ATWT Update Monday 9/27/04

As the World Turns Update Monday 9/27/04

By Jenny
Pictures by Boo

Carly was studying the picture of Julia and J.J. Parker came downstairs. Carly asaked if he'd had a nice nap. He said he couldn't sleep. He said he was sorry he couldn't find Jack. Carly said it wasn't his fault, he had been wonderful about trying to find Jack, and she was sorry she'd pushed him so hard. Parker said he didn't really mind. Carly asked if he wanted a gooey, sweet snack. Parker said sure. Carly told him to go upstairs and she'd bring him the snack. Parker went upstairs and the doorbell rang. Carly answered and Rosanna was standing there. She said Emma had baked them a plate of cookies and gave them to Carly. Carly said she didn't have to come all the way back just to bring them cookies. Ro said she wanted to come back anyway because she couldn't stand the thought of Carly giving up hope. Carly said she wasn't giving up hope, she was just giving up searching for Jack. Ro asked her if they were the same thing. Carly said that Parker couldn't take the stress of looking for Jack, and besides, what if he was with the woman and little boy from the photo? Ro said that if Carly quit looking, she'd regret it the rest of her life. Carly asked what she should do about Parker if she kept looking. Ro told her to keep looking but don't talk to Parker about it. She said they should only tell Parker if they were sure about a lead. Ro said she could tell Carly still wanted to keep looking because she hadn't put the picture of Julia and J.J. away. Carly finally agreed that Ro was right and decided to take the picture to Lucinda, so it could be circulated in the newspaper. Carly stepped out the door and a big gust of wind blew the picture out of her hand. She tried to chase it but the wind blew it away.

Carly came back inside and told Ro that the picture had blown away. Ro said that was okay, they'd get the artist to make another. Carly said she didn't know, maybe the picture blowing away was a sign that she should give up on Jack. Ro told her she should never give up. She reminded Carly how she hadn't given up trying to get Cabot back. She said it ended badly, but she was still grateful for the time she had with him when she finally got him back. She said she was so glad she hadn't given up after she'd lost him the first time, and she knew Carly wouldn't be happy until she found Jack.

Parker came downstairs and handed Carly the compass. "I don't need this anymore," he told her sadly, then he went back upstairs. Carly asked Ro to do her a favor and stay with the kids. Ro said she'd be glad to, but asked where Carly was going. Carly said she knew what she had to do now.

Carly sat down by the river with the compass. She imagined that Jack was standing in front of her and she was talking to him. She told him she was planning to throw the compass into the water, because she thought somehow it would help him find his way home. But she said she couldn't let go of it. She said she loved Jack and missed him. She said she knew that somehow, some way, he would find his way home and she wouldn't give up hope until he did. She reached out to touch Jack, but his image faded then.

Meanwhile, Jack came downstairs while Julia was still looking at the picture. She quickly hid it under some things on the coffee table. Jack saw that she was crying and asked what was wrong. Julia said she was just starting to worry about his old family coming to take him away from her and J.J. Jack told her for the millionth time that he loved her and J.J. and they were his family now. He assured her that there was no way he'd want to go back to a wife who had tried to kill him. Julia said what if he'd been married twice before, and there was another wife and family who loved him very much. Jack said it didn't matter, he loved Julia and J.J. and wanted to be with them. Julia started to cry again. Jack asked what was wrong now? Julia fibbed that she was just used to living in fear because of her ex. Jack assured her that he would always protect her and J.J. from Les. Julia gave him a big hug. Jack suggested they get back to bed and continue with their wedding night activities. Julia agreed, but she came back downstairs later and got the picture out again. Jack came down the stairs and she stuffed the picture between the couch cushions. She told Jack she was still worried because she and J.J. loved him so much, and she couldn't stand the thought of him leaving them. Jack reassured her AGAIN that he loved them and was never going to leave them. They went back up to bed. Later, Jack was aleep and Julia was watching him. She was still thinking about the other family in the picture.

At the Aliris wedding, the minister was prodding Chris that it was HIS turn. Ali told him to go ahead and say "I do". Chris still hesitated. Tom made a nervous joke about wedding day jitters. The minister offered to repeat the question. Chris interrupted him, trying to say something to Ali. She cut him off, saying it was okay, he just needed to let the minister finish the question. Chris finally said he was sorry, this was a mistake. Ali looked horrified. Chris said he was sorry but this wasn't what he wanted. He said he was sorry he didn't tell her BEFORE they got to the altar, but he couldn't marry her - he had to tell her the truth before he hurt her any more. Ali begged him to tell her that this was a joke. Chris started apologizing. Susan threw Em a dirty look. Ali asked him why he was doing this. She asked if it was payback for lying to him about the baby. Chris said no, of course not, he didn't mean for this to happen....Ali was crying. She screamed at Chris to tell her why he wouldn't marry her. The minister suggested they go talk in private. Susan tried to follow Ali but she shouted that she needed to talk to Chris alone.

They went into another room and Ali tearfully asked Chris WHY? "IS THERE ANOTHER WOMAN?" she screamed. Chris started stammering, and she realized that there was. She demanded to know who it was. Chris said it didn't matter, and by the way, he still loved Ali, he was just attracted to this other woman too - wrong thing to say, Chris! Someone needs to bring this guy a shovel, the way he's digging his own grave here. Ali screamed that it did matter to her who it was, she wanted to know. "Tell me the slut's name!" she screamed. Chris started trying to explain that he hadn't had an affair with this other woman, it was just some flirting. Em walked in, heard him trying to explain, and assumed he'd told Ali that SHE was the other woman. "Oh no, Chris, you told her!?" she wailed. Ali suddenly realized what this meant. "You're the other woman?" she screamed. Em and Chris both tried to explain. Ali was furious. She yelled that she had been such a fool, she'd thought they were planning a big wedding surprise for her when they were really seeing each other. She said she had sure GOTTEN a "wedding surprise" from them. They tried to explain that it didn't happen that way, but Ali wouldn't listen. She said that Em was the worst sister ever and she never wanted to see her again. Then she stormed out into the lobby.

Susan was snidely telling Bob and Kim that their son wasn't so perfect, look what he'd done to Ali. Hal walked in and they all stopped talking. Ali stormed into the room angrily. Em followed her out. Ali screamed at Em to leave her alone. She yelled at Em that she hadn't changed, she was still the same old slut. Then she ran out the door. Bob suddenly realized -aloud-that Em was the other woman Chris had been seeing. Everyone looked shocked. Hal looked ESPECIALLY shocked. He asked Em if it was true. Em didn't know what to say. Everyone else left to give them some space. Em's silence told Hal that it was true. He said, with a horrified look on his face, that the chief of police was the biggest fool of all.

Ali ran down to the pond at starting screaming angrily at God. She asked if her life was a big joke and why couldn't anything ever go right for her. Then she started trying to get her cumbersome wedding dress off. This made her even more frustrated, and she started screaming about the stupid dress and her perfect wedding. She started thrashing around, trying to get the dress off. When she couldn't get it off, she jumped into the pond, apparently hoping that getting wet would help her get the dress off. Aaron had followed her from the church, where he'd witnessed the spectacle. Seeing her jump into the pond, he thought she was trying to kill herself. He jumped in after her and tried to grab her. She asked what he was doing. He said he was trying to stop her from killing herself. Ali said she wasn't trying to commit suidicide, SHE WAS JUST TRYING TO GET THIS STUPID DRESS OFF! Then she told Aaron she didn't want anything to do with him.

Meanwhile, Lucy was at Metro, working behind the bar. Dusty came in and she told him excitedly that she'd found a boxer for him. She introduced him to a guy at the bar. She said he was a flyweight, and a really great boxer. Dusty told the guy he'd be right with him and pulled Lucy aside. He asked her where she'd found the guy. She said she found him on the internet. Dusty said he appreciated her trying to help, but she didn't know that much about boxing. Lucy said he should teach her then. She told him how many matches the guy had won already, and Dusty realized he wasn't right for a fall guy. But he talked to the boxer, and they all went to the gym.

The boxer started fighting someone else and Lucy cheered him on from the sidelines. He won the match and Lucy ran over to Dusty. She told him that the boxer was perfect. She was very proud of herself for finding him. Dusty told her that he appreciated what she was trying to do, and the guy was a great boxer, but he wasn't quite right. Lucy asked what was wrong with him. Dusty explained to her that he wasn't looking for someone to WIN the match - his job was to find the LOSER! Lucy looked surprised.

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