ATWT Update Wednesday 9/15/04

As the World Turns Update Wednesday 9/15/04

By Jenny
Pictures by Boo

Lucy and Dusty continued to go round and round in circles. They were at the gym, watching boxers. Dusty explained how he was going to make a lot of money on one fight. Lucy was skeptical. Dusty assured her he'd make enough money to get out of Metro. Lucy said if he didn't, they'd use her trust fund. Dusty said no way. Lucy said, "So what are you saying, if you don't make the money you need from this fight, we have no future?" Dusty assured her he would make plenty of money on the fight.

Lucy asked him why they couldn't just use her trust fund if the fight idea didn't pan out. Dusty said he didn't want her family to think he was after her money. Lucy said she didn't care what her family thought. Dusty said he also didn't want her to have any doubts about why he was with her. Lucy said she didn't. She said a trust fund was a terrible thing (bite your tongue Lucy!). She said it made her feel like her parents didn't think she could make it on her own. She said it opened doors for her just because her parents had money. She said she wanted to prove she could make it on her own, without her parents money, before she lost her nerve. (Hey, if Lucy doesn't want that trust fund, I'd be GLAD to take it off her hands!)Anyway, Dusty realized how important this was to her. He agreed that if the fight idea didn't pay off, they could use her trust fund money to get out of Metro. Dusty's friend Dominick showed up then and offered to give them a tour of the place.

Meanwhile, Ali and Aaron were still fighting about the contest. Aaron said he wished he'd never gotten mixed up with Ali. He asked her what she was thinking when she forgot about the contest. Ali said she didn't think, she was stupid like that. If she did think, she'd have booked the band a month ago, checked the spelling on her order, and her future mother-in-law wouldn't hate her. She said she was just SO lucky that Chris was SOOOO fabulous through the whole thing.

Aaron got really ticked when he heard that and told her he didn't think she should be marrying Chris. Ali said he must just be jealous of Chris' career as a doctor. Aaron said that was ridiculous. He said all he meant was that Chris wasn't who she thought he was, and she shouldn't marry him. He didn't explain any further though. He continued that he could not be a part of their wedding. Then he stormed out the door. On his way out, he said "Good luck with your marriage to Chris - you're going to need it!"

Aaron was so angry that he decided to go to the gym to burn off some steam. He was pummeling a punching bag, pretending it was Aaron's face, when Lucy saw him. She told Dusty and Dominick to go ahead without her on their tour. Then she went over to try to talk to Aaron. She asked him how things were going and why he was so mad. Aaron explained that Ali had roped him into helping her with the contest, he'd bent over backwards trying to help her win, and she'd deserted him on the last day of the contest. Lucy pointed out that Ali probably had a lot on her mind about the wedding. Aaron snorted and made a snide comment about how Chris wasn't good enough for Ali. Dusty and Dominick came back and said they were going to go work on their deal. Lucy told them to go ahead without her, and she'd catch up with Dusty later. She kissed Dusty goodbye and he and Dominick left. Lucy and Aaron went back to their conversation. Aaron said he thought Ali was making a big mistake marrying Chris. He said Chris wasn't the great guy Ali thought he was. Lucy asked him what he meant by that. Aaron didn't get specific, he just said that he didn't think Chris was the right guy for Ali to marry. Lucy suddenly looked like she'd figured somethign out. "Admit it Aaron!" she exclaimed. "You're in love with Alison Stewart!" Aaron looked shocked.

Chris and Em were still at the tailors. Chris had just finished telling Em he was in love with her. Em got angry. She said she begged Chris to let this go, to not let their relationship go any farther, so they wouldn't hurt Ali. Chris said he was sorry but he just couldn't help his feelings. He asked Em if the situation were different, if they weren't both taken, wouldn't she feel differently? Em said the situation wasn't different, they couldn't think that way, and he was supposed to marry Alison. Then she said she had a feeling if she offered to leave Hal if he dumped Ali, he'd run from the situation and he wouldn't take her up on her offer. Chris told her to go ahead, call his bluff.

Em glared at him and finally said she wanted him to marry her baby sister and make her happy. Chris started going on about how much he loved Emily. Em started to cry and they hugged. Ali walked in and demanded to know what was going on. Em stammered that there was something Ali needed to know. Chris cut her off, saying Em was just worried about Will and Parker. Em went along with the lie, saying she ran into Chris, and he expressed sympathy, and she just started crying. Ali said that was so sweet and one day she wanted to be a great mom just like Em. "But not for a while!" she quickly assured Chris. Then Em said she had to get going and left.

Ali wasn't satisfied. She said she knew something more was going on, and she knew Chris knew what it was. She demanded that he tell her. The tailor came and insisted that they get started with Chris' fitting. Ali said Chris wasn't going anywhere until he explained. Chris told the tailor to just give them a minute. The tailor begrudgingly left. Ali suddenly said she knew what was wrong - Chris was having second thoughts about the wedding. She begged Chris to tell her it wasn't true. She was starting to cry. Chris said he loved Ali and everything would be all right. He hugged her. Then the tailor came back and insisted they get started.

Meanwhile, Hal and Carly were still at the Missouri police station. They demanded to know if Jack was alive when the crook stole his wallet. The crook said of course, he never stole from dead guys, Jack was unconscious but still breathing. Carly said she wanted to go there herself and insisted the crook take her to the spot where he found Jack. Hal told her to let the police handle it. Carly said no way, she was going herself and what's more, she wanted to take Parker with her.

Hal said no way. Carly said that Parker had a connection with Jack and might sense which way he'd gone. Hal asked what would happen if Parker didn't feel anything. He said Parker had already been through enough, it would be too emotionally damaging to him if he couldn't find Jack and felt guilty about it. Carly said what if Parker DID find Jack, they just had to try. She begged Hal to let her take Parker. Hal reluctantly agreed.

The crook showed them the spot and then was hauled back to the slammer. Carly told Parker to just relax and see if he felt anything. Parker looked around for a minute, then shook his head and said he didn't feel anything. Carly said that was ok, just keep trying. Hal said no, they'd been there long enough. He told Parked it was okay that he didn't feel anything and they were going home now. Parker said he wanted to keep looking. Hal said they could come back another time and dragged him out of there. Parker looked back wistfully as Hal and Carly lead him back to the car.

When Hal got back to the station, Em found him. She was very upset, practically crying. She said she needed to talk to him right away, it was important. Hal said he was really busy, but then realized how upset Em was. She said it was the wedding and Alison and it was all a mess...Hal said he was sorry, he knew he'd been letting her handle everything lately, that he hadn't been around, and he was really sorry for that. He assured her that would change soon - as soon as he wrapped up Jack's case. He gave Em a hug and she started crying. She said she hadn't realized how much she missed him until just now. Hal said they would spend more time together, he would be there for her in the future- but he had a lead on Jack's case and he just had to get on it right now. Em asked him not to go yet. Hal apologized but promised he'd spend a lot of time with her later and they'd talk it all out. He kissed her goodbye, then left to work on Jack's case. Em pulled out her celly and called Ali. Ali answered her phone. She was still at the tailor's with Chris. Em asked Ali to come over to her house right away. She said she had something important to tell her.

When Carly and Parker got home, they sat down on the couch and talked. Carly told Parker it wasn't his fault he didn't feel anything at the shore.

Parker said he DID feel something though - he felt Jack slipping away from him. Carly asked him why he thought Jack was slipping away from him. Parker said he didn't know. Carly noticed Parker had a rash on his ring finger. He said Jack gave it to him. Carly asked how Jack could have given him a rash. Parker said he got the rash when Jack pulled off his wedding ring! Carly looked horrified. Welcome to the twilight zone in daytime, folks.

Meanwhile, Jack and Julia talked to the hippies. They said that Jack's wife talked about nothing but him when they gave her a ride. Jack asked what her name was. They said Julia. Jack thought they were scamming him and slammed one of the guys up against his car, demanding to know the truth. The guy insisted they were telling Jack the truth. They said Julia was loopy - she was obsessed with Jack. She told them Jack divorced her but she was obsessed with getting him back. They said they left her at a gas station and drove off without her because they thought she was nutty. They said they still had her stuff somewhere in the van. Jack demanded to see it. One of the guys fished out a picture of Jack and oldJulia on their wedding day, looking very happy together.

Jack and nuJulia went home with the picture. Jack said no wonder he thought he knew nuJulia when he woke up in the hospital, he remembered the name because it was his wife's name.

He suddenly flashed back on a brief memory of him kissing oldJulia. He told nuJulia that he did remember she was his wife, but he didn't remember anything else. He looked at his ring and wondered why he was still wearing it if he divorced oldJulia. nuJulia went outside to check on J.J. Then Jack had another flashback, to oldJulia trying to kill him in the car. She called him G-man, and said she was going to kill him because he didn't want her anymore. She had him tied up in the car. She put the car in drive and jumped out, leaving the car to roll into the water. This had actually happened a long while ago, but when Jack remembered it, still not remembering anything else about his life, he thought that was how he got washed up in the river. He explained his theory to nuJulia, who had just come back inside. When she came in, he started yelling. He yelled that he remembered his wife and she WAS crazy and she tried to kill him! He explained the memory to nuJulia and said that must have been how he washed up on the river.

nuJulia asked how he got untied and out of the car. Jack said he didn't know, he still didn't remember anything else. He just knew that his wife was really crazy and tried to kill him. He pulled off his ring and gave it to nuJulia. He told her to get rid of it, he didn't want it. nuJulia tried to protest, but Jack was adamant. He wanted the ring as far away from him as possible now that he knew what oldJulia had done to him. Apparently it never occurred to him that he might have remarried someone else after divorcing oldJulia. nuJulia finally agreed and took the ring from him. (That was when Parker got the rash, I guess.)J.J. ran into the room and hugged Jack. Jack said that all he would care about from now on was nuJulia and J.J. nuJulia and J.J. looked happy to hear it.

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