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As the World Turns Update Friday 9/17/04

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At the hospital, Ben thanks the young doctor who has been covering for him while he recovered from his hand injury. The doctor jokes that he has been spending so much time at the hospital he thinks his wife is dating another man. Ben doesn't think the joke is funny and advises the young doctor not to take his marriage for granted. The young doctor thinks that his wife would never cheat on him. Ben tells him that wives do cheat on their husbands.

He takes out the bottle of pain pills and flashes back to when he wrote the prescription for Henry but kept the medicine for himself. Jessica arrives and wonders why Ben is holding a bottle of pills with the name "Henry Coleman" on it. Ben yells that Henry is a patient and his professional and personal life is none of her concern anymore.

At Mike's place, Nikki and Mike arrive with Henry. Henry tells them that he had a few martinis before he went rock climbing with them. Nikki goes to the kitchen to make some coffee, and Mike turns on the radio to keep Henry awake.

At the state mental hospital, Hal and Paul call security, and two hospital guards arrive to take Barbara back to her room. Barbara yells that neither Hal nor the courts will be able to keep her away from her son. Will thinks that Barbara bursting into his room is his fault. Jennifer assures her brother that this situation isn't his fault.

At Nurse Julia's house, J.J. calls his mom to ask if he can stay up late to watch the "creature feature" on television. Julia tells her son he can't stay up late. Julia says good-night to her son and hangs up the phone. Jack wants to stay up late and watch the "creature feature." Julia thinks Jack must have been a handyman, because he fixed the broken downspout. Jack and Julia kiss.

At Jack and Carly's house, Carly explains to Parker that they are going to go from house to house searching for Jack, just like the prince in "Cinderella" searched every house for the girl to fit the glass slipper. Parker thinks it's too late because they have lost Jack. Carly assures Parker she won't let it be too late.

At the state mental hospital, Paul and Hal blast Doctor Walters for allowing Barbara to get into Will's room. Barbara tells the doctor it was her fault because she was desperate to see her son, and she again tells everyone that nobody will keep her away from him. Hal and Paul decide to call Jessica so she can arrange a hospital transfer for Will, or maybe an early release.

Dr. Walters tells Hal, Paul and Jennifer that Barbara must be sedated. Jennifer asks to speak to her mother before she is sedated. Barbara begs Jennifer to help her.

At the hospital, Jessica brings Ben his mail and asks to speak with him so they can both try to understand what went wrong in their marriage. Jessica begs Ben for another chance and tells him she will do anything to save their marriage. Ben yells that she is to blame for their break-up, and all he wants from her now is a divorce. Jessica wonders why Ben has become such a bitter man. Ben yells that she is the person who made him bitter.

At Nurse Julia's place, Jack and Julia are still kissing; when they stop, Julia tells Jack she wants him to stay for a long time because she and J.J. feel safe with him. She is afraid that his wife will come for him and try to hurt him again. Julia never thought she could be this happy again. Jack assures Julia that living with her and J..J. feels like home, and he is never leaving them.

At Jack and Carly's place, Kim arrives with a television crew so Carly can make an on-air plea for people to help find Jack. Kim tells Carly that all the T.V. stations in Illinois are broadcasting her plea for help.

At the state hospital, Hal asks Will how he feels about Barbara coming into his room. Hal urges Will not to hide his feelings from him. Will tells his father that, after much therapy at the hospital, he realizes that Barbara was supposed to protect him, not the other way around. Will doesn't think he belongs in the hospital, but Barbara does belong there. Barbara begs Jennifer not to let the courts or the hospital keep her away from Will. Jennifer blasts Barbara for taking away Will's childhood and letting her only concern be about getting her own way. Jennifer thinks Will was making some progress until Barbara arrived at the hospital. Barbara insists that Will has made progress because she arrived at the hospital. Barbara tells Jennifer that Will has been visiting her, and he gave her the nurse's uniform. After Barbara's comments, Jennifer is positive her mother is insane. Jennifer vows that Barbara will never get near her brother again. Jennifer leaves the room and tells the doctor to sedate her mother heavily. Barbara shouts that she will always be Jennifer's mother. Jennifer tells Paul she must leave and get on with her life.

At the hospital, Jessica gets a call from Paul, who needs to speak to her because he is afraid for Will's safety.

At Jack and Carly's place, Carly makes her plea to the public while Parker holds up a picture of Jack. Carly says that Jack is missing and thought to be suffering from amnesia. She asks people to call the number on the screen.

At Nurse Julia's house, Jack turns the volume down on the televison, and he and Julia begin to make love. Carly and Parker come on the T.V. screen, but Jack doesn't see them because he is busy with Julia. The cable goes out after a few minutes because of the storm.

Wyoming and Big Dog see Carly's plea on T.V.. and recognize Jack; after some debate as to what they should do, they write down the number and make a few calls, but every time they call the line is busy.

At Jack and Carly's place, Carly thanks Kim for her assistance and remains optimistic that this plea will help find Jack. Kim warns that a lot of these calls often turn out to be false information.

At Mike's place, Jennifer explains to Nikki what happened at the mental hospital with Barbara. Jennifer also tells Nikki Paul is trying to get Will an early release from the hospital. Henry arrives all wet from his shower. Nikki explains about Henry's concussion. Henry falls down and hits his head again trying to take off his wet shirt.

At the hospital, Ben looks at the pill bottle and has a flashback of his argument with Jessica. Ben pops two pills in his mouth.

At Metro, Paul explains to Jessica that they want Will to get an early release from the hospital, since Barbara is a danger to him. Paul notices that Jessica is distracted and offers to listen to her problem.

Jessica tells Paul that she is to blame for the problems in her marriage.

At Nurse Julia's place, Jack and Julia continue making love on the couch. Jack has a brief memory of making love to Carly on the couch. Jack ignores the memory because he wants to concentrate on making love to Julia. Jack and Julia talk about how happy they are and soon are making love again.

At Mike's place, Mike helps Henry take his clothes off for his second shower. Jennifer tells Henry and Mike about Will's possible release from the mental hospital. Henry, who is trying to impress Nikki, tells him the story of how he pretended to be crazy to rescue his best friend Katie from the mental hospital. When Henry asks Mike to tell Nikki about Katie, Mike decides it's time to take Henry into the other room for a pep talk. When the guys leave, Nikki admits to Jennifer she has feelings for Mike. Mike encourages Henry to be himself when he is with Nikki.

At Metro, Jessica struggles to understand why she cheated on Ben. Paul thinks it was an impulse she couldn't explain or control. Paul also thinks that is no excuse for cheating on her husband. Jessica tells Paul that she will get to work on Will's case and leaves because she is annoyed by Paul's comment.

At the state hospital, Barbara tells herself she won't let them take Will away from her. Barbara also promises she won't tell anyone Will's secret.

Hal informs Will that they are working on getting him an early release from the hospital. Will is happy about the possibility of getting away from Barbara.

At Jack and Carly's place, Carly is happy when Kim informs her that the station has gotten three hundred calls. Carly is positive that one of the calls will bring Jack home to her.

Wyoming and Big Dog stop at a pay phone to try to call the station again. They are disappointed when they discover that the paper that the phone number was written on has gotten wet with the rain, and they can't read the phone number. They are disappointed because they have no way to contact the nice blonde lady to tell her they have seen Jack.

At Nurse Julia's place, Jack and Julia are lying in bed, and Jack suddenly asks Julia to marry him.

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