ATWT Update Wednesday 9/29/04

As the World Turns Update Wednesday 9/29/04

By Eva
Pictures by Boo

Mike and Henry were working to remodel an apartment. Henry asked Mike if he was interested in Nikki. Mike said he wasn't interested in a relationship with anyone right now, it was too soon after Katie's departure. Henry said great, Mike could help him hook up with Nikki then. Mike rolled his eyes but agreed to help Henry.

Nikki and Jen were discussing living arrangements. Nikki said the apartment they'd looked at recently was way too small. Jen said she had a solution, and opened the door to a nearby apartment, where Mike and Henry were working. Jen explained that they would help Mike and Henry with the remodeling in exchange for a good deal on rent when the apartment was done. Mike joked that since they were friends of his, he'd charge them more, and they all laughed. Jen said she was going to get coffee and Mike offered to go with her. When they got outside, they realized they were both trying to set up Nikki with someone. Mike was trying to set her up with Henry, and Jen was trying to set her up with Mike. Mike explained that it was too soon for him to be in a relationship with anyone. Jen said she understood. Mike said he noticed she was trying to avoid Jordan yesterday, and he thought they had some unfinished business. Jen said she and Jordan were over - she was just having a little trouble explaining that to her heart. Mike said he knew the feeling. He told Jen that Henry was smitten with Nikki. Jen said she could tell, but Nikki was interested in Mike. They agreed to stop matchmaking and went to get the coffee after all.

Inside, Henry started telling Nikki that he thought the kitchen was a very erotic room. Nikki asked him if he knew they were just friends. Henry said quickly said of course he knew they were friends, although he was obviously hoping for something more. They went back to working on the kitchen. Jen and Mike returned with the coffee. Henry declared that with his help, the apartment would soon be in great shape.

Paul and Will were lunching at the Lakeview. Will was a little uncomfortable being in public again, but Paul told him he had nothing to worry about. Will went to wash his hands and Paul sat down at the table. (What, Paul doesn't have good hygiene?)Lily walked in and saw Paul. She asked if she could talk to him. Paul said he was sorry but he was really busy. Lily sat down anyway. She said she wasn't trying to be mean, she really wanted Will to get better, and she just thought the best place to do that was in the looney bin. Paul said that Will's doctors were convinced he was better and Lily needed to lay off. Lily brought up how Will killed her sister, and he needed more help than he could have gotten in the time he was at the funny farm. Paul said the person to blame for Rose's death was BARBARA and she WAS still locked up in the looney bin. He said the right person was in the mental hospital, and Will belonged with his family. He and Lily were still arguing when Will returned. Lily got up to go. Apparently thinking about what Paul had just said, Lily told Will she realized that he belonged in Oakdale, with his family and friends. She said she wished him the best of luck and stuck out her hand to shake with him. Will looked at her, and suddenly he flashed on Barbara, telling him he belonged with her. He didn't shake Lily's hand. Paul nudged him and told him to shake with her. Will was still hearing Barbara's voice telling him he belonged with her and he always would. Paul nudged him again and he snapped out of it, looking around like he'd forgotten where he was. He didn't realized he was supposed to have shaken Lily's hand. Lily looked frightened. She hissed at Paul that he had expected too much too soon and stormed out. Paul tried to stop her, but realized it was too late. He and Will went back over to their table and sat down. Will thought that Lily must hate him. Paul said that Lily had just been through a tough time, but she'd come around. He asked Will why he didn't shake her hand. Will said it was weird, he kept hearing Barbara's voice in his head telling him he belonged with her. Paul said to forget it, Barbara was in the maximum security wing of the hospital now and she was staying there.

Lily went home and told Holden about her encounter at the Lakeview. Holden told her that Will was probably nervous about being out in public again. Lily said no, she thought that Will was still messed up. She said she was convinced that she was right the first time, Will wasn't better and needed to be back in the mental hospital. She said she was afraid for her children and didn't know how to keep them safe from Will. Holden said the person he was really worried about was Lily. He said she was still bitter over Rose's death, and if she didn't learn to deal with her anger, she was going to destroy herself.

Barbara was scheming to get out of the hospital. She told her doctor that she thought the symptoms of her brain tumor were returning. The doctor said it was unlikely, but he could arrange for a physician to examine her if she was worried. Barbara said she'd prefer to have her own physician, since he already knew her case. She told the doctor to call Walker Daniels.

Walker came to see her later. He hugged her, then stepped back and said he knew she was lying about the tumor again. Barbara said she had to, it was the only way she could think of to get him to come see her. She said she needed him to help her get out of there. Walker told her that she needed to commit herself to her therapy so she could get better, and then she could get out of there. Barbara said she didn't belong in the hospital, she was fine, she needed to get out so she could protect her children. Walker said she needed to be in the hospital. Barbara said she didn't belong there. Walker listed her accomplishments - adding and abetting James, jumping out a second story window, driving her car into a mental hospital, etc. (I was surprised Barbara didn't jump in with a plug for Tyson chicken!)He told her she needed to be there, and she needed to work on her therapy. She said everything she did was for her children and Walker had to help her. Walker said that he would talk to her friends, family and doctors, and he would pray for her. Barbara begged him not to go, but he reasserted that she had to commit to her therapy and stay in the hospital until she was better, then he left. (Oddly, the door to her maximum security room wasn't even locked! What did she even need Walker for? Apparently, she could have just walked right out!)Barbara started screaming and crying hysterically that she needed her children. A nurse entered the room. Barbara started screaming, "Bring me my children, I need my children, I have to protect them, bring me my children!" The doctor entered and sedated Barbara. (The interesting thing about this scene is that it's the first time we see Barbara going from twisted but still logical to completely irrational. She's been acting unstable for a while now, but she always had a logical thought process behind her actions. Now she's slipping into irrationality and hysteria. Before, she was definitely in need of some mental help, but now she really seems to be losing her sanity.)

Later, another doctor came into Barbara's room. He said he was a new doctor on staff and had heard about Barbara's case. The camera blurred his face at first, but then it came into focus and we could see that the new doctor was Rick Decker! Dr. Decker said he thought he could help Barbara. She looked at him with interest.

Bob and Kim were looking for Chris. They went to Susan's house and asked if she knew where he was. Susan said she didn't, and she couldn't find Ali either. She said this was all Chris' fault. Kim pointed out that Em had something to do with it too. She suggested that the apple didn't fall far from the tree, reminding Susan of her past indiscretions with men who were already taken. Susan snapped that maybe Kim and Bob should teach their sons to keep their pants zipped! Bob said none of this was the point, they were just trying to find Chris. They decided to go look at the honeymoon suite and left.

Chris was lying in the honeymoon suite, thinking about what a mess everything was. His parents knocked on the door and he let them in. Bob asked him what he was thinking, dumping Alison at the altar like that. Chris said he realized it was a mistake. Kim said the emotional cost to Ali would be awful, not to mention the financial cost to Susan for the wedding that wasn't. Chris said he'd pay Susan back. Bob said he and Kim would take care of it. Chris said no, he would pay for it and didn't Bob trust him anymore? Bob said he didn't think Chris trusted himself right now. Chris suddenly went back to politician mode, attempting to divert attention from the real issues. He started on a tangent about how he went to med school, came back to Oakdale, and knew he would alway be trying to live up to Bob's too-high expectations. Bob said that was ridiculous. He said Chris had made a mistake and he knew it. Chris said yes, he'd made a mistake, and he was going to try to fix it. He said he knew what he had to do. Bob suggested he go do what he had to do then.

Emily found Ali sleeping in a pew of the church where her almost-wedding happened. Em woke her up and asked her why she'd spent the night there. Ali said she knew she'd be left alone there. Em said she shouldn't be alone. Ali said she wanted nothing to do with Em. Em tried to explain but Ali cut her off. She said Em was a horrible person to go after her fiancee like that. She said if it wasn't for Em, she would be happily married right now. Em said that it was just a couple kisses, nothing happened between her and Chris. Ali said that made her feel a lot better, that her fiancee decided not to marry over just a few kisses with Em. Em said it wasn't like that, Chris just wasn't ready to get married. Ali said he was ready to get married until Em went after her. She asked how Hal felt about this. Em said she and Hal were working things out. Ali said great, Em had her hubby AND Ali's fiancee. "And what do I have?" Ali wailed. "I have nothing!" She said she had no husband, no wedding pictures, and NO SISTER. Em said she would always be her sister. Ali said no, Em was not her sister any more. She said she had trusted Em. She said Em was her friend, she told her things that she didn't tell her mom or Chris, and Em betrayed her. She said Em was a selfish slut, and she was nothing to Ali anymore. Em told her not to say that and tried to grab Ali. Ali shrieked at Em not to touch her and jumped back. She yelled that Em was no longer her sister, she hated her, she would always hate her, she would NEVER FORGIVE HER, and she never wanted to see her again. Then she ran out of the church. Em was left standing there, crying.

Aaron had talked to Holden earlier, before Lily came home. Aaron told Holden he was concerned about Ali. He was chopping wood and said he wished it was Chris' head. (My sentiments exactly!)Holden said he understood, after what Chris did to Ali at her wedding. Aaron explained that Ali was mad at him, because he knew about Chris and Em and didn't tell her. He said he thought he had done the right thing, but now he regretted it. Holden said he had done the right thing, it wasn't his secret to spill. He said he thought Ali would eventually forgive Aaron for not telling her. He said he knew that they were good friends. Aaron explained that he wanted to be more than friends. He said he was in love with Ali. Holden was surprised. He reminded Aaron of all the stuff Ali had done to him, burning down the barn and lying to him about the baby. Aaron said he knew, he was surprised too, but he loved Ali. Holden said if he loved Ali, he should try to be there for her right now. Aaron agreed and went to try to find Ali. He ran into her after her fight with Em. She apologized to him for the night before. Aaron said he knew she was upset, and he understood. He said he cared about Ali, and if she wanted to be more than friends - no pressure - he wanted that too. He said in the meantime, if she needed anything, just a friend to talk to, etc, he would be there for her. He said he would do anything to help her, and to just let him know if she needed anything. Then he left.

Ali went home to cry on Susan's shoulder. She asked her how Em could have done this to her. Susan said she didn't know. Ali said she was all alone, she had loved Chris so much, how could he have done this to her. Susan said she knew Ali was miserable now, but she would feel better, and one day she would be happy again. Ali said she didn't think so. Susan said she knew how it felt, she knew what it was like to love and trust someone, to plan a life with him, and then have him turn out to someone untrustworthy. She was referring to her relationship with Dr. Decker. She told Ali that if she could survive marrying Rick Decker, a serial killer, then surely Ali could survive Chris Hughes. Even Ali had to see the logic in that. Susan offered to go make her a sandwich and went to the kitchen. Ali looked down at her engagement ring and started to take it off, but the doorbell rang. She opened it and found Chris standing there.

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