ATWT Update Tuesday 9/21/04

As the World Turns Update Tuesday 9/21/04

By Eva
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At Metro, Alison apologizes to Aaron for not getting to the World Wide offices when he called her and causing them both to lose the Keys to the kingdom contest. Alison tells Aaron that she appreciates all the help he gave her during the contest. Alison asks Aaron to forgive her and come to her wedding rehearsal because it wouldn't feel right not having him there with her. Aaron refuses to come to the wedding rehearsal. Alison thinks Aaron is refusing to come to the wedding rehearsal because he is jealous of Chris. Aaron is hurt by Alison's comment and explains to her that he could never be Jealous of someone like Chris Hughes. Alison wants to know why Aaron would say something like that about Chris. Aaron doesn't want to hurt Alison so he tells her that he doesn't know why he just said that and he should not say anything more. Alison keeps pushing Aaron for an answer until Aaron finally says Chris doesn't deserve you. Alison is even more puzzled by this remark. Aaron refuses to say anything more about the subject.

Kim tells Chris that Bob won't be able to come to the wedding rehearsal because he has to perform surgery. Kim thinks it shouldn't matter much if Bob misses the rehearsal because Chris and Alison are the stars of the wedding. Chris is grateful that his mother has made such an effort to get along with Alison. Kim assures her son that it really didn't take much of an effort on her part. Because she just wants him to be happy. Kim doesn't think Chris looks very happy and she worries that he has something on his mind. Chris assures his mother that he is a happy man because there is no reason for him to be unhappy.

At Hal and Emily's, Emily has a flashback of when Chris declared his love for her. Lily who arrives to speak with her about Will interrupts Emily's thoughts. Emily is stunned when she learns that Hal, Paul, and Jennifer have petitioned the court for Will to be released from the hospital early on the condition that Will live with Hal. Lily pleads with Emily as Rose's friend that she do everything she can to protect her (Meaning Lily's) family. Lily also points out that Will will be living under the same roof as little Daniel. Emily tells Lily she understands how she feels because she has come to realize the importance of family.

At Jack and Carly's house, Carly is surprised to hear Jack's voice on the phone. Jack asks Carly if she is okay but before Carly Can respond to his question Jack tells her that he knows who is in the house with them and demands she put him on the phone. (Jack thinks that he is talking to Julia) When Sky Dog takes the phone he tells Jack that she (meaning Carly) is busy right now. Jack warns Sky Dog that if he harms one hair on her head he will rip him apart. Sky dog Cuts off the phone call while Carly yells no. Rosanna arrives and Sky Dog and Wyoming run out the door. Carly tells Rosanna she just spoke to Jack on the phone. Parker asks if it was Jack on the phone and Carly gladly confirms to him that she did speak to Jack. Carly asks Parker to get the other phone from the bedroom. Carly dials star 69 because she must call Jack back before its too late. Carly tells Parker that he was right the whole time Jack is alive. Carly asks Rosanna to call Hal so that Rosanna can describe the car that Wyoming and Sky Dog were driving. Rosanna calls Hal and tells him there is a situation with Carly and he must come right away. Carly tells Hal she really needs him to come as soon as possible.

At Emily and Hal's place, Lily explains to Emily that Will's doctors think he is cured and Rose hasn't even been dead a year yet. Lily can't understand how Will could be cured so fast. Lily tells Emily that despite everyone telling her that Will didn't mean to kill Rose she doesn't feel any better about Will Lily still thinks Will is a danger to people and should remain in the mental hospital. Emily promises to go speak to Hal about the situation and do everything she can to protect both their families.

At Jack and Carly's place, Carly explains what happened with Sky Dog and Wyoming to Hal and asks him to put out an APB. Rosanna describes the car that Sky Dog and Wyoming were driving to Hal. Hal puts out an APB on the two men. Cary thinks that Sky Dog and Wyoming are holding Jack hostage and wanted her to pay them for his release. Carly is upset with herself because she refused to give them any money. Rosanna takes Parker upstairs to get ready for his baseball game although Parker wants to stay and hear the conversation about Jack.

At Metro, Aaron thinks that Chris is aware that he isn't perfect but that doesn't give him the right to judge other people. Alison thinks Chris could be judgmental if he wanted to be because he is a member of the Hughes family. Alison explains to Aaron that Chris really has been wonderful considering all the trouble they have had with their mothers not getting along. Alison also adds that Chris and Emily tried to help her win the contest. Aaron tells Alison that Chris and Emily have made a really good team. Alison is confused by Aaron's remark but Aaron refuses to explain it to her. Aaron makes it clear to Alison that he can't come to the wedding. Alison is upset and thinks Aaron is trying to blow her off and forget all about her. Aaron tells Alison that he could never forget her but he just can't come to the wedding. Alison tells Aaron to have a nice life and leaves Metro. Curtis tells Aaron that he isn't fooling anyone because he (Curtis) can see that Aaron is in love with Alison. Aaron tells Curtis that he is right but he never had a chance with Alison. Curtis thinks Aaron is scared of getting shot down by Alison. Aaron explains to Curtis that he never took off because Alison is engaged to another man. Curtis encourages Aaron to at least tell Alison how he feels about her.

At Nurse Julia's house, Julia shows Jack the note from Les to J.J. that she found in J.J.'s backpack. Julia explains to Jack she thinks Les slipped the note into J.J.'s backpack when J.J left the backpack out by the fence last night. Jack wants a fresh start with Julia and thinks that the best way to protect her and J.J. from Les is for them to be married. Jack explains to Julia that if they marry Les will know that Jack will never leave them alone and unprotected. Jack wants Julia to forget about the past and concentrate on a future with him. Julia isn't so sure that she can forget about her past with Les. Jack assures Julia that he isn't proud of the past that he does remember and he wants to put it behind him. Jack assures Julia that he loves her and wants to marry her.

At Tom and Margo's place, Margo pleads with Tom to give their marriage a second chance and fight for what they have together. Margo asks Tom if he would be willing to spend some time with her and Casey. Margo also asks Tom if he would be willing to spend some time alone with her to try and work things out between them. Casey comes down stairs and he and his dad argue about who should drive to the church for the wedding rehearsal. . Tom finally decides to let Margo drive the car. Tom asks Margo if she wouldn't mind driving over to the wedding rehearsal with them. Margo smiles and says she loves the idea.

At Jack and Carly's place, Hal thinks Carly is getting her hopes up about Jack being alive. Hal gently tries to tell Carly that the person she spoke to might not have been Jack. Carly insists that she spoke to Jack and he is alive. Carly explains to Hal that she tried to use star 69 but it didn't work. Hal promises to get someone from the police station to call and check out the phone number of the person that called her. Carly persuades Hal to have the phone company call her and give her the phone number of the telephone Jack used to make the call. Carly thinks that Jack is in trouble or confused and if the police call him he might get scared and run away. Hal is worried that this search will only break Carly's heart. Hal admits to Carly that he wishes it were true that Jack was alive. Hal advises Carly that if this lead doesn't work out they must find a way to help Parker deal with Jack's death. Carly promises Hal they will do that if this lead turns out to be false. Carly rushes Hal out so he can go call the police station. Rosanna comes downstairs and is also worried that Carly is getting her hopes up. Rosanna wonders why Jack didn't call back if he knew Carly were in danger. Carly can't explain why Jack didn't call back except to say that Jack might be in danger himself. Carly also thinks that Jack's phone might have been cut of because he was using a cell phone. Rosanna tells her sister to calm down and not panic. Carly gets a call from the phone company giving her the phone number from the place Jack called her. Carly quickly writes down the number thanks the person on the other line and hangs up the phone. Carly explains to Rosanna that jack called from a rest stop. Carly quickly finds a map.

At Nurse Julia's place, Jack tells Julia someone is on his or her way to meet him right now. Julia isn't so sure that Jack's plan will work. Jack tells Julia he is going to wait outside so J.J. doesn't here his conversation. Julia asks Jack one more time if he is sure that he wants to marry her. Julia tells Jack to be sure he wants to take on a woman with a son and a crazy ex-husband who will probably come after them. Jack tells Julia he isn't afraid of her husband Les. Jack assures Julia he wants to marry her. Jack asks Julia if she is sure she wants to marry him. Julia says that she is done being noble from now on she is going to be selfish and be happy. Julia tells Jack she will marry him. Jack jokes that he wishes he had thought of the idea. Jack gives Julia a kiss and tells her to hope the plan works. Jack goes outside to wait on the person he is meeting.

At the church, the reverend tells everyone that he must preside over a funeral in an hour and he must start the rehearsal. Emily arrives and the reverend tells her she won't fool him into thinking she is the bride again. Emily explains to everyone that it was all a mistake because she went to see the minister with Alison and arrived at his office before Alison so the Reverend thought she was the bride. The reverend wants Emily to take Alison's place at the rehearsal and walk her through it later. Everyone wonders where Alison could be.

Outside the church Alison is arrives and is about to go into the church until Aaron calls her name. Alison is happy that Aaron decided to come to the rehearsal. Aaron explains he won't be at her wedding. Alison tells Chris she is late and starts to go inside the church but Aaron stops her again. Aaron tells her she can't marry Chris until she hears the truth about him.

Inside the church, Emily and Chris face each other and get ready to say the vows but when Chris grabs Emily's hand to say the vows Emily suddenly says she can't do this and walks away from Chris. Chris and Emily cover by saying that Alison should be there not her. Emily goes outside to get some air. Hal interrupts Alison and Aaron's Conversation just when Alison is Telling Aaron she won't hear anymore Chris bashing from him. Alison tells Hal that Emily is inside the church. Alison tells Aaron that she needs to be inside now and she hopes what he has to say won't take long. Hal notices Emily coming outside just as he is about to go inside the church. Hal wonders if anything is wrong. Emily tells him nothing is wrong. Hal tells Emily to tell him what happened inside the church or he will ask Margo about it. . Emily is angry that Hal didn't consult her about whether Will should move in with them or not she had to find out from someone else. Emily refuses to allow Will to move into the house with them. Hal promises Emily they will talk after the rehearsal.

Inside the church, Susan apologizes for Emily's behavior. Margo pulls Chris aside and asks him what the problem is between he and Emily. Chris tells Margo its nothing but Mar Margo tells Chris they can't even hold hands without sparks flying. Margo thinks that Chris would be making a mistake Marrying Alison. Susan overhears the words mistake and wonders why Margo thinks Chris is making a big mistake.

Outside the church, Aaron admits to Alison that she can't marry Chris because Chris doesn't Love her the way he (Aaron) loves her. Alison isn't sure she heard Aaron's words Aaron repeats the words I love you to Alison.

At Nurse Julia's, J.J thinks that Jack was going to leave them because he was mad that he (J.J.) lost his baseball cap. Julia explains to her son that Jack left the rest stop in a hurry because he was worried about her. J.J. also thinks that Jack might have remembered something and he wants to leave them. Julia explains to her son that Jack did remember something about his past but he decided it was a bad thing so Jack is going to stay with them. J,J. and Julia are happy because they won for one in their lives.

Outside the house, Jack wants his boss Frank to use his connections to help him solve a problem. Jack tells Frank he needs help getting a new life right away.

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