ATWT Update Wednesday 9/22/04

As the World Turns Update Wednesday 9/22/04

By Jenny
Pictures by Boo

Jack was waiting outside for his boss. Julia was inside with J.J. J.J. asked her where Jack was and if he was coming back. Julia said that Jack lived with them now, he wasn't going to leave them. Then she went outside to check on Jack. At first, he acted like his boss hadn't been able to hook him up with someone who could help him, to fake her out. Then he told her that his boss had given him a name to contact. Julia laughed and told him not to tease her. Jack said he was going to go check on the lead. Julia went back inside with J.J. She assured J.J. that Jack was living with them now, and he wouldn't ever leave them. J.J. was worried because he'd lost his hat. Julia told him it was okay, she'd buy him another one. She said he didn't have to worry about losing stuff now, the way he used to when his father was living with them. She reminded him that things were better now.

Jack went to Costello's and found the computer geek who was supposed to be good at making fake ID's. The kid said he'd need pictures of Jack. Jack assured him he had pictures. The kid asked what he wanted done. Jack said he needed a whole new identity - driver's license, social security card, birth certificate, the whole nine yards. He asked how much it would cost. The kid said it would be $1,500. Jack was shocked and admitted he didn't have that much. The computer whiz groaned that only college students could afford his prices. Jack asked if they could work out a deal. The kid said no dice, if he wanted it done it would cost $1,500, and he walked away.

Jack went to his boss and told him he needed some money to pay for the project he'd asked him about earlier. The boss asked how much. Jack told him. His boss said no way. Jack begged him to make him the loan. He said he sweep floors and wash dishes on his days off and his boss could have his tips. He'd do anything to pay him back but he really needed the money. His boss reluctantly agreed.

Jack went back over to the computer whiz and told him he'd get him the money. The kid wanted the money up front. Jack said he'd get the money, but the kid better start working on his project in the meantime. He gave the kid his pictures and left.

When Jack returned home, he found the place decorated with candles and flowers - a nice romantic setting. Julia came down the stairs in pink, strapless dress and greeted Jack.

J.J. came rushing down the stairs too. Jack hugged them both and said how happy he was to be home with them. Then he whispered to Julia that he'd talked to his contact and they might be able to get married within a day or two. Julia was excited at the news.

Meanwhile, Carly was still trying the number Jack had called her from. Rosanna was trying to talk to her logically. She asked why Jack didn't call back if it was him. Carly said there might be lots of reasons. She assured Ro that she KNEW it was Jack, she recognized his voice. Ro suggested that maybe Carly just WANTED to hear Jack's voice. Carly said no way, it was Jack and she was going to find him.

Parker came downstairs and Ro tried to get him out of the way while Carly kept making calls. She took him upstairs. Carly called the phone company and convinced them to give her the address for that number. Ro came back downstairs and Carly told her that the phone was at a rest area. She said she wanted to go straight there and look. Ro suggested that maybe they should let the police handle it. Carly said there wasn't time, they were leaving as soon as the babysitter arrived. Parker came downstairs and said he knew they were going to look for Jack. He offered to come with them and help. Carly said he'd been wonderful about helping her look for Jack, but he couldn't come with them this time. Parker said he knew, Carly had to go without him this time. Carly and Ro looked surprised. Ro asked how he knew that. Parker said he just knew. The babysitter arrived and Carly got ready to leave. Ro asked her if she really wanted to do this. Carly said she knew Jack was out there and she had to find him. She grabbed her stuff and left. Ro followed her.

They arrived at the rest area and started looking. After awhile, when nothing turned up, Ro suggested they call it quits. Carly found the phone Jack had called from and picked it up. She started getting sentimental, saying "Jack touched this phone!" She turned back around and told Ro they had to keep looking. Ro asked WHERE since they'd already done a pretty thorough search. Carly looked around and spotted a trash can. She decided to look in there. She asked Ro if she wanted to help. Ro crinkled her nose and said no thanks. Hey, sisterly love only goes so far - I'd draw the line at digging in a trash can, too! Carly was just starting to root through the trash like a raccoon when Ro spotted something in the grass. She called Carly over and they picked it up - it was J.J.'s hat. Carly looked at it, then looked inside the brim and saw his initials. She flashed back on the day at the park when Parker and J.J. argued over toys. J.J.'s mom had explained that J.J. put his initials inside everything. Carly realized this must be J.J's hat. She explained this to Ro. She told her that Jack must have been there with J.J. and his mother. She said that the little boy and his mom must live around here, and if she could find them, she'd find Jack!

Meanwhile, at the wedding rehearsal, Hal told Em they really needed to talk. Em was furious that he had petitioned the court to let Will live with them without even telling her. Hal said he planned to tell her later. That made Em even angrier.

She said it was just another example of Hal ignoring her, like when he invited Nikki to live with them without even asking her. Hal apologized. He admitted that he hadn't been there for her much, and should have told her about it. He said he was sorry he hadn't been around much and that they could work through it, but once Em saw the reports from Will's doctors, she'd be okay with him living there. Em yelled that he wasn't listening to her, she did NOT want Will living with Parker and Daniel. Hal pointed out that Parker and Daniel loved Will. "THEY DON'T KNOW HIM!" Em yelled. She pointed out that he'd been in the looney bin for months, he hadn't been with normal society. She said he probably didn't have any friends his own age, and who knew how he might have changed in the looney bin. Hal said that Will was his son, she had to understand that. Em said that wasn't fair. She said that Daniel was her son, and she didn't think Will should live with them. Hal started in about how she wasn't around that much, she'd been busy with the contest, etc, and that made Em mad. They started yelling. Chris walked in and told them whatever they were fighting about, did they have to do it hear and now? He said he didn't want them to upset Alison. Then he went back in the church. Hal said they should work this out, and suggested they ride home together so they could talk about it. Em agreed. Then Hal's phone rang. It was the station and apparently it was urgent. Hal hung up and told Em that unfortunately, he had to go. He said the station needed him. "And I don't?" Em shot back. Hal said he was sorry, they could talk about it later. Em said that was fine, but of course she was still mad. Hal left.

Meanwhile, Susan started yelling at Margo for saying that Chris was making a horrible mistake. She asked what Margo meant. Chris quickly covered, saying Margo thought it was a mistake for them to keep living with Susan after they were married. Susan was offended. She said it was none of Margo's business and there was nothing so horrible about living with her. Margo tried to explain she hadn't meant that but Susan cut her off. She said they all got along fine living together, and she thought Margo should stay out of it. Margo excused herself to go find Casey.

Aaron had just told Ali he loved her. Ali was, well, less than thrilled. Actually, she was horrified. She told Aaron that was just insane and she couldn't deal with it right now, she had to go to her wedding rehearsal. Aaron told her to hold on. Ali got angry then. She said she spent a year chasing Aaron, she burned down a barn for him, she DID TIME IN PRISON for him, and NOW HE DECIDES HE LOVES HER??? Well, she did have a point there. Aaron said he'd just recently realized how much he loved her and started listing all the many things he loved about her. Ali said she had to go to rehearsal. Aaron said she couldn't marry Chris. Ali got frustrated, saying he was STILL jealous of Chris. Aaron insisted that that wasn't it. Ali demanded to know what it was then. Finally, Aaron told her that Chris was involved with another woman. Ali didn't believe him. She accused him of making up lies about Chris just so he could have her to himself. She said she didn't love him ESPECIALLY now, in fact she HATED him for lying to her about the Greatest Guy on Earth, Chris Hughes. Then she stormed off to rehearsal.

Susan had heard the tail end of the conversation, but didn't know what they were fighting about. She asked Aaron. He said it was a long story. She asked if it was about the wedding plans. Aaron said he wasn't going to be in the wedding. Susan said he HAD to tell her what was going on. He said he told Ali something she didn't want to hear. Susan wanted to know what it was. Aaron said it had to do with Chris and Emily and why Ali shouldn't marry Chris, but wouldn't tell her any more than that.

Meanwhile, Ali arrived at rehearsal, extremely late. Chris said he was about to send out a search party. He gave her a hug and kiss and said he wanted to give her the wedding of her dreams. Ali was excited. The minister suggested they get started, since he still had a funeral to go to.

Susan walked Ali down the aisle and the minister explained that they'd say their vows, etc. Ali begged him to go through the whole thing in detail. He agreed and recited the vows that they were supposed to repeat, although at the end he got impatient and inserted "Blah blah blah" for a few of the last vows. Then it was time for the kiss-the-bride part. Ali and Chris gave that a good, long rehearsal. When they finally stopped smooching, the minister had to leave and everyone went home. Ali went home with Susan and Em.

Chris went to check on their honeymoon suite. He found a lacy nightgown of Ali's lying on the bed. He picked it up and started imagining their wedding night. He imagined hearing Ali tell him to turn around and look at her. But when he turned around, he was looking at a topless Emily! Chris shook himself out of his daydream, looking worried.

Meanwhile, Aaron was daydreaming about Ali. He was at Metro, blending what looked like a daiquiri. Probably it reminded him of the time he and Ali made smoothies together. He thought back on all his memories with Ali - making pottery, searching for the key, Ali diving into the pond to get the key, etc. He muttered that he'd been a fool to tell Ali how he felt. (I guess he won't be taking any more advice from Lucy!) He looked angry and sad that Ali had rejected him. He kept blending the daiquiri and daydreaming about all his fond memories of Ali.

At the Stewart house, Chris daydreams about his wedding night with Alison. When Alison tells Chris to turn around because she has a surprise for him Chris sees Emily not Alison. The doorbell rings and Emily arrives to drop of some things for Alison. Chris tells Emily they must talk but is interrupted by a phone call from Alison who just needed to hear his voice. Alison tells Chris she loves him and Chris says the same back to her. Emily leaves While Chris is on the phone with Alison.

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