ATWT Update Wednesday 10/6/04

As the World Turns Update Wednesday 10/6/04

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Craig stops by Emma's and tries to get Rosanna to help him with Lucy. Despite Rosanna's rudeness, Craig gets her to reveal that Will Munson was going to be working on the farm with her until Emma returned. The news doesn't go over well with him, and he suggests that Ro allowed Will to have the job just so she could see Paul Ryan.

Over at Hal's, Will prepares for his day at work while Paul prepares him something to eat. Will asks about his relationship with his new boss, and Paul reveals that not only were he and Ro close, but he asked her to marry him and she accepted.

At the sanitarium, Barbara cozies up to Dr. Decker in the hopes of him helping her escape. Pleased with the respect that Barbara is bestowing on him, Rick expresses his pleasure with not killing her, and Barbara agrees. When she suggests that they make plans together to escape, he quickly declines.

Nikki tries coaxing Mike into a later encounter, but Mike refuses and suggests that they meet later in the week with Henry and Jennifer. Nikki is not pleased as she hangs up.

Julia recalls Jack's explanation of the blonde from his memory as she is watching the real thing from the bushes. Carly and Parker express their desire for Jack's return, and Julia is about to reveal herself when Mike appears. Parker and Carly's fondness for Mike makes Julia think that Carly may have moved on.

Rick gives Barbara an earful of his version of how Susan did him wrong. Despite Barbara's suggestions, he declares he has no need for Barbara in order to escape.

At Will's prodding Paul admits that, with Barbara's help, James was able to escape prison and kill Cabot, Rosanna's son. Horrified, he understands Rosanna's reluctance to be near them. Paul takes Will to work.

Rosanna assures Craig that Paul Ryan had nothing to do with her decision to hire Will at the farm. Craig blows his steam and declares he will be at the farm to watch after the little psycho killer.

Parker goes after a butterfly as Mike and Carly discuss his kindness to them in Jack's absence. Suddenly Julia's phone rings. Carly hears it and looks to the bush, thinking someone is watching them.

Rosanna informs Craig that he has no say in her life. He accuses her of being naive and rants about Will some more, which Will overhears from the porch. He turns to Paul and ask to go home.

Nikki won't listen to Jen when her sister tries to get her to see Mike's point of view. Jen leaves as Henry appears and sits. He suggests he be her replacement date.

Julia has a hushed conversation with Jack, who tries to explain Greta's visit to his wife.

Parker wishes on the butterfly to bring Jack home and lets it go.

Jack places a photo of his and Julia's wedding day on their mantle.

Julia leaves. Parker catches a paper as it is blowing by and sees it is the drawing of Julia and J.J. Shocked, Carly explains how she had it made, and how when she was going to have it copied a gust of wind blew it from her hands, which she took as a sign that she should let it go. Then Jennifer calls Mike, demanding to meet at Al's. Carly urges him to go so she can check on the photo.

Nikki and Henry have an awkward moment as she tells him again she has no interest in him. Henry persuades her to stay.

Barbara manages to hook Rick again when she "breaks down" and he comforts her. She relates his situation with Susan to hers with her children. She steps up the flirting and makes him yearn for more, then embraces him with a gleam in her eye.

Paul keeps Will from leaving by agreeing to stay. He lets Rosanna know what they heard, and Ro smoothes things over and makes Craig leave. She sends Paul away too.

Craig confronts Paul about his brother and advises he will be watching closely.

At Al's, Mike finds Jen, who lashes out at Mike for not setting Nikki straight. Mike swears he never set out to hurt Nikki, but Jen advises that wasn't good enough, that he needed to do it before agreeing to a date. Mike tells Jen to butt out of his and Nikki's lives and concentrate on her own.

Paul comes back with Craig's misdeeds against the Ryan-Munson clan and how they all suffered when Craig married his mother and got the ball rolling for Barbara's evil deeds. Craig accuses Paul of using Will to get back into Rosanna's good graces.

Barbara pulls away from Rick for effect and creates a scene of what might be, mentioning the opera. This excites Decker, and she paints a picture of them on the outside that is too good to be true. Impressed, Rick agrees having her with him is better, and they will break out together.

Julia returns home and calls for Jack. When he appears they kiss longingly. Julia asks about Greta, and Jack explains about the social worker's concern for them both. Then he shows the picture. Julia is moved. Jack dicounts Greta's concerns and assures her he is hers forever. Julia recalls finding the photo. In tears, she begins to talk about the blonde.

The babysitter mentions Julia's visit, but Carly did not see her. The sitter says she came with information on Jack. Carly shows her the picture of Julia, and the sitter confirms it was the same woman.

Jen and Mike argue briefly over her rights to butt in on her sister's life. When Mike suggests she needs a life, she proudly boasts that she is starting her own fashion house. Then she gets a call to inform her that there was an explosion at BRO. Mike offers to take her, and they rush off together.

Barbara steps up the flirtation and whispers her fantasies of the two of them on the outside. Rick eats it up and even promises to take her with him and erase the sadness she has felt. Barbara embraces him, victory all over her face.

Rosanna tries to explain Craig's issues to Will, who doesn't quite understand. She asks him if he would ever hurt anyone like he did Rose. He expresses his disbelief that he could ever do something like that, now or ever. She then encourages him to continue being a good boy.

Paul and Craig continue to spar over Rosanna, but when Craig crosses the line about Will, Paul tells Craig that Will's not the dangerous one; he is.

Carly grills the sitter for any more information on Julia, but she has nothing to add. Carly truly believes Julia can lead her to Jack.

Julia goes over Jack's memory, and he promises her that he wants to be with her and no one else. He begs her to stop worrying.

She says she will, and then she suggests they move far away.

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