ATWT Update Friday 9/24/04

As the World Turns Update Friday 9/24/04

By Eva
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At Jack and Carly's place, Carly tries to get Parker to come around (he fainted and is unconscious on the floor). Rosanna calls Bob and explains that Parker has fainted. Bob tells Rosanna he will come right away to see what is wrong with him. Parker finally regains consciousness and tells his mother that Jack doesn't belong to them anymore, he belongs to someone else..

At Nurse Julia's house, the new Jackson family arrives home after the wedding. Jack is happy that they are all a family. J.J. wonders how they can be a family if he isn't Jack's son.

At the church, Kim and Susan are shocked to discover they are wearing the same dress. Emily looks at herself in the mirror and gently touches the necklace Allison gave her as a Matron of Honor present. Emily has a flashback of the argument she had with Susan when Susan found out the truth. Allison enters the room, and Emily turns around and tells Allison she hasn't been a good sister to her.

At the pond, Aaron tells himself he must forget about Allison and move on with his life. He tells himself that Allison is very happy. Aaron decides to take a swim. Two girls arrive after he is in the water and flirt with him. Aaron invites them for a swim.

At Hal and Emily's place, Lily flashes back to Rose's wedding day as she sees Will open the door. Lily wonders if Will thought for just a minute that she was Rose. Will tells Lily the thought never crossed his mind because he knows Rose is dead.

At the Jackson house, Julia explains to J.J. that they are a family because they love and take care of each other. J.J. tells his mom and Jack he is happy that they are married and that Jack got rid of Les, but he feels like he doesn't have anyone. J.J. asks Jack to be his daddy. Jack explains to J.J. that when he married his mother he became part of his life, too. Jack tells J.J. he would be proud to be his daddy. J.J. gives Jack a hug.

At Jack and Carly's house, Bob determines that Parker fainted because he didn't eat breakfast that morning. Rosanna takes Parker into the kitchen to get a banana. Bob advises Carly to keep the stress level down, for both Parker and herself. Parker and Rosanna come back from the kitchen just as Bob leaves the house. Parker tells his mom that he is sad, but he can't remember the reason why. Parker asks Carly what they were talking about before he fell asleep. Carly tells him that what they were talking about isn't important, and they won't think about it anymore.

At Hal and Emily's place, Will once again apologizes to Lily for killing Rose, saying he only meant to make her sick. Lily changes the subject by telling Will she needs to talk to Emily. Will explains that Hal and Emily are at Chris and Allison's wedding. Lily is visibly upset because she thinks Hal left Will alone in the house. Paul arrives and clears up the misunderstanding by telling Lily that Hal left Will with him. Paul tells Lily that Will is home to stay.

At the pond, the girls will only accept Aaron's invitation to skinny dip with him if he agrees to tell them what he was thinking about before he took off his clothes and jumped in the water. Aaron tells the girls it doesn't matter what he was thinking about because he has decided to move on with his life.

At the church, Allison thinks that Emily has been the best sister in the world; if it weren't for her, she and Chris wouldn't be getting married that day. Allison explains that her father called and told her he wasn't going to be able to come to the wedding. She tells her sister that things like her father rejecting her and not walking her down the aisle would usually make her sad, but now she realizes that her mom and sister are the people that love her the most, and they are the only people that should be at the wedding. Allison tells Emily how much she loves her and gives her a hug. Grandma Nancy gives Chris a watch that belonged to his namesake, his Grandpa Chris. At first Chris refuses the gift because he thinks Tom should give it to Adam or Casey, but Grandma Nancy tells him his grandfather would want him to have it on this special day in his life. Nanny tells her grandson that whenever his grandpa was nervous about something, he would take a walk in a quiet place where all he could hear was the ticking of his watch, and when he returned home from his walk he would have already made his decision. Bob tells Chris he is proud of him, and he hopes he will be very happy with Allison. Tom arrives and informs his dad and brother that Kim and Susan are about to have a catfight because they are wearing the same dress. A nervous Henry asks Mike for advice about whether or not he should dip Nikki when they dance together. Mike doesn't think Henry should dip Nikki just yet because it might be too soon. Susan is angry that Kim is wearing the same dress and thinks that Kim and Lisa planned to do this to embarrass her. Susan screams that she would rather die than be seen in the wedding in the same dress Kim is wearing. Jennifer tells Jordan that her brother has been released from the hospital. Jordan is not happy to hear that a killer has been released from the special hospital. Jennifer sees Jordan arrive with Faith and walks over to thank him for signing the petition that allowed Will to be released. Holden informs Jennifer that Lily isn't coming to the wedding because she is still mad that Will was released from the hospital.

Outside Hal and Emily's house, an angry Lily tells Paul that Will shouldn't have been released from the hospital, and he should go back because he is sick and needs help. Paul blasts Lily for forcing Emily to move out with Daniel. Lily explains that Emily understands that Will is a dangerous person, and she doesn't want Daniel living in the same house with him. Paul asks Lily to forgive Will; he has suffered a lot, and he truly is sorry for killing Rose. Paul thinks that Rose would understand and forgive Will. Lily tells Paul that Rose is dead and can't forgive anyone anymore.

At the church, the Stewart women get ready for the wedding. Hal arrives and tells Emily it is a good idea that she and Daniel go live with Susan until they can work things out. Hal tells Emily he loves her very much. The ladies take their places. When the music begins, Emily starts her walk down the aisle.. Chris can't stop looking at Emily.

At the pond, Aaron and the girls continue to flirt while they swim. He stops his conversation with the girls when he hears the church bells ringing.

At the church, the wedding march begins, and Allison walks down the aisle in her beautiful dress. The reverend starts his remarks and soon gets to the question of whether anyone can show just cause why this couple should not be married. Chris and Emily stare at each other.

At Jack and Carly's place, Carly considers giving up the search for Jack because she and Parker can't take the stress anymore.

At the Jackson house, J.J. asks Jack if he may call him "Dad" before he leaves with the babysitter. Jack is thrilled about the idea. J.J. tells Jack, "Good-bye Dad," and Jack says, "Good-bye, son," as J.J. leaves the house. Julia is happy that J.J. finally has a real father. Jack and Julia kiss, then go to the lake near the house because Jack has one more thng he must do before starting his new life. Jack takes off the wedding ring that Carly gave him and throws it in the lake.

At Carly's house, Carly touches her ring and turns it around a few times on her finger, but she can't bear to take it off.

At Lily and Holden's place, Lily explains to Luke that Will was released from the hospital. Lily makes it clear to her son that he shouldn't have any contact with Will.

At Hal and Emily's place, Paul asks Will to forgive Lily because she is in pain. Will tells his brother he feels like running away. Paul explains that running away won't solve the problem. Paul thinks that Will should just be a good kid and try to make amends for the pain he caused people. Paul thinks that if Will takes his advice, people will soon realize he truly is sorry for killing Rose.

At Jack and Carly's place, Rosanna encourages Carly not to give up hope of finding Jack. Rosanna advises Carly not to share all her information with Parker so he won't feel any stress. Carly thinks Jack doesn't want to be found because he is happy with another woman.

At the church, Nancy reads "Corinthians 13" while Chris hears nothing but the ticking of his watch. The reverand tells Chris and Allison to face each other because it's time to say their vows before God. Aaron watches the wedding from the back of the church.

At Hal and Emily's place, Will begins to make sandwiches for himself and Paul to eat while watching television. Will decides to call Lily and apologizes to her once again for killing Rose.

At Lily and Holden's place, Luke answers the phone and asks to talk to Lily. Lily walks in the room; when she hears Luke say Will's name, she quickly grabs the phone and tells Will never to call her house again.

At the church, Allison smiles and quickly says, "I do," after the reverend reads the vows. When the reverend asks Chris to say, "I do," he hesitates long enough that Allison whispers, "Just say 'I do'."

At the Jackson house, Jack and Julia are very happy after making love.

At Jack and Carly's place, Rosanna is positive Jack would never leave Carly because he loves her. Carly vows she will never stop waiting for Jack to come home.

Outside the Jackson house, Julia finds the picture of Jack, Carly, Parker and Sage stuffed inside J.J.'s backpack, along with the dirty bottle that Parker threw in the river so Jack would find it and come home. Julia reads the back of the picture that has all their names and a message which says, "We love you and miss you very much Jack please come home."

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