ATWT Update Tuesday 9/28/04

As the World Turns Update Tuesday 9/28/04

By Eva

Em was still trying to explain to Hal. She swore she'd never slept with Chris, they'd only flirted. She told Hal how sorry she was. Chris walked in and interrupted. He told Hal, "I'm in love with your wife." Hal looked shocked. Em told him for the last time that she didn't want him, she loved Hal and wanted to make things work with him. Chris tried to protest, but Em made it clear she wanted nothing to do with him. She told him to let her and Hal talk. She said he should go find Ali and make sure she was okay. Chris reluctantly agreed.

Em told Hal that she never meant for it to happen. Hal said he could see how she justified cheating on him, since he was so busy. But he asked her how she could do this to Ali. Em said she never meant to hurt Ali or become involved with Chris. She said that Hal was always busy, but that was no excuse. She admitted she should have done anything to get his attention, even stand in the middle of the police station and scream at him. She said she should have done that, but instead, she decided to work with Chris on the Keys contest. She said she thought it was something harmless she could do to help Ali. But she and Chris were spending all that time together and she became attracted to him. But she said she was in love with Hal, and all she wanted was to fix their marriage. Hal said he couldn't listen to any more. He said she'd betrayed him and there was no way he could forgive her. Then he stormed out the door, leaving Em crying in the church.

He came back later. Em was sitting in a pew, sniffling. When she saw Hal, she told him to go ahead and yell at her, she deserved it. She said she didn't blame him if he never spoke to her again after what she'd done. "Oh, Emily," Hal said, and gave her a big hug and kiss. He said he'd gotten as far as his car, but stopped. He had his cell phone in his hand, and he was scrolling through the numbers, seeing calls to the station, Margo, Carly, etc. He said he thought about all the times Em had called and he'd hung up on her, all the times he was too busy to talk to her. He thought about all the times she came down to the station to see him and he couldn't spare a minute to talk to her. He said he realized he had taken her for granted and he was sorry. He said he loved her, and from the moment he met her he'd wanted to make her happy. He said it was basically all his fault that Em felt alone and turned to Chris, and he was sorry. He said he loved her and wanted to make their relationship work. Em tearfully said how happy she was that Hal would forgive her. Hal said he just hoped she forgave him. She said she loved him and they hugged and kissed.

Chris went to talk to Tom. Tom and Margo had been discussing the day's events. Tom asked what Em could have been thinking, going after her sister's fiancee. Then he wondered what Chris could have been thinking. Margo said maybe he wasn't thinking. It was an interesting parallel to Margo and Tom's recent problems.

Chris knocked on the door and they let him in. Margo excused herself so Tom and Chris could talk. Tom told Chris he'd really screwed up. Chris concurred. He said he still loved Ali and wanted to fix things with her. He asked Tom if it could be done. Tom said if he wanted to fix things, he was going to take a lot of heat. By this time, Margo had started back down the stairs and was eavesdropping on the conversation. Tom said that if Chris was really committed to making things work, he might be able to manage it. Chris thanked him for the advice and left to find Ali. Margo came back down the stairs and Tom realized she'd heard some of his conversation. Margo asked him if he meant what he said, about how a couple could work through it after one of them was unfaithful. Tom said he thought he did mean it. They both smiled at each other. Margo asked if he wanted some coffee. Tom declined, saying he was having breakfast with Bob and Kim early the next morning. But he and Margo exchanged meaningful looks as he left.

Ali and Aaron were arguing in the pond. Ali asked Aaron how he could have let her go on planning the wedding when he KNEW Chris was interested in Em. She asked how long he'd known. He said he saw them kissing the day they met at the docks to get the paper. Ali demanded to know why he hadn't told her. He said that he talked to Chris and Em and they explained it away as a misunderstanding. Then Ali asked why he hadn't told her that Em was the other woman when he told her about it yesterday. Aaron said he couldn't hurt her like that. Ali she was hurt now, finding out on her wedding day hurt her a lot. She climbed out of the pond and struggled out of the dress, so she was standing there just in her slip. Aaron climbed out of the pond too. Ali told him she thought he was trying to protect her, and she wanted him to stop it. She reminded him of the night they'd slept together, when she asked him if there was something wrong with her, and he told her no. Aaron said that was still true. Ali protested that it wasn't true, there must be something wrong with her. She said having her fiancee cheat on her with her sister wasn't something that happened to people who were okay. She said she must be messed up, there had to be something wrong with her for this to happen. Aaron told her that wasn't true. He said she was beautiful, wonderful, intelligent, etc and she deserved someone who appreciated her. Then he said that everything he told her the day before was the truth, he did love her and wanted show her what a great person she was.

They heard Chris coming, yelling Ali's name. Ali didn't want to see him, so she hid behind some bushes. Aaron met Chris and told him that Ali didn't want to see him. Chris said he needed to talk to her. Aaron told him that Ali had nothing to say to him after what he'd done. Chris finally left, but said he would try to talk to Ali again.

Aaron went back to Ali. She had heard what Chris said about still being in love with her. She tried to talk to Aaron about it. He said that Chris wasn't being sincere, that he was a jerk and she should forget him. Aaron said that he loved Ali and wanted to make her happy like Chris couldn't. Ali kissed him and then started pulling off his clothes. She was going for his belt buckle when he pulled away. He said he didn't want them to make love like this. Ali said she thought that was what he wanted. He said he did want it, just not like this. Ali got offended and exclaimed that she couldn't do anything right. Aaron tried to tell her it wasn't like that, but she told him to just leave her alone and ran away.

Barbara was at the looney bin, talking to her doctor. She said she was worried about her son. Her doctor suggested that she should be worried about herself first, then after she got better she could be the mother her son needed. Barbara said a mother always thought about her child first. The doctor told her to get some rest and they'd have a session tomorrow. He left and the nurse prepared some pills for Barbara. She handed them to Barbara, who took them politely, but dropped them on the floor. She apologized, saying how jumpy she was. The nurse bent down to gather the pills. Barbara jumped out of bed, pulling a cloth that was apparently soaked with chloroform out from under the sheets. She grabbed the nurse and pressed the cloth over her face. The nurse struggled for a minute, then she passed out. Barbara stole her uniform and ran out of the room.

Will and Paul were playing video games. Paul asked Will if he was going to see his friends tomorrow. Will said he didn't think so, he'd just hang at home. Paul asked if he was afraid of what his friends might think. Will admitted he was. Paul said that not everyone was like Lily Snyder, who enjoyed telling everyone how to run their lives. He told Will not to worry what people thought. He said Will should just try to go back to his normal life and see his old friends. Will admitted that maybe he was right. Paul said he had to make a phone call to someone in Singapore and left the room.

The doorbell rang and Will answered it. Barbara was standing there. Will was shocked. He asked Barbara if she'd heard what he said about not wanting to see her again. Barbara invited herself in and said he was confused, of course he wanted to be with her. She started in on her broken record about how he NEEDED her. Will told her he did not need her, she was nuts and she'd ruined his life. They were both yelling so loudly that Paul's friend must have heard them in Singapore! Paul came back to see what was going on and saw Barbara. He grabbed her and shoved her into a chair, telling her to stay put. He kept an eye on her while he dialed 911. He asked them to send the cops to their hourse to arrest an escaped mental patient - Barbara Ryan. He told them to contact the looney bin and Hal Munson. After he hung up he started yelling at Barbara. He told her to stay away from Will. She pointed out that she'd managed to escape. Paul said he'd make sure the hospital had better security this time. (I'd like to know how she got out of there in the first place. True, she had the uniform, but without an employee ID with HER picture on it, they never would have let her through. I learned that from watching Katie and Henry's stay at the funny farm.)Anyway, Barbara started in again about how Will needed her, and more importantly, she needed him. She said she loved him and they could never keep her away. Will yelled that he wanted nothing to do with her. Barbara told him to tell Paul his secret - how he set her up. When Will didn't spill the story, Barbara did. She told Paul that on her first day in the hospital, Will came to her room to see her. She said he brought her the nurses' uniform, and told her how to sneak out and come see him. Paul didn't believe it. Barbara asked him if he thought it was a coincidence that she just happened to show up when Paul, Hal and Jen were there. Will said he didn't care if it was true, if Will manipulated Barbara then good for him, she had it coming. Will admitted he did it, because he said he had to get out the looney bin, he couldn't stay there with Barbara. Barbara said he belonged there, not her, and he was going back, NOT HER. She said that he hadn't gotten the help that he needed there, but not to worry, mommy dearest would make sure he got some better doctors this time. Will started yelling at her that SHE was the crazy one. Paul agreed and started yelling at Barbara too. The cops arrived and Paul let them in. They cuffed Barbara and one of the officers assured Will that the hospital would take some extra security measures in the future. They lead Barbara out. Paul told Will there was nothing to worry about, Barbara was going back to the hospital. Will said he still wasn't safe from Barbara, she had escaped. Paul said they were going to make sure she stayed put this time. Will wasn't convinced. Paul assured Will that he would protect him from Barbara, no matter what. Then he went outside, where Barbara was being dragged to a cop car. Paul asked if he could speak with her a moment and pulled her aside. The cops were still close by. Paul told her she better stay away from Will. Barbara said he couldn't keep her from her son. Paul told her if she didn't stay away from Will, he would kill her.

Pictures by Boo

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