ATWT Update Monday 9/13/04

As the World Turns Update Monday 9/13/04

By Jenny
Pictures by Boo

Chris and Ali were at Metro talking about their wedding plans. Chris got a call from a friend of his who was supposed to be a groomsman. The friend had broken his leg and couldn't be in the wedding. Ali started wailing about how lopsided her wedding party was going to look. Chris said maybe he could find someone else. Right on cue, Aaron appeared. Ali begged him to be a groomsman. Neither Chris nor Aaron looked happy about that idea. Aaron said he flat out couldn't do it and walked away.

Ali went to work on Chris, telling him it would make her so happy if he and Aaron could just get along. She said she really wanted Aaron to be in the wedding party. Chris said if it would make her happy, he'd ask Aaron again. He went over to the bar and told Aaron he wanted him to be in the wedding party.

Aaron said that after what he'd seen between Chris and Em, there was no way he could stand up for Chris at the wedding. Chris said that whatever Aaron "thought" he saw, nothing happened with him and Em, he was in love with Alison and wanted to marry her. He told Aaron that it would mean a lot to Ali if Aaron would do it.

Just then Ali walked up. She asked Chris if he'd convinced Aaron yet. Chris told Aaron that he and Ali really wanted Aaron in the wedding party. Aaron reluctantly agreed to do it. Ali said she was the luckiest woman in the world to have the BEST fiancee and the BEST friend ever and gave Aaron a big hug. Her back was to Chris. Aaron looked over her shoulder and glared at Chris, who continued to do what he does best now, look guilty.

Meanwhile, Paul had just found out that Ro slept with Jordan at the end of Friday's show. "You slept with Jordan?" he bellowed. Ro said something about how she didn't mean for him to find out that way. Paul was horrified. Jen told Ro that she didn't know what Paul had just said to her, but she suspected he was begging Ro's forgiveness. She said Ro would be a fool not to see how lucky she was to have Paul and forgive him, even though she didn't deserve him after what she'd done. Ro suggested that Jen leave them alone so they could talk and Jen left.

Paul asked Ro if she slept with Jordan to get back at him in some sick way. Ro said that wasn't it at all, and went back to her tired speech about how they were both grieving and "it just happened". Paul, apparently willing to forgive Ro for sleeping with Jordan, started begging her forgiveness again. He said that when he asked her to marry him, it was such a happy moment, and he knew she felt the same way. He said he still loved her and still wanted to be with her. Ro said that her baby was dead because of Paul. She said that she could never forgive him for that. She told him that he'd made his choice, and now she was making hers - they were through.

Meanwhile, Jordan was at BRO, cleaning out his desk. Lucinda walked in. She introduced herself but Jordan said he already knew her. He said her paper with its headlines about James just gave James the motivation he needed. Lucinda said she would love to print that James the monster had been put away forever, but until then, she would continue to print the truth.

Jordan said that if he ever got his hands on James, he WOULD KILL HIM, and yes, Lucinda could quote him on that. (I have a feeling that was a big mistake on Jordan's part.) Lucinda asked his name and he spelled it for her. Lucinda said she'd had some experience with James and if he ever wanted to share "war stories" about Stenbeck, she'd be happy to talk to him. Jordan said no thanks and suggested she leave. Lucinda said ok, but gaver him her business card. She said to call her if he changed his mind and left. "I won't change my mind" Jordan yelled after her, ripping up her business card.

After Lucinda left, Jordan went back to cleaning out his stuff. He turned around and suddenly Paul was there. Paul yelled at him for sleeping with Rosanna. They got into a big fight. They each accused the other of acting just like Stenbeck's son. (Now there's an insult!) Jordan said he was leaving town. He pointed out that it was all Paul's fault the baby died. Paul said it was JAMES' fault, James put him in an impossible position, he did the best he could. He said he loved Cabot, that he had been willing to never see Ro again so she could raise Cabot safely. He said it was really Jordan's fault for showing up and messing things up. He said he warned Jordan, Jen warned Jordan, even BARBARA warned Jordan about what Stenbeck was capable of, but Jordan didn't listen. He said that one day, Ro would realize that JORDAN was the reason her son was dead. Jordan took a swing at Paul on that note and they started fighting. Jen arrived and rushed in to break up the fight. She yelled at them both to stop it. Jordan tried to talk to her, but she wouldn't hear it.

Jordan grabbed a box of files, turned it upside down, and told them to consider it his official resignation. Then he stormed out.

After he left, Jen and Paul talked about the situation. Paul said he still loved Rosanna and wanted to make it work with her. He thought she'd be able to forgive him one day. He vowed to try to work things out with her.

Meanwhile, Ro had gone home to Emma's. She was putting milk out for the cat when Craig showed up. She was snide to him but allowed him to come in the house. Craig asked if Emma had taken Luke shopping for more school supplies, and Ro realized that he put Luke up to it. She was disapproving but seemed a little amused. They started to talk. Craig said that he had lost Cabot too. He said he'd been thinking about how the whole thing might never have happened if he and Ro hadn't lost Cabot in the first place. Ro said they'd never know. Craig said he knew Ro wouldn't forgive him, he'd given up on that. But he hoped that they could get together and talk from time to time - about Cabot, or not, it didn't matter. Ro looked at him thoughtfully for a minute, then said no. However, she was smiling a little when she said it. They heard Emma's car pull up and Ro said he'd better get going before Emma returned with her bucket. Craig said okay, but he was going to try to talk to her again. Ro smiled at him as he left.

Meanwhile, Carly was knocking on a door, hoping to find Jack there.

They cut to a shot of Jack and Julia on the couch, kissing and undressing each other, when they heard a knock at their door. Jack said they should ignore it, the person at the door would go away. They went back to kissing, but they knocking continued. Finally, they realized that whoever was at the door wasn't going to go away. Jack got up and went to the door. He pulled the door open and they cut to Carly. The door she knocked on had just opened, and a teenage boy was standing there. It suddenly became obvious that Carly was at the wrong house. She asked the boy if there was a J.J. there. He said he was J.J. Carly said this was going to sound like a strange question, but was his mom seeing anyone new? The kid said that was a weird question. Just then, an older guy came to the door. The kid pointed to Carly and said she was looking for the other guy. Carly apologized, said she'd made a mistake, and the guy shut the door.

As Carly was turning around to leave, she bumped into Mike. She hugged him and started crying, saying that it wasn't Jack at the house after all.

Back at Carly's place, she asked Mike if he thought she was crazy. She pointed out that all she had to go on were Parker's certainty and the woman at the waterpark who might have seen Jack. Mike said maybe that was all she needed. Carly worried that she might be hurting Parker by letting him believe that Jack was alive. Mike said maybe Parker needed to keep hoping, and ripping that away from him would just hurt him more. Just then, there was a knock on the door. Carly answered it and Dennis Everhart walked in. Carly told him how the lead hadn't panned out. Mike offered to stay with Carly, but she assured him she was fine. He was just leaving when the doorbell rang and Carly let Dennis in. Mike yelled at Dennis for letting Carly check out the situation instead of doing it himself. Carly defended Dennis, saying that he tried to talk her out of it, but she insisted on looking for Jack herself. She asked Dennis if he had any other ideas. Dennis said there weren't any other women who fit the description in any of the towns near the waterpark. Carly said maybe they could look at some towns farther out. Dennis said he would keep looking, but they needed to narrow it down more if they could. Mothers with sons whose initials were J.J. was kind of a broad category. Then he asked Carly what she thought Jack might be doing with that other woman and her kid. Carly snapped that she didn't like what Dennis was implying. Dennis said he'd worked a lot of cases where everyone thought the husband was a great guy, and he turned out to be cheating or leading a double life. Carly got mad and started yelling at Dennis. She said that she and Jack had fought harder than any other couple to be together. (Maybe she needs to pay a little more attention to the other storylines in Oakdale...)She said she knew Jack would never betray her, and she didn't want Dennis' help if he didn't feel the same way. She told him where the door was. Dennis said he was sorry, he didn't mean to imply anything bad about Jack. He told her to let him know how she wanted to proceed.

After Dennis left, Carly looked at Jack's picture and his compass. She said "Jack, if you're out there, I know you're lost." Then she put down the picture and called Dennis. She told him she wanted to keep looking for Jack and to look as hard as he could.

Meanwhile, when Jack pulled open the door, he found a police officer there. The cop said he was sorry to interrupt them so late - noticing Jack's unbuttoned shirt - but he needed to ask them some more questions about Julia's ex-hubby. Jack said it seemed like a "clean collar" to him. Julia looked quizzically at him when she heard him use that police jargon. Then she asked the cop if her ex was still locked up. He assured her that her ex-hubby was locked up and would stay that way. Then he asked Jack's name. Jack said his first name was Jack, then was about to explain how he didn't know his last name, but Julia cut him off before he could say it. She told the officer his last name was Jackson. The officer thanked them and left.

Jack laughed at Julia. "Jack Jackson? That's the best you could come up with?" he asked. She started laughing too. He said Jack Jackson sounded like a d.j.'s name. They started kissing again. While he was kissing Julia, Jack suddenly flashed back on kissing Carly. All he remembered was kissing Carly, and that she was very important to him, but he didn't remember who she was or why she was important. When the memory flashed into his mind, he pulled back from Julia. She asked him what was wrong.

He said he'd remembered kissing a blonde woman, but couldn't remember who she was or why she was important, only that she was important. He looked at his ring and asked Julia if it had been on his finger when they found him, or if it was just near him or in his pocket or something. She assured him it had been on his finger. Then she wondered again what would happen if Jack's wife came looking for him one day. Jack said he didn't know, but he did know he wanted Julia. They started kissing again, then Jack pushed her away again. He said he thought the officer had done them a favor interrupting them. He said he didn't think it was fair to Julia or J.J. for him to get in a relationship with Julia right now. He said he wanted Julia, wanted to live with her and J.J. and have a life with them. But he said he couldn't do that until he found out who he was first. He said he had to find out about his past before he could have a future with Julia and J.J. Julia sadly agreed and went up to bed - alone. Jack lay down on the couch and started looking at his ring.

He was doing that while Carly was "talking" to him at her place, telling him she knew he was lost. Julia came back from the kitchen and asked if he was all right. He said he was fine and they said goodnight. Julia went back upstairs and Jack lay there on the couch, looking at the ring.

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