ATWT Update Wednesday 9/22/04

As the World Turns Update Wednesday 9/22/04

By Eva
Pictures by Boo

Outside the Church, Hal tells Emily he can’t turn his back on his son. Emily thinks Hal must have some experience turning his back on people because that is all he has been doing to her lately.

Inside the Church Susan wonders why Margo thinks Chris is making a big mistake. Chris tells a puzzled Susan that Margo thinks he and Alison shouldn’t move into a new apartment right now. Susan agrees and tells Chris that if he is worried about privacy once they are married it won’t be a problem. Chris explains to Susan that Bob got him a really good deal on an apartment close to the hospital. Susan blasts Margo for sticking her nose in other people’s business. Chris calms Susan down by telling her that Margo was just concerned about him and Alison.

Outside the Church, Alison is stunned when Aaron tells her that he loves her. Alison thinks Aaron just loves her as a friend and tells him she must go inside because she is late. Aaron stops her from leaving and gives her a kiss.

At Jack and Carly’s house, Carly is positive she heard Jack’s voice on the phone. Rosanna has some doubts and tries to persuade Carly not to get her hopes up. Rosanna asks Carly if the person on the phone gave her any other hint that it was Jack. Carly thinks Jack somehow knew that she and Parker were in danger and called to check on them. Carly explains that she only talked to Jack briefly because he was in cop mode and only wanted to speak to big dog and Wyoming. Carly is determined to find Jack no matter what other people think of what she is doing.

At Nurse Julia’s place, Jack plays a joke on Julia by pretending that his boss Frank refused to help him get identification. Julia is very understanding and tells them they don’t need a piece of paper to be together. Jack smiles and tells Julia he was only Joking with her. Jack gives Julia a kiss and goes to find out how he can get the identification he needs to Marry Julia.

Outside the Church, Alison thinks Aaron is crazy to be in love with someone like her. Aaron assures her he isn’t Crazy because he loves every aspect of her personality. Alison tries to make Aaron realize she is getting married tomorrow. Aaron tells her that today was his last chance to let he know how he feels about her. Alison wonders why Aaron is trying to ruin her life. Hal apologizes to Emily for neglecting her and wonders why Emily never mentioned anything to him before about feeling neglected by him. Emily explains to Hal that she tried to explain how lonely she was many times but he was always busy with the police station, Nikki, Parker or Barbara. Emily is angry that Hal forgot to consult her about the decision to have Will live with them if he is released from the mental hospital. Emily thinks Hal has been making to many decisions without consulting her first she also mentions that Hal didn’t bother to ask her if Nikki could move in with them when she arrived in Oakdale. Emily demands that Hal start treating her like a wife and Partner again or she might leave him.

At Jack and Carly’s place, Carly gets a call from the phone company which gives her the address of the rest stop from which Jack made his Phone call to her.

At Nurse Julia’s place, J.J. apologizes to Julia for losing his baseball cap. Julia explains to her son that his losing something isn’t a big deal anymore like it was in El Paso when they lived with his father. Julia wonders how J.J. feels about her decision to marry Jack. J.J. assures his mom that he likes jack and things are better now since the three of them are together. Julia asks J.J to go upstairs and take a bath. J.J. thinks the bath is punishment for losing his baseball cap. Julia explains to J.J. that the bath isn’t a punishment she just wants everything to be perfect for a very special night.

At Costello’s bar, Jack meets with the man Frank (Jack’s boss) told him could get him the Identification he needs to marry Julia. The man tells Jack that it will cost him $1500 to get the identification Jack explains he doesn’t have that kind of money. The man is annoyed Jack wasted his time and leaves the bar.

Outside the Church, Aaron explains to Alison that despite the fact he was mad at her for losing the keys to the kingdom contest he enjoyed every minute of the contest because it meant he could spend more time with her. Alison gives an aron a punch in the chest and wonders why he couldn’t have told her this last year when she was chasing after him so much that he broke up with the love of his life. Aaron explains to Alison that Lucy wasn’t the love of his life. Aaron also explains to Alison that he just recently realized how he feels about her. Aaron tells Alison that Chris doesn’t love her as much as he (loves her. Aaron explains to Alison that Chris is only marrying her because he doesn’t have the guts to call off the wedding and tell her he is in love with another woman. Hal tells Emily he wants his marriage to be better and vows to prove to Emily how much he loves her. Emily refuses to have Will live with them because she is afraid for the safety of Daniel and Parker.

Inside the Church, Susan is still puzzled as to why Margo felt she had to interfere in Chris and Alison’s decision to get an apartment. Chris once again explains to Susan that Margo was just concerned about them. Chris promises Susan that he will make Alison happy.

Outside the Church, Hal tells Emily that Will needs a home with people that love him and he is about to say but if you (Meaning Emily) are always away from home when Chris arrives and interrupts their conversation. Chris takes the blame for Emily being away from home because she was helping him with the Keys to the Kingdom contest. Chris assures Hal that since the contest is over Emily will have more time to spend at home. Chris asks Emily and Hal to continue their conversation later so they won’t run the wedding rehearsal for Alison. They all wonder where Alison might be. Alison slaps Aaron and refuses to go anywhere with him when he asks her to go someplace to talk. An angry Alison tells Aaron she hates him and never wants to see him again. Susan wonders what made Alison so angry with Aaron that she slapped him. Aaron tells Susan to ask Emily that question. Susan wonders what Emily has to do with the situation and assures Aaron that whatever made Alison angry can be fixed. Aaron tells Susan this problem can’t be fixed and if she wants to know what the problem is she should ask Alison because he can’t help her.

At Costello’s bar, Jack asks Frank to loan him the $1500 to get the identification he needs to marry Julia. Frank is worried that Jack is in trouble with the police that is why he needs identification. Jack assures Frank he isn’t in trouble with the law. Frank agrees to loan Jack the money to buy the identification.

At Jack and Carly’s place, Parker has a hard time finding his baseball glove. Carly finds the glove for him. Parker figures out that Carly and Rosanna are going to look for Jack. At first Parker is upset that Carly didn’t tell him about it until Carly explains that he has been a really big help but… Parker finishes the sentence for her by saying this time she has to go alone. Parker’s ride to the game arrives and Carly tells Rosanna that sometimes Parker scares her because he knows her feelings so well.

Outside the Church, Chris finds Alison and Alison hugs him and wishes that they could get married today instead of tomorrow. Chris gives Alison a kiss and tells her your wish is my command.

Inside the Church, Chris asks the reverend to wait a few minutes before he leaves so they can have the rehearsal the reverend agrees to stay to finish the rehearsal. Chris and Alison say their vows to each other and then kiss. Susan watches Emily and wonders why she is crying. Alison tells Emily to save some tears for the real wedding. Casey wonders if Chris is going to have a bachelor party. Chris tells Casey he doesn’t want a party. Chris explains that he is planning to put the finishing touches on the honeymoon suite at the Lakeview. After everyone leaves the church, Alison tells Chris she can’t wait to marry him tomorrow. Chris and Alison declare their love for each other, kiss and hold hands as they leave the church.

Outside the church, Hal wants to talk to Emily as they ride home but is interrupted in his conversation with her when the phone rings and he must go to the station. Hal apologizes to Emily and says they need him at the station. Emily wonders if Hal Will ever understands that she needs him too. Emily tells Hal to go to the station. Hal promises Emily they will finish their conversation later.

At the church, Susan wonders why Alison has been crying. Alison explains to Susan that Aaron was never her friend because he said the most hateful things to her. Alison tells Susan that Aaron told her Chris is in love with another woman and that he even saw them together. Alison makes it clear to her mother that she doesn’t believe a word Aaron told her.

At Costello’s bar, Jack asks Andrew to start working on his identification because he will have the money to pay him for it soon.

Carly and Rosanna arrive at the rest stop to search for any evidence that will lead them to Jack. A few feet away a baseball cap with the initials J.J. is caught on a bush.

At Margo and Tom’s place, The Hughes family arrives home and comment on the strange wedding rehearsal. Casey asks Tom to stay and have pizza with them but tom takes a rain check saying he has work to do. Margo tries to ask Tom again to stay for dinner but he again takes a rain check.

At Metro, Aaron has a flashback of all the wonderful times he shared with Alison.

At the rest stop, Carly gets ready to search the garbage can for a clue that will. Lead to Jack. Before she can do that Rosanna notices the baseball cap caught on a bush. Carly notices the initial J.J on the cap and flashes back to when J.J fought with Parker over a toy. Carly remembers that the woman (meaning Julia) explained to her that the toy belonged to J.J. because she put his initials on all his toys for school.

At Nurse Julia’s house, Jack arrives home to a wonderful homecoming. Jack gives J.J. a new baseball cap. Julia sends J.J. upstairs. Jack gives Julia beautiful flowers. Jack tells Julia he can’t wait until tomorrow when they are married and they officially become a family. Jack and Julia share a kiss.

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