ATWT Update Thursday 9/23/04

As the World Turns Update Thursday 9/23/04

By Jenny
pictures by Boo

Jack rushed in and told Julia they could get married today. He said his boss at Costello's, Frank, was going to let them use the bar for the wedding. He'd lined up a justice of the peace and everything. Julia said she couldn't get ready that fast. Jack said it didn't matter what she wore, the important thing was that they were together. Julia said she'd call Kylie to be the maid of honor. Then they called J.J. downstairs. Jack asked J.J. for permission to marry his mom. J.J. asked if Jack meant to marry her, like, forever. Jack assured J.J. that they would all be a family forever. J.J. said he wanted Jack and Julia to get married. They all hugged each other and Jack told J.J. to get dressed so he could be the best man.

They went to Costello's and it was pretty well-decorated - for a bar, anyway. They were starting the ceremony when they were interrupted - by Julia's ex, Les. Les walked in yelling that their "farce of a marriage" wasn't going to keep him from his son. Julia asked him to leave. Jack grabbed Les and tried to help him leave. Les said it didn't matter if they got married, he was still J.J.'s father and they couldn't keep him from his son.

J.J. yelled that Les wasn't his father anymore - Jack was his dad now. Jack told Les he'd had his chance to be a father to J.J., and he blew it. He told Les he better leave and never come near them again. He told Les if he tried to come near Julia or J.J. again Jack would make him sorry. Then he shoved Les toward the door and told him to get out and never come back. Frank and the others made sure Les left.

Julia said she was sorry Les interrupted the ceremony. Jack said it was okay, she and J.J. never had to worry about Les again. He said he would protect them from Les and they were all going to be a family now.

They continued with the ceremony. They said their vows and Jack kissed the bride. Then they started dancing. After a few minutes, they invited J.J. to join them and they all danced around in a circle.

Carly was at home, with Rosanna. She was telling Ro that she had to find J.J. and his mother so she could find Jack. Ro pointed out that maybe it was coincidence, maybe it wasn't the same kid named J.J. Carly said why else would the hat have turned up in the rest area? It was meant to be! Ro then pointed out the problem of FINDING J.J. and his mother. She pointed out that Carly didn't even know their last name. Carly said she didn't know their last name but - she did know what they looked like. She Picked up the phone and told Ro she was calling the one person who could help them.

A few minutes later, the O.P.D.'s sketch artist arrived. She said she'd be happy to help them out. She said Jack had been a good man. "He IS a good man," Carly replied. The artist said she hoped they were right and Jack was still alive. She asked Carly to explain what she needed done. Carly said that she believed Jack was with a woman and her son. She said she and Parker had seen them at the waterpark and wanted a sketch of them done. The artist got out her sketch pad. She told Carly to relax and desribe the woman and the kid. Carly did, and the artist sketched them. She showed the sketch to Carly and asked if it looked right. Carly said it definitely looked like the mother, but the little boy wasn't quite right. The artist suggested they ask Parker, since he saw them too. Carly called Parker downstairs. He sat on the couch with her and she showed them the picture. She asked if he could help them get the picture of the little boy right, adding that it could help them find Jack. Rosanna pointed out that that was a lot of pressure to put on him. Carly glared at her. Parker looked at the picture and told the artist some adjustments to make to get the little boy's picture right. The artist took back the sketch pad and redrew the little boy. She gave the picture back to Carly and Parker, who looked at it and agreed it was just right. Carly thanked the artist for her help. The artist said she was happy to help and left. Carly was telling Rosanna that she thought the picture was really going to help them. Meanwhile, Parker was looking at the picture. Then, he started spinning around in circles - apparently, he was channeling Jack at the wedding. Apparently, he got dizzy from all that spinning and he collapsed. Carly rushed over to him. She grabbed him and yelled "Parker, wake up!"

Meanwhile, it was the morning of a disaster waiting to happen - Chris and Ali's wedding. Ali told her mother she was nervous. Susan said there was nothing to worry about. Ali said she was upset about her argument with Aaron. She said he'd made up some awful lies about Chris. Susan said she had nothing to worry about. Ali agreed that she was right, Chris would NEVER cheat on her. In an effort to distract Ali from her worries, Susan asked if she wanted to do the something borrowed-something blue thing. Ali got excited and said she'd love to. Susan said she'd call Em and have her join them. Ali said Em was probably busy with Will's release and everything. Susan said she'd make Em come or drag her there by her hair.

Em and Hal were arguing. Hal had just told Em that Will was being released today. Em was surprised it was so soon. Hal said Jessica had gotten some signed statements in favor of his release and the judge agreed. Em wasn't pleased. Hal said he was sorry he hadn't had a chance to tell her before she found out from Lily, but Will was his son, and he had to do what he could to protect him. Em said she felt the same way about her son - and that's why she was going to take Daniel and leave. Hal begged her to reconsider. He said he loved her and Will wasn't a threat to Daniel or Parker. He said he knew they could fix their marriage if they gave it a chance - but not if Em ran away. He asked if there was some sort of compromise they could reach. Em said okay, she and Daniel would stay with her mother for a week while Will was getting settled. Then, if things were going okay, she and Daniel would come back. Hal reluctantly agreed, since he had no other choice. Em's phone rang. It was Susan, telling her to come over to her house right now. Em said she was in the middle of something, but Susan insisted she come over there right now for Ali's sake. Em agreed. She told Hal she had to go for a wedding crisis and she left.

When she arrived there, she gave Ali a blue garter for the "something blue" part. She explained that it was the garter she wore when she married Hal. (And as we can all see, their marriage is working really well.) Ali said she was such a great sister. In fact, she didn't think her relationship with Chris would have worked out if it wasn't for Em's help. If that didn't make Em feel guilty enough, then Ali said she had a gift for her. She gave Em a box and told her to open it. It was an expensive-looking necklace. Susan declared that Ali must have been saving for MONTHS to buy it. Ali exclaimed that it was worth it for the best sister in the world. Then she said she used to wish she had a "normal" family, with a father who cared about her. But she said she realized she had more than most people did - a wonderful mom and big sister who really loved her. Em kept looking guiltier by the minute.

Ali said she wanted to go for a walk for a few minutes and left. She went down to the pond and started praying out loud. She didn't realize that Aaron was behind some bushes, listening. She said she used to wish for money and expensive stuff, but she didn't care about that anymore. She said the only thing she wanted now was a happy life with Chris. She asked God to PLEASE do this one thing for her and let her have a happy life with Chris. As she was starting to leave, she ran into Aaron. She asked if he was spying on her. He said he was just out for a walk. She was still mad about what he'd told her the day before. She asked him why he made up lies about Chris. Aaron insisted he wasn't lying, but Ali wouldn't listen. She said he must still be jealous of Chris. She asked him how he could do this to her, his best friend. Aaron said he cared about her and wanted her to be happy. Ali said if that was true then he should be happy she was marrying Chris. She told him to stay out of it and let her be happy with Chris. Then she left. Aaron sat down and stared into the pond. He started seeing visions of Ali's face in the water.

Meanwhile, Susan was raking Em over the coals. She explained that a friend told her Chris was cheating on Ali with Em. She asked Em how she could do that to Ali. Em said it was just a little kissing, it wasn't a big deal. Susan asked her how she thought Ali would feel if she found out her fiancee was making out with her sister. She said Em was being selfish. She said she'd never been as disappointed with someone in her life as she was with Em. She asked Em why she shouldn't stop the wedding and tell Ali the truth. Em insisted that she and Chris weren't serious, he really loved Ali, and it would break Ali's heart if she found out the truth. Susan reluctantly agreed, for the moment anyway, but she didn't look totally convinced.

Chris was with his parents. Kim said Ali would look beautiful in her wedding dress. Chris yelled at her to stop acting like she was happy about the marriage. There he goes, trying to confuse the issue again. Bob walked in and asked what was wrong. Kim said she WAS being sincere.

Chris apologized and said it was pre-wedding jitters. He and Bob went outside. Bob said Kim was right and Chris DIDN'T look happy. He asked if it was about the "other woman" Chris had been interested in. Chris assured him that was over. He said he really did love Ali and wanted to marry her. Bob said he should get ready for his wedding then.

Paul and Jennifer brought Will home from the looney bin. He was happy to be back. He saw Parker and Daniel's drawings on the fridge. Jen said they really missed him. Will said he missed them, too. Hal came downstairs and was thrilled to see Will there. He gave him a hug and a hearty "Welcome back, son!" He said he was supposed to go to Ali's wedding soon, but didn't want to leave Will. He asked Will if he wanted to come. Will declined. Hal realized that Will needed time to get settled. He offered to skip the wedding and stay home with Will. Will said he didn't want him to do that. He said if he hadn't just come home, if it was a normal day, Hal would never skip the wedding, would he? Hal admitted he probably wouldn't. Will said he wanted everyone to act normal - and that meant Hal going to the wedding. Hal agreed and left. Paul asked Will if he wanted to shoot some hoops. Will said sure, but he wanted to eat first. He asked if there was stuff for sandwiches in the fridge. Paul said there probably was. Will got out some cold cuts and bread. Then he picked up a knife to cut the sandwiches with.

Holden told Lily that Will was being released today. Lily couldn't believe it had happened so fast either. She told Holden it was all his fault for signing the papers. Holden said there were a lot of other signatures on the papers too, he wasn't the only one who signed. Lily pointed out that if the victim's brother-in-law signed the papers, that probably got the judge's attention. Holden admitted that it did. He said he didn't think the kid should stay in the looney bin any longer. He said the doctors were convinced Will was better. Lily said it had been less than a year, and where was the proof that Will was better. She started wailing that her poor sister was dead and Will was walking free. Holden said Will didn't mean to kill Rose and she knew it. Lily said she couldn't believe Holden was taking Will's side on this. Holden said it was an accident and she needed to learn to forgive Will. He pointed out that he'd forgiven Lily for going off the deep end and generally being a pain after Lily died. Lily said she hadn't hurt anyone. Holden said yes she had, but he forgave her and so did the kids. Couldn't she forgive Will? Lily said no way, Will deserved to be locked up, and there were other people who agreed with her. She stormed out.

She went to Hal's place, apparently to talk to him or Em. She knocked on the door. Will answered, still holding the big, sharp butcher knife. Lily looked horrified to see Will, especially since he was holding the butcher knife. Will was surprised to see her too. He looked at her and imagined her face morphing into Rose's face the day of the wedding.

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