ATWT Update Tuesday 9/14/04

As the World Turns Update Tuesday 9/14/04

By Jenny
Pictures by Boo

Ali and Chris were working on wedding planning. Chris told Ali that he was taking the day off work to help her with the planning. Ali was really excited that he was taking off work just for her.

They started trying to pick photographers. Ali's phone rang. She noticed it was Aaron and told Chris she didn't need to answer it, she was going to call Aaron later. Ali said she didn't know how they could tell which photographer was best when they were looking at pictures of OTHER people. Chris suggested they get their pictures taken by each photographer and pick the one they liked best. Ali thought that was a great idea. Her phone rang again but she continued to ignore it. She ran to get dressed in a hurry. Then they left.

They returned home later and looked at their pics. They chose the one they liked best. Then Ali's phone rang AGAIN. This time she decided to answer it. It was Aaron. He had been working on the keys contest all morning with help from Curtis and Lisa. They had figured out that the key was at the City Times office and Aaron headed there. It was a madhouse. People were tearing the place apart looking for the key.

Lucinda wanted to throw everyone out, but her legal department said she couldn't if the key was really hidden there. In the midst of trying to look for the key, Aaron had been trying Ali on her celly, but she wouldn't answer. When she finally answered, Aaron told her to get down to the City Times office right away to help him. She said she'd be right over. She hung up and told Chris she had to go look for the key. Chris said okay, but looked a little disappointed that she was leaving in the middle of their planning.

Ali arrived at the Times office and found Aaron. Aaron got a call from Lisa saying she'd figured out where the key was in the office - it had to be somewhere near a picture of Lucinda's children or grandchildren. Aaron told Ali and they decided to look in Lucinda's office. Lucinda wasn't in her office because she was trying to get things under control. Let's just say she was fighting a losing battle. Ali and Aaron made a mad dash for the office and barely made it inside. Aaron tried to hold the door while Ali searched. She found a picture of Lucy and realized the key must be behind the pic just as the crowd broke through the door. Ali ripped open the back of the picture frame and found no key - but a little piece of paper. The paper said "Too late losers!" They realized that Kevin and his friend had found the key already. Soon Kevin ran in waving the key around. Someone in the key pointed out that he hadn't turned it in yet, and the crowd ran after him, trying to get the key away from him. Ali and Aaron were left standing in the office alone. Ali said she couldn't believe they lost the contest.

Aaron told her it was all her fault. He said that he and Curtis and Lisa had been working on the contest all day - all for her - and she wouldn't even take their calls. Ali snapped that she was busy planning her wedding, and she couldn't have figured out the clues anyway. Aaron said that yes she could have figured out the clue, she could have done it if she was there, but she wasn't, and that's why they lost the contest. She started saying how she was busy with her fiancee, and Aaron yelled that he just didn't want to hear anymore.

Meanwhile, Margo went to get Casey's tux for the wedding. By a huge and surprising coincidence, she ran into Tom! They exchanged greetings and said how it was good to see each other again. Of course, it turned out that Casey had set up their meeting, which became apparent when he showed up. They discussed carpool arrangements for the wedding. Margo said she'd drive Casey to the wedding and they'd meet Tom there. Casey suggested they all go together. Naturally Tom and Margo looked a little uncomfortable at that suggestion. Margo finally said that she didn't think they should pressure Tom, and started to go back to her original idea about driving Casey to the wedding.

Tom interrupted, saying "Or we could all go together". Margo looked surprised, but pleased. She agreed and Tom left to get back to work. After he left, Margo told Casey that she didn't think it was fair to her or Tom the way he set them up. Casey pointed out that they both seemed happy to see each other, they were talking, and they'd all agreed to go to the wedding together. Margo reasserted that she didn't approve of what Casey had done, but admitted she was glad he did it.

Chris showed up for his tux fitting and ran into Bob. Bob asked how he was doing, referring to their conversation about Chris' doubts. Chris said he had everything worked out. He said he had no doubts and was ready to marry Ali. Bob asked about the "other person" Chris had been interested in. Chris said that was definitely over.

Bob asked if the other person knew. Chris said yes, it was all behind him. Bob said it seemed like an awfully sudden way to cut off a relationship, and he hoped everything really was straightened out. Chris assured Bob that everything was settled, Ali was the only woman for him and he couldn't wait to marry her. Bob said he'd see Chris later and left.

Em went to the station to remind Hal about his tux appointment. Hal was in the middle of a lot of police business and said he couldn't go today. Em exclaimed that it was the last day to get fitted for his tux for the wedding, and Ali was family, he had to be there. She kept trying to tell him he had to go, but he kept cutting her off. He suggested she get one of his suits from home and take it to the tailor's so they could get the measurements off of that. Em tried to protest but Hal was interrupted by a phone call. Finally, Em left to get his suit from home. She looked upset that Hal had dismissed her and Ali's wedding so quickly and didn't seem to care.

Em arrived at the tailor's and walked up behind Chris, who was looking at himself in the mirror. They saw each other in the mirror and started talking. Em hastily explained that she was running an errand for Hal. Chris tried to explain what he was doing there. They were both stammering and uncomfortable. The tailor walked in and interrupted them. They both stammered some more, each suggesting that the other go first with the tailor. The phone rang and the frustrated tailor suggested they work things out while he answered the phone. He left and they looked at each other, embarassed. They agreed that they were both acting silly. Then Chris said that everytime he saw Em, his heart started racing, and he knew she felt the same way.

Em said they couldn't do this, they couldn't keep doing this. She said they had to get past this, they were about to be related, they were going to see each other all the time. They were going to have to put their interest in each other in the past. She said they would forget it over time, their feelings would go away and it would all be a thing of the past. Chris said he didn't think so. He said he couldn't fight his feelings and they couldn't deny how they felt about each other. He pulled Emily into his arms and said "I love you Emily!"

Meanwhile, Hal's phone call was from a police station in Missouri. The police chief said he had brought in a guy who might be Jack. Hal was shocked. He immediately went to Carly's house so she could come with him. When Carly answered the door, she said she was in no mood for an argument, and she hadn't said anything to Parker about Jack being alive anyway. Hal said he wasn't there to argue. Carly wasn't really listening to him, she was just trying to get rid of him. Hal finally said, loudly, that he'd gotten a call from a police and they THOUGHT THEY HAD JACK! THAT got Carly's attention. Hal said he didn't know all the details but they had to go down there right away. He asked where the kids were. Carly said Parker was in school (you'd think Parker's father would know THAT much!) and Sage was with Lily. They left immediately.

They arrived at the police station. The tried to question the chief about Jack and his condition. The chief told someone to go get Jack Snyder then he told them they could ask Jack himself. Carly and Hal turned around and saw a dark haired man who looked only vaguely like Jack standing there. He said he was Jack Snyder. Carly and Hal were shocked. They said this could not be Jack. Carly tried to attack the guy, screaming at him how could he pretend to be Jack. Hal pulled her away from the guy. He told the chief that he was Jack's lieutenant and Carly was Jack's wife, and they both said this guy wasn't Jack Snyder. The police chief protested that the guy had ID on him when they brought him in. Carly demanded to see it. They handed her the wallet. The wallet and its contents were pretty battered, but they could still tell it was Jack's wallet.

Carly and Hal demanded to know how the guy got the wallet and what his real name was. He finally admitted that he stole the wallet off Jack's body. He said Jack had been lying near the shore under something called a trestle, whatever that is. He went into a sob story about how he hadn't eaten in four days, and ONLY stole the wallet so he could eat because he was so desperate, yadda yadda yadda. The chief sent some of his men to look near where Jack had been. The imposter said it was no use, he went back a few days later out of the goodness of his heart, wanting to make sure the guy he robbed was okay and all, and Jack was gone. "What do you mean he was gone? You left his body there???" Carly shrieked. The guy said he didn't know what happened, maybe Jack washed back into the river or maybe he got up and walked away, but he was gone. "Walked away?" Hal exclaimed in shock. "YOU MEAN HE WAS ALIVE???"

Meanwhile, Jack and Julia got a visit from the cops too. An officer came to tell them that they'd had to let her violent ex, Les, out of jail. Unfortunately, that usually happens in domestice violence cases. The cop said Julia could file a restraining order against Les. Julia said she'd done that before and it wouldn't stop Les. Even if she got a restraining order and Les showed up, they would once again only be able to hold him for a few days. The cop tried to protest that she should still get one but Julia said it was a waste of time. Jack told the cop he'd talk her into getting one and showed him out. He went back to Julia and tried to convince her to change her mind. She said she'd filled out so many restraining orders she could paper her walls with them, but they never did any good. She said the only thing that worked was taking J.J. and disappearing. Jack told her she couldn't do that again, J.J. was settled and she was happy here. He said they should talk about how to handle the situation with Les, but Julia said she didn't want to worry about it. She said they'd deal with it when it came up.

She basically refused to talk about it. She changed the subject by telling Jack she'd found out something useful about his past. That morning, Jack had put up flyers, asking anybody who recognized his picture to call. While he was doing that, Julia collected the clothes he was found in from the hospital. After she changed the subject of their conversation, she showed Jack his shoes. She said they were fairly uncommon. They were made by a small company in Chicago that only sold to a few stores in the midwest. She said if she could find where Jack bought the shoes, maybe they could find some clues about Jack's past. Jack said it sounded like they were going on a road trip. Julia didn't look too happy. Jack asked if she was worried what they might find out about him. Julia insisted she was fine with the trip and wanted him to find out about his past. She arranged a sitter for J.J. and they took off.

They stopped at a rest area and got out to use the restrooms. As they were getting out of the car, they noticed a van parked next to them. It was covered with flower stickers and peace stickers and basically looked like a hippie's ride. Julia and Jack were, ironically enough, making cracks about how the owners of the van probably had a great story that they didn't remember! (Look who's talking Jack!)

Two guys got out of the van in a cloud of smoke. They were wearing tie-dyed t-shirts and smoking cigarettes - or at least they looked like cigarettes. They looked like a bad Hollywood version of 60's hippies. Anyway, they yelled "Hey Jack!" Jack was surprised that they recognized him and knew his name. He asked how they knew him. They said they knew his wife, she had given them a ride in Wyoming. Jack and Julia looked surprised that they'd stumbled onto someone who knew him and they couldn't wait to hear more.

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