ATWT Update Monday 10/4/04

As the World Turns Update Monday 10/4/04

By Dixie
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At the Lakeview, Craig tries to pump Dominic for information about Dusty's dealings. He also warns him off of his daughter once Dominic's appreciation for Lucy becomes obvious.

At Metro, Aaron refuses Allison's request to stay with him while she deals with her family stuff. Alli tries to persuade her friend into complying, but Aaron won't budge, still hurt over Alli's rejection of him at the Snyder Pond.

Carly visits Hal to give him an update on their situation. When Carly casually mentions Will, Hal berates Carly for being in league with everyone else in Oakdale. Carly stops the cop in his tracks and informs him that Parker wants to see his big brother, and that's why she asked. Hal immediately apologizes, then thanks Carly for not turning on Will.

At Emma's, Paul finds Will and Rosanna and the wedding dress from the pond. With tensions high, Paul lashes out at Will for playing a joke on Ro, who defends the boy and admonishes Paul for being such a dud.

Jack and Julia enjoy themselves as J.J. demands to know what happened to his message in a bottle. A nervous Julia admits she broke it and comforts her son, who is upset over losing what he feels is an important document. Jack asks his wife what was in the bottle.

Aaron, fed up with Alli's confusion, blasts her for being so selfish and assures her she is on her own, because he will be taking care of number one from now on.

Meanwhile, Will and Rosanna demand an answer for Paul's reaction to Will, and he apologizes and tries to recover. Ro insists Will was nothing but a good boy, and that it's Paul who is unable to understand. Will then reveals that Ro has offered him a job on the farm. Paul tries to thaw Rosanna's icy glares, as his happiness unsettles the grieving mother.

Carly and Hal discuss Will's trials since being released, but Carly concludes the boy will do fine. She then reveals she is giving up searching for Jack but not relinquishing her faith that God, or Jack himself, will bring him home to her.

Julia explains the picture was nothing but a shot from a magazine, and J.J. reluctantly drops it. Jack then comforts his new wife over her feelings of guilt, presuming they are for J.J.

Later, while preparing for J.J.'s trip, Jack sees J.J.'s compass and remembers Carly. In his memory she says she was looking for him and she had the compass.

At the pond, Rosanna lets Paul know that her decision to hire Will had nothing to do with Paul, and in fact she hesitated about going through with it, as she feared this would happen. She also reminds him that she will never be able to look at him the same again because of what happened to her son, and his mere presence will always carry that emotion for her.

Jack covers up his memory flash and wishes his "son" a good time on his camping trip. Julia tries to distract Jack with her wifely duties, but he's bothered and goes outside. Julia follows and confronts her husband. Jack admits to the memory, and a freaked-out Julia recoils from the truth, recalling the picture of Jack with Carly, Parker and Sage. Julia becomes visibly upset, and Jack tries to comfort her by saying it doesn't matter and detailing the flash to her. Julia fights to react to his feelings from that brief flash.

Over at Hal's, Carly gets a call saying that Parker has taken ill. She promises to bring Parker over tomorrow if he is feeling better and leaves.

A disgruntled waitress quits after failing to accommodate a mass of children. Allison, frustrated after searching for a job in a paper, offers her services to the manager.

At the gym, Dusty and Lucy play and fight some more over his decision to do this job. When faced with his reluctance to see how much trouble he could get into, she demands to know if he could leave it all for her, if she is worth that much to him. He excuses himself, leaving Lucy's question unanswered.

Lucy sees an angry Aaron battering the punching bag.

Paul tries to get Rosanna to see how much they meant to each other, and for a moment Ro is lost in her emotions. He didn't choose Rosanna, he just went to her first by instinct, and he can't apologize for that. He has her in his grasp and tells her they are stronger with each other. She bristles at his touch and, despite the conflict she feels, she pulls away.

Will returns with a bag for the apples, and Rosanna sends him off for the night. Paul gives Rosanna a final glance, which she holds.

Lucy tries to get Aaron to go to Allison after hearing of her aborted wedding. Her ex's anger towards Allison confuses Lucy, and Aaron unleashes his fury as a man watches from behind.

At Al's, Allison gets a job while Carly retrieves her ailing son. Parker spooks Carly when he is cryptic about speaking with her alone.

Jack tries to dissuade Julia's fears of him remembering his old life, blissfully unaware of Julia's recent discovery. An emotional Julia lies to cover her secret by telling Jack of her fairy tale stories, how she felt Jack was her Prince Charming and how losing him would be terrible. Jack assures her he is there forever and seals it by asking for a baby. Thrilled and nervous at the same time, Julia cheers up for Jack as she offers to go make him dinner and returns inside. There, Julia breaks down just behind the door.

Bud, the manager of the boxing club, stops Aaron in his tracks by offering him a chance to box.

Dominic and Dusty discuss Craig's seemingly harmless nosiness in regards to Dusty's interests and Lucy's association with him.

At the pond, Rosanna sits and recalls fonder memories of Paul, such as when she confessed to loving him.

 Outside of Al's, Parker reveals to Carly that he's not feeling sick, he's feeling Jack, and it's stronger than ever.

After reading the back of the picture, Julia hides it, goes to the phone, and calls her boss at work. She tells her boss she needs a personal day for matters that couldn't wait.

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