ATWT Update Thursday 9/30/04

As the World Turns Update Thursday 9/30/04

By Eva
pictures by Boo

At Metro, Dominic interrupts Lucy and Dusty while they are kissing each other. Lucy informs Dominic that they found a fighter but they have to keep looking because this guy would knock his guy out.

At Holden and Lily’s place, Holden thinks that Lily is allowing her anger toward Will control her life. Holden thinks Lily should speak to Dr. Michaels about her anger issues. Lily is annoyed that she can’t express her feelings to Holden without him thinking she must see a doctor.

At the Stewart house, Chris tries to apologize to Alison but she is confuted by his apology because it seems to her like he wants to get back together with her. Alison refuses to hear anything from Chris or accept his apology. Susan arrives home and demands that Chris leave her house.

At Hal and Emily’s place, Hal carries Emily and Daniel’s things downstairs and they begin to say good-bye to each other. Hal admits that he is having his doubts about Daniel living under the same roof with Will. Hal thinks its good that Emily will be at Susan’s until Will gets adjusted to life outside the hospital. Emily assures Hal that she still loves Will very much. Emily thinks that Living with Susan is the perfect opportunity for her and Alison to make amends with each other. Hal and Emily hug and kiss each other. Emily promises to be home soon. Will arrives home sees the bags and assumes his father is sending him back to the hospital. Emily explains that she and Daniel are moving out for a while to give Will some time alone with his father but they will be back soon. Will is hurt and thinks that Emily and Hal believe he would hurt Daniel. Will blames himself for Emily’s decision to leave the house. Emily assures him that isn’t the case at all and she and Daniel will be back home soon. Will gives Emily a new video game he planned to play with Daniel and asks her to give it to Daniel for him.

At the mental hospital, a sedated Barbara asks Dr. Decker to help her and he agrees to her request.

At Hal and Emily’s place, Emily feels badly that Will went upstairs with a hurt look on his face. Hal assures Emily that he will talk to his son later. Hal advises Emily not to let Alison beat up on her because she (Emily) should stand her ground with her sister. Emily wonders if Alison will ever forgive her. Hal thinks that Alison will forgive Emily given enough time.

At the Stewart house, Susan leaves to go to the country club to see about getting a partial refund on the reception money. Chris offers to pay her back for the wedding expenses but Susan refuses his offer. Susan wants Chris to live with the guilt over what he did to Alison because she thinks that is a fitting punishment for him. Chris wants to be friends with Alison. Alison doesn’t want to have anything more to do with Chris. Alison wonders if Chris ever loved her at all. Chris explains that he did love her just not enough to marry her. Alison asks Chris if he feels that kind of love for Emily. Chris admits he doesn’t know exactly what kind of love he feels for Emily. Alison accuses Chris of being a phony who only apologized to make himself feel better but he only succeeded in making her feel worse about everything.

At Holden and Lily’s house, Luke interrupts Holden and Lily’s argument so Lily decides to go upstairs refusing to talk about the subject anymore. Luke tells Holden about Will’s phone call and Lily’s reaction to it. Luke and Holden decide to go fishing at the pond.

At the State mental hospital, Barbara wonders if she knows Rick from somewhere because she thinks his face looks familiar to her. Barbara is unable to remember clearly because of the strong medication the doctors have given her. Barbara tells Rick her life story and admits she is depressed because her life is in shambles. Rick explains to Barbara that he has a special interest in her case because he once had a family he loved but they left him because they didn’t understand his kind of love. Barbara asks Dr. Decker to take over her case because she feels comfortable with him. Rick promises Barbara he will make her case his top priority.

At Metro, Craig arrives to talk to Lucy but Lucy doesn’t want to speak to Craig until Dusty persuades her to speak to her father. Dominic doesn’t want Lucy involved with the fight. Dusty explains that Lucy is having fun looking at fighters but she will soon get bored and move on to something else. Dominic is worried that Lucy already knows too much information. Dusty explains to Dominic that he needs the money from the fight and the sale of metro to leave town with Lucy. Dominic tells Dusty that if he finds him a pigeon for the fight and everything foes according to plan he will buy his share of Metro from him. Craig is worried because his daughter is involved with Dusty’s boxing scam. Craig tells Lucy that he and Sierra didn’t raise her to be involved with people like Dusty. This comment makes Lucy so angry that she tells her father she and Dusty will be leaving town as soon as they raise enough money.

At the Snyder pond, Hal asks Will to give Emily some time to adjust to his being back home. Will agrees to Hal’s request. Hal assures his son that he knows he would never do anything to hurt Daniel. Hal leaves to get the fishing gear from the car. Luke runs and hides behind Will and explains some bullies are threatening to throw him in the pond. The bullies arrive and once they figure out whom Will is they call him gargle boy and threaten to throw Will in the pond as well. Will remains calm and keeps standing in front of Luke to shield him from the bullies. Holden arrives and tells the bullies that he will call the police and charge them with trespassing if they don’t leave now. Luke tells his father what happened and how Will defended him, Holden thanks Will for protecting Luke.

At the mental hospital, Barbara explains to Dr. Decker how and why Will killed Rose and how she tried to protect her son. Dr. Decker calls Barbara a hero for protecting Will. Dr. Decker wants to help Barbara find long and lasting peace.

At the Country club, Kim wants to reimburse Susan for the cost of the wedding reception. Kim hopes that Alison can find a way to forgive Chris. Susan thinks that if Chris does one more thing to hurt her daughter none of them will ever forgive him.

At the Stewart house, Chris tries to persuade Alison to forgive Emily because Emily loves her and never meant to hurt her. Chris explains that Emily doesn’t love him and is working things out with Hal. Alison screams for Chris to stop defending Emily take his things and get out. Alison grabs Chris’s suitcase and puts it on the porch. An angry Alison screams I hate your shoes I hate your socks but most of all I hate you. Emily arrives with her things. Alison throws Emily out of the house but says Daniel can stay.

At the Country club, Kim and Susan agree Chris did the right thing by not marrying Alison although he made his decision at the worst possible time. Susan is informed she will get a refund on the liquor but can’t get a refund on the food for the reception. Susan allows Kim to pay for the reception food.

At the pond, Holden explains to Hal what happened with the bullies. Hal thinks Will is a good kid who is lacking self-confidence right now. Holden thinks that if Will works at the farm it will help build up his confidence.

At the mental hospital, Barbara describes Will as a loving, sensitive supportive son. Rick sticks his hand in his coat pocket and begins to pull out an injection but decides to wait a little bit longer.

At Holden and Lily’s place, Holden tells Lily about the incident at the pond with Will and Luke. Lily is grateful Will defended Luke. Holden tells Lily he gave Will a job at the farm until he returns to school. Lily is angry that Holden didn’t ask for her opinion before he offered Will the job. Lily doesn’t think one good deed means Will has changed. Lily hopes Holden can live with the consequences of his decision.

At the Stewart house, Emily asks Alison to forgive her because Chris wasn’t ready to marry anyone. Alison grabs Emily’s suitcase and they play tug of war with it until Susan arrives home.

At Metro, Lucy tells Dusty that she told Craig they would be leaving town soon. Dusty tells Lucy that Dominic offered to buy his share of the club if all goes as planned with the fight. Dusty gives Dominic a tour of the club. Craig tells Dusty he can’t sell his share of the club because of their contract. Dusty tells Craig he can sell his share of the club at fair market value. Dominic informs Craig he doesn’t like having a partner. Dominic and Craig agree to set up a meeting to discuss a deal.

At the Stewart house, Susan tries to persuade Alison to let her sister stay with them but Alison says either she goes or I do.

At the pond, Will tells Hal he has decided to take thaw job at the farm. Hal leaves with the fishing gear and Will decides to stay to think and starts throwing rocks in the pond. One of the bullies returns because he forgot his sunglasses. Will threatens the bully by telling him that if you throw a rock at a person and hit a cretin spot on their body that person could die. The bully runs away and Will puts on the forgotten sunglasses.

At the State Mental hospital, Dr. Decker gets his special injection ready for Barbara. Barbara tells him she is ready to find inner peace.

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