ready to date anyone. Jennifer shakes her head and smiles because she thinks Mike doesn’t have a clue why women throw themselves at him. Jennifer tries to explain it to him by using the ripped jeans he is wearing as an example, saying the jeans are ripped in all the right places. Mike is still confused and explains to Jennifer the jeans are ripped because they are old and comfortable. He thinks the jeans only have one more trip through the washer before he will have to throw them away. Mike’s ripped jeans give Jennifer the inspiration for the first fashion design of her new company.

At the Lakeview, Jordan helps Nikki take a drunken Henry out for some fresh air.

At Jack and Carly’s house, Carly vows to find the woman who can lead her to Jack. She makes a phone call to Hal.

At the Jackson house, Julia lies to Jack and tells him she went to the library to pick up a book for J.J. and read magazines. As Julia is telling Jack the lie, she has flashbacks regarding the information she learned about Jack on her trip to Oakdale. Jack is hurt that Julia lied to him about not going to work so she could go to the library. Julia apologizes to Jack for lying to him. Jack holds Julia as she cries a little and remembers the family picture she saw at Jack’s house.

At Metro, Lily wonders why Dominic keeps waving at her every time she looks in his direction. Dominic is upset because Lily, who he thinks is Rose, blew him off. Craig wants Lily to help him get through to Lucy about Dusty before she gets in trouble.

At Jack and Carly’s house, Carly gives Hal all the details about the woman who may have information on Jack. Hal calls the station and asks one of his men to come over and pick up a police sketch for immediate distribution to the surrounding area. Carly calls Parker’s baby sitter because Hal wants to interview her. Julia tells Jack she can’t remember where she left her pen. Jack jokes that he will get her a nice engraved pen that says "St. Genevieve's Best" on it. Julia tells Jack the pen isn’t important because it was only a pen from the hospital. She explains that she's anxious because she is afraid Les might return. Julia continues to pace the floor while telling Jack she is also nervous that the nosy social worker will discover that Jack used a fake name on their marriage license. Jack tries to reassure Julia that if Les returns he will be there to protect her. Jack also thinks he can handle the social worker. Jack doesn’t want to move; he likes St. Genevieve, and J.J. likes his school. Julia wants to leave right away while they are still able, because she has too much to lose.

At Jack and Carly’s house, Hal tells the policeman who comes by to distribute copies of the artist's sketch right away. Parker’s baby sitter Tracy fails to give Hal any new information on the woman. Carly is frustrated because they have no new clues about Jack. Rosanna and Hal try to persuade Carly not to give up hope because the sketch may lead to more clues about Jack.

At the Jackson house, Jack tries to calm an anxious Julia, but she remains very nervous. Julia explains that a friend offered her a job at one of the best hospitals in Louisville, Kentucky. Julia tells Jack if they don’t like it there they can just move to another place. Jack wants to give J.J. a stable home and not turn him into a kid who has to change schools all the time. Julia cries a little and begs Jack to leave town with her. Jack reluctantly agrees to move to Kentucky. He is worried because he owes his boss, Frank, $1500 and doesn't have the money to pay him back. Julia gives Jack a check from her account so he can pay Frank the money he owes him. Julia gives Jack a kiss and tells him she loves him before she leaves to go to the hospital and pick up her last paycheck.

At the Snyder Pond, Nikki encourages Jordan not to give up on Jennifer because she is sure Jennifer still loves him. Jordan takes a drunken Henry to swim in the pond. While Jordan is with Henry, Nikki calls Jennifer’s cell phone to ask that Jennifer come meet her at the pond.

At BRO, Jennifer hears her phone ring but is too busy with her new fashion creation to answer it.

At St. Genevieve’s Hospital, Julia tells her boss she and Jack are moving to Nashville. Greta, the social worker, overhears the conversation and starts asking questions about Jack’s past. Julia refuses to answer the questions, so Greta accuses Julia of running away.

At BRO, Mike feels naked in the now almost completely ripped jeans. Jennifer decides to call her new creation "street jeans." Jennifer starts taking pictures of Mike in the jeans and tells him to try and make love to the camera. Mike tells her he has never modeled before, so Jennifer advises him to pretend the camera is his first girlfriend. Mike quickly pulls Jennifer close to him as if they were going to dance. He explains that his first girlfriend taught him how to dance. Mike and Jennifer stare at each other a minute until the phone rings. Jennifer gets flustered and pulls away from Mike to answer it. Nikki is calling from the pond and wonders why her sister didn’t answer before. Jennifer explains that she was busy and didn’t hear the phone. Mike asks Jennifer who is calling her. When Nikki hears Mike’s voice, she hangs up on Jennifer. Jennifer explains to Mike that Nikki is mad and is probably on her way over there right now.

At the pond, Nikki explains to Jordan that she called Jennifer in an effort to get them back together, but Jennifer is busy with Mike. Nikki wants to go to BRO right away. Henry tells Jordan and Nikki that someone has stolen his clothes.

At Metro, Dominic wonders why Rose is ignoring him. Lily is about to tell Dominic that Rose was her sister when Craig interrupts her and tells Dominic that Rose isn’t used to running into people she knows in Oakdale.

At the gym, Lucy and Dusty decide the sparring partner they are watching would be a good boxer for the fight. Dusty asks the guy to take off his protective gear. When the guy turns around, Lucy and Dusty are surprised that the boxer is Aaron.

At the Jackson house, Jack pays Frank the money he owes him. Frank tries to persuade Jack not to leave town and also offers to help if Jack is in trouble. Jack thanks Frank for the loan and his offer to help. He admits to Frank that he doesn’t want to leave, but Julia has a good job offer. The computer whiz, Andrew, arrives to give Jack a Kentucky driver’s license.

At St. Genevieve’s Hospital, Greta the social worker gets angry with Julia because she thinks Jack has a right to know his identity before he makes any decisions about his life.. Greta thinks Julia shouldn’t have married Jack while he is still suffering from amnesia. Julia tells Greta that Jack loves her and is happy with her. Greta feels she must report the situation. Julia tells Greta she can go ahead and report it. Julia sees a sketch of herself posted on the hospital bulletin board. She takes the sketch down and leaves the hospital..

At Jack and Carly’s house, Carly is frustrated because she feels Jack is close by, but she just can’t reach him.

At the Jackson house, Jack sits down to write something, but the pen is out of ink, so he grabs another pen.

At Carly’s house, Parker comes downstairs and does the same thing Jack did at his house. Jack throws away the piece of paper at the Jackson house; Parker does the same thing at Jack and Carly’s house, Carly reaches in the garbage can to see what Parker was writing and notices a pen that says "St.. Genevieve’s Hospital" on it. Carly tells Rosanna she just threw out the garbage this morning and didn’t notice the pen there. Carly thinks the woman left the pen, so she smiles and tells Rosanna that Jack is at St. Genevieve’s Hospital. Carly gives Parker a big kiss.

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