ATWT Update Monday 9/20/04

As the World Turns Update Monday 9/20/04

By Jenny
Pictures by Boo

Will visited Barbara in her room at the looney bin. She was tied to the bed with restraints. She woke up and saw Will standing there. She said she was so glad to see him. Then she asked him what he was thinking, telling her to wear the uniform and come visit her when the rest of the family was there.

Will started to explain, but she cut him off, saying she realized he must not have known they were coming. Will informed her that he did know, that everything went just as he planned. Barbara didn't believe it. She didn't believe Will would have set her up like that. (Hey, like mother like son Barbara!) She asked Will what happened to his plan to get them both out of the looney bin. Will said his plan was to get himself out of the looney bin, but leave her there where she belonged. He said that Hal and Paul were working on getting him out of there. He said they were going to tell a judge that he wasn't safe there with Barbara. Barbara begged him to reconsider. She reminded him of her plan, for them to escape together. She said they could start new lives somewhere else. Will said he wanted to get out so he could see his friends, go to movies, have a normal life again instead of being trapped in a mental hospital. Barbara said they could do that together.

Will said no, Barbara belonged here, she had ruined his life. He said he finally realized what a bad effect she had on him. He said she had always needed him, that he had felt it was his responsibility to make her happy. He said he had done some horrible things (referring to Rose's poisoning)to make her happy. But he said he realized she would never be happy, and it wasn't his problem in the first place. He was getting out of the looney bin and she was staying there where she belonged.

Barbara begged him to reconsider again. She said that Will needed her, just like she needed him. She said he was her baby, her "little lamb". (Barbara, you're going to have to stop before all the viewers barf!)Then she begged Will to untie come closer and untie her. Will did come closer, then he leaned over and told her he wouldn't untie her if the building was on fire. Then he walked out. Barbara started screaming his name, over and over, and got hysterical. A nurse came into the room and tried to calm her down.

Meanwhile, Paul caught up with Jessica in front of Lily's house. Jessica told him she was going to ask Lily and Holden to sign the petition for Will's release, but she thought it best if Paul didn't come with her. Paul said he thought he should go talk to Lily. Jessica said she didn't think that was a good idea. Paul thought that Lily could have some compassion, since he'd lost Rose too. Jessica said she wanted him to wait outside so she'd have a better chance of convincing Lily. She said if Lily, the victim's family, signed the petition, it would give them a better chance. She said she thought she could convince Lily to understand that Will was just a confused child.

Lily opened the door and overheard them talking. She said no way was she going to forgive Will. Jess and Paul asked if they could come in. Lily reluctantly agreed. Jess explained why she wanted Lily to sign the petition. Lily said no way would she sign that, Will was responsible for her sister's murder. Paul said that Will didn't mean to kill Rose, he only wanted to make her sick, it was all really an accident. Lily said that was Will's story, he deliberately poisoned Rose and he was responsible for her death. Holden walked in and asked what was going on. Jess told him that she wanted him and Lily to sign the petition. She said they were trying to protect Will from Barbara, who had caused him to be screwed up in the first place. She said with Barbara in the same hospital, Will wasn't safe. Lily suggested they get him transferred somewhere else. Jess said she had a statement from Will's doctors saying what great progress he'd made. Holden said they'd read it and think it over. Lily said no way, she was never going to sign that thing. She told Paul she was sorry his little brother was desperately ill, but he should not be released. Holden said they'd read the documents and discuss it. Lily looked furious. Jess told Holden to consider it after reading the statement, then she and Paul left.

After they were gone, Lily restated to Holden that she was not going to sign the documents. Holden read the statement and said he thought they should consider it. Lily said no way. Holden said that if she'd read the statement, she'd see what great progress Will had made. He said he thought Will should get another chance. Lily started screaming that that wasn't fair, why should he be able to have his life back, to go to school and college and get married and have kids and have a great life while her poor sister was LYING IN A GRAVE IN NEW JERSEY! Holden said he knew she was upset, but Will was just a kid who didn't know what he was doing, and he deserved a second chance. Lily said Holden was crazy to think so. Holden said he was going to the courthouse and sign the documents if she wouldn't, and he walked out the door. Lily looked angry and upset.

Paul went to visit Will at the looney bin. Will asked how they were doing with the effort to get him released. Paul said that Hal and Jess were working on it. He said there were a lot of people on Will's side and that would help. Will said he knew there were some people who wouldn't want him released - Lily and her family. Paul said not to worry about that, there were doing everything they could. Will said he was responsible for Rose's death and he had to live with that for the rest of his life. Paul said he understood. Will said he couldn't understand. Paul pointed out that he had tried to kill his father once. "But he didn't die," Will pointed out. "I wish he had," Paul said seriously. "No, you don't," Will said. "You don't want to be locked up like this." Paul told Will to just focus on getting better. He said he and Hal and Jessica were all working to get Will out. Then he hugged Will goodbye and left.

Rosanna was with Carly at her home. Carly had been getting all sorts of calls after her TV appeal for info on Jack. Unfortunately, none of them panned out. People wanted to know where she had her hair done, did she want to buy something, etc. There were also a lot of cranks who claimed to have seen Jack in every foreign capital in the world. Ro asked Carly if she thought Jack really had left the country. Carly said of course not, Jack had lost his wallet with his ID and social security card, he could never leave the country. She said the people calling were just cranks. Ro assured her that it only took one person who was serious and she could find Jack. She told Carly to just keep waiting and hoping someone who really knew where Jack was would call. Parker came downstairs and asked what was going on. Carly tried to change the subject and sent him upstairs with Ro to check on Sage.

Meanwhile, Skydog and Wyoming, the hippies Jack talked to, tried to call Carly again. Carly answered and Wyoming asked if she was the pretty lade on TV. Carly immediately thought it was another crank call. Wyoming explained that his name was Wyoming - he called himself that to remind himself that he could never go back to Wyoming - ever. Carly, thinking he was a crank, hung up on him.

Ro came back downstairs with Parker. She suggested they all go out for breakfast, but then realized that Carly had to stay by the phone. Then she suggested that she go out, get some food, and come back. She Parker if he wanted to go with her, but he said he had to stay there with Carly. Ro said she'd be back soon and left.

Carly looked at Parker's rash and asked if he wanted her to put more cream on it. Parker said it wouldn't help. The phone rang again. Carly sent Parker out of the room while she answered it.

It was Wyoming and Skydog again. They tried to tell Carly that they'd seen Jack in a parking lot the day before. Skydog was telling Wyoming that Carly needed to pay for the information. Carly overheard and thought they were trying to rip her off. She told them that if they really had info on Jack, they should call the cops. They said they couldn't deal with the cops, only with her. Carly said if they ever called her again trying to extort money, she'd sic the Oakdale P.D. on them and hung up.

After she hung up, Wyoming and Skydog decided to go talk to her in person. Wyoming told Skydog that they were just going to talk to her, they weren't going to hurt anybody. Skydog said he wasn't the one who broke that other lady's jaw the last time they tried to "talk" to somebody. Wyoming said ok, they should just go talk to her.

They somehow found Carly's house and waited until they saw Ro leave. Then they rang the doorbell. Parker said not to answer it, it was something bad. Carly said don't be silly, they didn't even know who it was. She went to the door and yelled "Who is it?" Skydog and Wyoming identified themselves. Carly quickly locked the deadbolt and yelled at them to go away. Skydog said they just wanted to talk. Carly yelled at Parker to go upstairs and call his dad at the police station. Skydog said Parker was a little busy. Carly turned around and saw that Wyoming had grabbed Parker. He must have snuck in the back door. Carly told him to take his hands off her son. Wyoming told her to just open the door and no one would get hurt. Carly stepped away from the door and Wyoming opened it, letting go of Parker. Parker ran to Carly and she hugged him. She asked Skydog and Wyoming what they wanted. They launched into their sob story about not having money nad how they hadn't eaten in two days. Carly said she had some money in her purse upstairs. They told her to go get it, but leave Parker with them. Carly said she didn't care what they stole from the house, but she wasn't going anywhere without her son.

Meanwhile, Jack and Julia discussed his proposal from the night before. Julia said she was still concerned that the other Julia would come back looking for Jack. Jack said if that happened, he certainly wouldn't want his ex-wife who tried to kill him, so it wasn't like she posed a threat to nuJulia. Julia said she was just afraid to get into another relationship and have it turn out badly. Jack said he understood, the last guy who proposed to her obviously turned out to be a jerk. Then he noticed that Julia was wearing the ring he had taken off. He said he thought he told her to get rid of it. Julia sheepishly admitted that she wanted to know what it felt like to be "Mrs. Jack Jackson". Jack hugged her and said that if his ex showed up, he'd do whatever "legal stuff" was necessary to get rid of her. And if he woke up one day and remembered more of his past, fine, but he was still going to want Julia in his present and future. He said they had to live for the moment and he wanted to be with her and J.J.

J.J. came home and Julia told him that Jack was taking him to the baseball game because she had to work. J.J. was excited. Jack told him to go wait in the car. Julia saw how happy J.J. was to have Jack in his life. Jack asked if she'd be okay by herself. Julia said she was fine, the cops were watching the house. Jack kissed her goodbye and left.

After he left, Julia was cleaning the house and found a backpack of J.J.'s. It was heavy and she opened it up to see what was in it. She found the icky bottle that she thought she'd thrown out - but that J.J. had secretly saved. That was the bottle that Had the pic of Jack and his family in it, of course. But she couldn't tell that by looking at the bottle, since it was muddy and dirty. She rolled her eyes and muttered how she thought she'd thrown the bottle out. She put it on the table and kept looking through the backpack. She found a note that Les had left for J.J. saying he would come back to see him again. Julia was horrified.

Meanwhile, Jack and J.J. arrived at the park. J.J. went to the restroom while Jack looked around. Jack looked at some tire tracks in the ground, and apparently saw something that worried him or sparked a memory. He jumped up and exclaimed "Somebody's in trouble!" He thought it might be Julia and rushed to a payphone. J.J. came back and Jack asked if he had any change. J.J. gave him some coins and Jack made a phone call. Somehow he ended up calling Carly instead of Julia. It wasn't really clear to me how he got the number - I guess either he remembered it suddenly or the hippies scratched it in the mud and he saw it. Anyway, he called Carly's number and the phone rang at her place. The hippies told her to go ahead and answer. She grabbed the phone and said hello. Jack, apparently thinking he was talking to Julia, said "Hey, it's Jack." Carly recognized his voice of course. The hippies told her to hang up the phone. "Jack!" she shrieked into the phone.

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