ATWT Update Thursday 9/16/04

As the World Turns Update Thursday 9/16/04

By Jenny
pictures by Boo

Aaron told Lucy that her statement was ridiculous. He said why would he be in love with Alison, after all the stuff she'd put him through? Then he started listing all the problems Ali had caused him, from tricking him into marrying her to driving him crazy with the contest and everything in between. But as his tirade wound down, he started to realize Lucy was right. Finally he admitted that he did love Alison. But of course there was still the problem of her being in love with Chris. He started talking about how Chris didn't deserve Ali, he wasn't good enough for her, etc. Lucy asked why he was so down on Chris. Aaron didn't want to tell her. Lucy said they used to be best friends, they could talk about anything, why couldn't he tell her? Finally Aaron told her that he saw Chris kissing someone besides Ali. Lucy wanted to know who. Aaron didn't want to tell her that either but she dragged it out of him. He admitted he saw Chris kissing Em. Lucy asked if maybe it could be a friendly thing. Aaron said no, it was on the lips, they were really going at it, and when he asked either of them about it they just denied it and told him he misunderstood what he saw. He said he knew something was going on with them.

Lucy said he had to tell Ali. She said Ali deserved to know. Aaron said he couldn't tell her, she wouldn't believe him. He said that as far as Ali was concerned, Chris was Mr. Perfect and could do no wrong. Lucy said Ali still needed to know, and if Aaron didn't tell her, she would. Aaron begged Lucy not to tell Ali. Lucy said he should tell her then. Aaron agreed that Ali needed to know, but not from him or Lucy. Aaron said Ali would hate him if he told her and she'd never want anything to do with him again. Lucy pointed out that he'd hurt her pretty badly once, but she was still his friend. She said she would tell Ali if he didn't. Finally, Aaron agreed to tell Ali the truth.

Chris Hughes must have taken flip-flopping lessons from John Kerry. Chris is the new king of flip-flopping. First he tells Ali he loves her, she's the only one for him, and he wants to marry her, and appears to mean it. Then in the next scene he professes to love Em. Of course then he insists he still loves Ali too. Then he goes back to Ali and tells her he loves her and only her again. Then he goes back to Em and says he loves her and can't fight his feelings for her. Watching this guy is like watching a ping pong ball bouncing back and forth, back and forth.

Well more of the same continued on Thursday's show. Ali was on the phone with Em and tried to get her to explain what was going on.

Em told Ali to just meet her at Em's place in twenty minutes and hung up without explanation. Ali turned back to Chris and said she had to go talk to Em. She explained that Em said it was important, but wouldn't tell her what it was. Chris panicked. He told Ali she couldn't leave because she had to give him her opinion on the tux. Ali assured him that the tailor knew what he was doing. Then Chris decided to confuse the issue by asking "Why does everything always have to be a crisis with us?" I swear this guy should be a politician. Ali insisted she had to go and promised to see him later. She kissed him goodbye and left. Chris, still panicked that Em would tell Ali the truth, told the tailor it was a "family crisis" and ran out to his car.

Chris called Em on his celly. He asked her if she was going to tell Ali. Em said she had to, Ali needed to know the truth. Chris begged her not to. Em said she couldn't lie to her sister any more. Chris finally told Em he would tell Ali the truth, if she just held off and let him do it. Ali was banging on Em's door by then. Em said she had to go and hung up, but she heard Chris' offer to tell Ali himself.

Em let Ali in and Ali immediately asked what was wrong. Em waffled, unsure what to tell Ali at this point. Then Susan walked in, carrying Ali's wedding dress. She told Ali to try on the dress right away. Ali said she'd be up in a minute. She turned back to Em and asked what was wrong again. Em said it could wait. Ali asked if she was sure. Em said for her to go ahead and go try on the dress. Ali ran upstairs to try on the dress. When she came back down, Em saw her and started crying. She blubbered that Ali was just so beautiful in her wedding dress, etc, although of course that wasn't the real reason she was crying. Susan wanted Ali to try on the veil, but didn't want her to walk back up the stairs in her long dress, so she and Em went upstairs to get the veil.

Chris walked in the door and saw Ali in her wedding dress. She gave him a big hug and said how glad she was to see him. Chris said she looked beautiful in her wedding dress. He started professing how much he loved her again.

Ali said she felt better because she knew everything was going to be okay because she was marrying the BEST GUY IN THE WHOLE WORLD! Chris said he loved Ali, she was the only one for him, and he couldn't wait to marry her.

Susan and Em came down the stairs and Susan started yelling that it was bad luck for to groom to see the bride in her wedding dress before the wedding. Well you know what that means on a soap opera. Anyway, Chris reassured Susan that it didn't matter. He said he and Ali had agreed that they were going to make their own good luck and everything would be fine as long as they were together.

Meanwhile, Henry arrived at the police station for his date with Nikki. Mike was already there, talking with Nikki. Nikki said Jen couldn't make it because of family stuff. Henry quickly capitalized on the moment, saying Mike would be busy too. Nikki said Mike had just told her he was free that evening. Henry said Mike was free for the next few hours, but after that he'd have to leave. Mike reluctantly went along with the lie.

Nikki took them rock-climbing at an indoor rock wall. Henry did not look pleased, but tried to act like an experience rock climber to impress Nikki. She and Mike were obviously comfortable with the rock wall. Mike offered to help Henry put on his harness, which he obviously didn't know how to do. Henry said he needed no help, he knew what he was doing. But if Mike needed any help, Henry could help him! Both Nikki and Mike knew Henry was bluffing but they tried to humor him. They all started up the wall. Nikki said the last one to the top bought a beer for the others. Mike and Nikki quickly scaled the wall, with Henry bringing up the rear. He finally made it to the top, where Mike and Nikki had been cooling their heels. Nikki had gotten there first. Mike challenged Nikki to a rematch - first one to get to the bottom wins. They hurried down the wall, with Henry to scared even to move at first. Finally he started down the wall. Mike and Nikki were already at the bottom. Henry lost his footing and fell to the ground, hitting his head. He immediately jumped up and said he was fine - then he fainted. He regained consciousness, but Mike and Nikki took him to the hospital anyway.

At the hospital, Ben was telling Dr. Bob that he needed a refill on his pain pill prescription. (Don't tell me you didn't see this one coming.) Anyway, Bob said Ben should have plenty of pills after his LAST refill. Ben said he had knocked over the bottle of pills into the sink and most of them spilled down the drain. Bob believed him and said that happened to the best of them. He started to write Ben another prescription. Ben said, "Thanks I really need this...I mean, I'm still dealing with some...pain issues." Bob stopped writing and looked thoughtful. Then he said that maybe he should hold off. He said Ben should be cutting back on the pills anyway. He said Ben should have enough pills to get through the day, and tomorrow he'd reexamine Ben's hand and they could decide if he needed any more pain pills. Ben agreed, but didn't look too happy.

Just then Henry was brought in. Ben examined him while Nikki and Mike waited. Mike told Nikki that Henry had just been trying to impress her. She admitted she knew that. Ben came out and said Henry had a mild concussion and would be fine - however, he couldn't be allowed to sleep for twelve hours. Ben said he was releasing Henry, but Mike and Nikki would have to stay with him for the next twelve hours to make sure he didn't go to sleep. Ben suggested Mike and Nikki take shifts staying with Henry and asked if the could do it. They agreed.

Nikki jokingly pointed out to a still-loopy Henry that it looked like she was spending the night with him. Even with a concussion, Henry was happy to hear that! Mike asked if Henry needed any medication. Ben wrote down some over-the-counter headache medicine on a piece of paper and gave it to Mike, saying Henry wouldn't need a prescription. Then he said he'd go get started on the paperwork.

He went to the nurses' station and wrote prescriptiong for pain pills - to Henry! He handed the prescription to a nurse and asked her to go fill it at the hospital pharmacy. She left and soon came back with the pills. She offered to bring them to Henry, but Ben said he take care of it himself and took the pills. After the nurse left, he slipped the pill bottle into his pocket. He went back to Henry, Mike and Nikki, and said the paperwork was all done and they could go. After they left, he closed the curtains of the exam room and took out the pill bottle. He thought about it for a minute, then opened the bottle and took one of the pills.

Will was talking to his therapist at the looney bin. She told him she'd called his family, at his request, and they were coming to see him. She asked why he had refused to see them for so long but suddenly wanted to see them now. Will said that for a long time, he'd thought that they would be mad at him for what happened to Rose. But, now he saw that it was really Barbara's fault and they couldn't blame him for that. The therapist asked how he felt about Barbara being in the same hospital. Will said it was okay as long as he knew she couldn't get to him. The therapist said she'd go talk to his family and they could see him later that evening.

After she left, Will went to visit Barbara. He brought her a nurses' uniform that he'd lifted from the laundry. He explained to Barbara that it would be easier for her to sneak around in the nurses' uniform, and then she could come visit him for a change. Barbara was thrilled. Will told her that between evening shifts, there were only about three people on duty, so that was the easiest time for her to sneak out. Barbara said she wouldn't forget, she'd do anything to be with her wonderful son. She hugged Will, then he gave her a key to get out of her room and left. I can't figure out where he got the key. Do they usually let patients in the looney bin carry keys to all the rooms?

Anyway, the therapist went to see Hal, Jen and Paul, who had been waiting anxiously. They were worried that Will might have gotten worse, since the therapist called and asked them all to come in for an update. She apologized for worrying them, but said she really wanted to talk to them in person. She said that Will was getting better, and that they could see Will now. Hal asked why she'd suddenly decided to let them see Will. The doctor said it was because Will asked to see them - he hadn't wanted to see them before. She said he was making good progress. She pointed out that now he seemed to realize Barbara's hold on him was unhealthy, and was making a conscious effort to separate himself from her. Hal asked if there was anything they couldn't discuss with Will. The doctor said they should let Will lead the conversation, but not to duck any issues. She said if Will brought up Rose or his mother, they should let him go ahead and talk about it. Finally, she escorted them to see Will.

Will was back in his room. He was thrilled to see his family. He hugged all of them. He said he was glad that they weren't mad at him for what had happened and he missed them so much.

They asked him how he was doing. He said he missed a lot of things on the outside - going to movies, seeing his friends, he even missed school a little. Hal said if he needed anything, they'd be happy to get it for him, as long as his doctor okayed it. Will said he'd love some redhots from Mabel's, and Hal promised to bring some on his next visit. Paul said they could play basketball on their next visit if the hospital had a court. Will said pointed out that he'd gotten a lot taller, and agreed to a game with Paul.

Meanwhile, Barbara put on her nurses' uniform, used the key to sneak out of her room, and made her way to Will's floor. She narrowly missed running into Will's doctor by pretending to push a patient in a wheelchair. As soon as the doctor was out of sight, she let the wheelchair roll away by itself and headed toward Will's room. She burst in and yelled "Will, Mommy's here!" Hal, Jen and Paul looked at her in horror and shock. Barbara looked shocked too, realizing that the rest of Will's family was already there.

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