ATWT Update Tuesday 10/5/04

As the World Turns Update Tuesday 10/5/04

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Hal and Will drop by to see Emily at Susan's, and Hal quickly asks that Emily return home to her family. Susan interrupts and distracts Hal with her concern over Allison, who's MIA.

Aaron is suprised to see Allison taking his order at Al's.

Over at the Lakeview, Ben quickly hides a bottle of pills as Bob comes and joins him. Ben wants to be reinstated back to the hospital, and Bob questions his ability to perform his duties.

Jessica and Margo discuss Tom's kiss, but things turn to Ben once Jess spots her estranged husband sitting with Bob. She notices that he's a bit tense.

Jennifer tries to open Nikki's eyes to how Mike may be feeling now after all he went through with Katie, and that if he was anything like her, Mike would need some more time before getting into another relationship.

Parker meets Mike outside of his house and tells him that Carly is getting rid of Jack.

Inside, Carly places her memories of Jack into a box.

Jack draws a perfect picture of Carly and wonders who she is. He hides the picture as Julia returns, and they say their good-byes as she goes off to "work." Once outside, she looks at the picture of Jack and his family and thinks about what she may actually find. Then she looks to her map, where Oakdale is circled.

Jordan decides to accept Lucinda's offer of a job to keep him in Oakdale.

When Margo asks about Ben, Jessica admits she has no idea because he won't talk to her. Her concern grows as she watches a tense moment between Bob and Ben.

Ben is adamant about being ready to return, and Bob tests him by applying pressure to his hand. Ben passes, but Bob still wants his physical therapist to sign off on his return.

Hal and Will plead with Emily to come home. Daniel comes in, and Will presents him with a gift that Hal helps him play. Will and Emily reconnect when she realizes he is the same kid she always loved. She shares this with Hal upon his return, making him very happy.

Allison and Aaron discuss her job and living arrangements. Aaron is horrified to learn she plans on living in her car and offers her a place to stay.

Margo stops Jess from confronting Ben, who uses her presence as an excuse when his agitation causes him to lash out at Bob.

Jennifer sees Jordan at the Lakeview..

Hal continues to plead with his wife to come home. He recounts how they both forgot about their marriage and says he believes that they can move on now.

Allison finally relents and agrees to return home to shower and sleep, saying she will avoid Emily as much as she can until she can afford her own place.

Mike takes Parker inside and lets Carly know Parker called him down. Parker wants to know why Carly is throwing away Jack's things. Carly assures her son that she is only putting them in a safety deposit box to ensure they are kept safe.

Jack greets Greta Williams, the social worker from the hospital where Jack was treated. She wants to discuss Jack's memory return, since he is now married to Julia, and expresses her concern for him and his situation.

Julia arrives at Al's and shows a waitress the picture of Jack. She points her in the direction of Jack Snyder, in Milltown.

She also learns of Jack's accident and presumed death.

At Snyder Pond, Carly and Mike set up for a day of fishing with Parker. Carly thanks Mike for helping out with Parker. Mike then recalls Katie, and Carly remembers Jack. She asks about Katie, and he reveals he has no idea what she is doing. Nikki comes up, and Mike admits he is not ready to love again; Carly agrees. They share a warm moment and conclude they will grow old together, and then they embrace.

Jack insists to a concerned Greta that he is better. She presumes he has recovered his memory, since he obtained a marriage license to marry Julia.

Julia arrives in Milltown and is shocked to learn from the babysitter that the blonde's name is Carly, and Julia was a crazy ex-wife.

After going inside, Julia is left alone, and as she goes through the box of Jack's things she sees that he was a cop and a family man.

Allison returns to Susan's and fills everyone in on her new job and her plans to move out. Emily tells Allison not to worry because she's going home to Hal. Alli freaks on Hal for taking her back.

Ben brushes Jessica off when she asks him about his conversation with Bob. She comments on his edginess, and he bites back that the sight of her makes him sick.

Lucinda and Jordan agree to meet at World Wide later, and he stops by Jennifer's table. Nikki announces Jenn's intentions to start her own line and an impressed Jordan offers his help, which Jenn cooly declines. After Jordan bids them farewell, Jennifer expresses her desire to see Jordan leave Oakdale.

At the pond, Carly and Mike enjoy Parker's antics, and she thanks him again for helping Parker through the things Jack would normally be there for. His cell rings; it's Nikki. Mike tells Carly that Nikki wants dinner alone, and Carly guides him on Nikki's motives, encouraging him not to lead the girl on.

Greta wants answers about Jack's memory, and he avoids her by promising to drop the information off with Julia when he's not in a rush. He also says how happy he is with Julia.

At Carly's, Julia obtains a map to the pond and leaves. Outside, she contemplates Jack's former life.

Hal tries to explain himself to Allison, but Alli doesn't care. Will appears, and Allison welcomes him home. She gives Emily a stern warning to steer clear of her life.

Margo and Jess discuss Ben's state since he hurt his hand. Jess has a bad feeling, but Margo convinces her not to go to Bob or interfere in any other way. Ben pops another pill as Jessica watches from afar.

Jen and Nikki are discussing Mike some more when he calls. Nikki gushes over her choice for dinner, and Mike quickly cancels.

Jack assures Greta that he is happy and his old life is not what he wants.

Carly changes Parker and shares a warm moment with her son which Julia witnesses from the brush.

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