ATWT Update Friday 10/1/04

As the World Turns Update Friday 10/1/04

By Eva
Pictures by Boo

At the Stewart house, Susan can’t choose which of her daughters should live with her because she loves both of her daughters. Alison takes that to mean that Susan chooses Emily and decides to leave the house.

At Metro, The two girls who went skinny dipping with Aaron at the pond the day of the wedding are back to flirt with him some more. They wonder how a man can look just as sexy with his clothes on as when he has his clothes off. Henry tries to get over his broken heart over his almost relationship with Nikki. Henry explains to Mike that Nikki let him down easy but made it clear she just wants to be friends. Henry leaves when Nikki arrives determined to make her move with Mike. Nikki is a bit sad that she had to hurt Henry but she tells Mike although Henry is sweet he is not her type at all.

At the Farm, Holden arrives to talk to Emma about giving Will a job at the farm. Rosanna informs him Emma went to Washington D.C. to help Iva with an emergency. Holden explains to Rosanna that he wants to give Will a job working at the farm. Holden tells Rosanna that he thinks Will has changed and deserves a second chance. Holden also explains that Lily still thinks Will belongs in a mental hospital. Rosanna understands Lily’s point of view and is surprised Holden is willing to overlook his wife’s feelings and help Will.

At the Snyder pond, Will has a flashback about Paul’s advice to him in which he told him to be a young man of character and eventually people will forgive him for his mistake. Will also remembers the bullies taunting him and calling him gargle boy.

At the Lakeview, Paul thinks that he and Jennifer should dissolve BRO in order to stop Barbara.

At the mental hospital, Dr. Decker gets ready to give Barbara an injection despite her worries about a bad reaction to the drug.

At the Farm, Rosanna tells Hoden she doesn’t want Will anywhere near the farm. Holden wonders if Lily has spoken to her about Will. Rosanna explains to Holden that she has nothing against Will but if he were to work at the farm Paul would have an excuse to keep coming by to see her. Rosanna tells Holden that she will never forgive Paul for causing Cabot’s death. Holden advises Rosanna not to let anger control her life like it is controlling Lily now.

At the Lakeview, Paul informs Jennifer that Barbara broke out of the hospital to see Will but she is back in the hospital now. Jennifer doesn’t want to dissolve BRO because she likes the fashion business and has even started to design her own clothes. Paul encourages his sister to start her own company. Jennifer likes the idea and agrees to think about it.

At the mental hospital, the nurses find Dr. Decker and take him back to his room before he injects Barbara. Barbara finally figures out Rick’s identity and demands to be let out of the hospital. The nurse promises Barbara that they won’t allow Rick near her again. The nurse encourages Barbara to try and forget the incident and focus on her own recovery. Once the nurse is gone Barbara walks out of her room.

At the Stewart house, Emily tells Alison she will move in to the Lakeview with Daniel as long as Alison doesn’t leave the house. Alison tells her mother she can’t live in the same house with a tramp. Emily tells Alison to get all her anger out so that they can work through the situation. Alison is tired of everyone thinking this is something small they can just work through because it isn’t it is a big deal and it really hurts. Susan tries to persuade Alison because whatever mistakes they have made they are a family who has always been there for each other. Susan doesn’t want Alison to end up alone without people who care about her.

At Metro, Bud the manager of the gym tells Aaron he is a pretty good boxer. Aaron accepts the compliment but doesn’t think he is a good boxer. Aaron goes back to flirting with the girls. Mike tries to let Nikki down gently and tells her he isn’t interested in a relationship. Nikki doesn’t take no for an answer and ask Mike out to dinner just as friends. Mike accepts Nikki’s invitation to dinner.

At the farm, Rosanna is startled when she sees Will walking along the grounds.

At the Stewart house, Alison still refuses to stay in the same house with Emily. Alison explains that she is really angry and hurt and she just can’t forgive Emily right now. Susan understands and tells her daughter that she felt the same way when she confronted Emily the morning of the wedding. Alison is even angrier that her mother knew and didn’t tell her the truth. Susan makes the situation worse by telling Alison that Margo also had suspicions about Chris and Emily. Alison figures out that Margo must have told Tom her suspicions about Chris and Emily. Alison feels like the whole town knew the truth except for her. An angry Alison leaves and slams the door behind her.

At Metro, Aaron continues to flirt with the girls until Holden arrives to speak with him. Holden wonders if Aaron still loves Alison. Aaron explains to his father that he loves Alison but she only wants to be friends so he must move on with his life. Holden wonders if his son can just turn off his feelings for Alison so easily.

At the farm, Will shows Rosanna all the things he picked up while he was fishing that were at the bottom of the pond. Rosanna wonders how Will is adjusting to being back home. Will explains that nobody understands what a hard year this has been for him. Rosanna tells Will she has had a hard year too.

At the Mental hospital, Barbara goes to visit Rick and wonders how he though he could ever get away with killing her. Barbara makes it clear that no matter how bad her life is she wants to live. Rick apologizes to Barbara and she forgives him. Rick explain that he was very lonely and frustrated as a doctor and felt like he was in a deep abyss until he discovered how to give people true relief from their suffering.

At Metro Henry still holds on to the hope that someday Nikki will want to be more then friends with him. Mike tells Henry that he has a dinner date with Nikki tomorrow. Henry feels betrayed by Mike. Mike explains they are only going out as friends.

At the Stewart house, Susan gives Emily the details about her fight with Alison. Emily thanks her mother for defending her. Susan doesn’t feel like she is in a positing to judge anyone after the mistakes she has made in her life.

At the mental hospital, Rick explains to Barbara that all he ever wanted to do was end the suffering of his patients but nobody ever understood him. Barbara goes out in the hall. Barbara thinks Rick is really crazy but he could be very useful to her.

At the Stewart house, Emily assures her mother that Alison couldn’t go too far since she doesn’t have much money or many friends.

At Metro, Aaron is about ready to leave with the two girls until Alison arrives and says she needs to speak with him. Aaron once again gives the girls a rain check. Alison explains that Emily will be staying at Susan’s for a little while but she just can’t live in the same house with her. Aaron understands and agrees with her but tells Alison she can’t stay with him. Mike tells Jennifer that he and Nikki are going out to dinner. Mike gets annoyed when Jennifer thinks that he and Nikki are going on a date. Mike explains that they are just going out as friends. Jennifer advises Mike that women don’t always say what they mean and he should make it clear to Nikki that he just wants to be friends with her.

At the mental hospital, Barbara tells Rick that they could help each other.

At the farm, Will tells Rosanna that after much therapy he realizes he shouldn’t have let his mother control him. Rosanna decides to let Will work at the farm. Will is glad that his mother is getting the help she needs in the hospital. Will thanks Rosanna for sticking by Paul when everyone thought he killed Rose. Will tells Rosanna Paul is a good guy who really likes her. Rosanna is about to explain to Will why she isn’t a friend with Paul anymore when Paul arrives to pick up his brother.

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