ATWT Update Thursday 9/9/04

As the World Turns Update Thursday 9/9/04

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At Metro, Dusty informs Lucy of his plans to give up the club and get a job doing something else. Lucy tries to persuade Dusty not to give up his club because of her. Dusty thinks that giving up the club is the only way they won't have to deal with Craig. Lucy goes so far as to offer to go to the police and tell them what Craig has done so Dusty won't give up the club. Dusty thinks it's a sweet gesture, but he won't allow Lucy to go to the police because it would cause her too much pain. Dusty gives Lucy a small kiss just as Aaron walks in the club.

Jordan arrives at the farm to check on Rosanna. He tries to talk to Rosanna about how much he misses Cabot, but she changes the subject. Rosanna wonders if Jordan was able to explain things to Jennifer. Jordan sadly informs Rosanna that Jennifer is mad at him because he turned to Rosanna for comfort instead of her. Jordan informs Rosanna that he and Jennifer have broken up, and Jennifer refuses to have anything to do with him.

At the Lakeview, Jennifer looks at a picture of her and Jordan and has a flashback of the day she found out he and Rosanna slept together. Jennifer hears a knock at the door and is thrilled to find Paul is back in town. Paul informs Jennifer that he has been keeping an eye on everyone in town while he has been away. Paul is determined to see Barbara and to do whatever it takes to make her tell him where James is hiding.

At the state mental hospital, Will arrives with Barbara's food. Will tells his mother that he is amazed she would pretend to be crazy just to be near him.

Barbara tells Will she would do anything to protect him. Will gives his mother a plan so she can get out of the hospital soon. He explains that all she has to do is give the doctor a valid reason for the things she has done. Will tells his mother to be herself; that way the doctor can't help but love her.

At the water park, Carly is shocked when Martha tells her that she saw Jack with another woman and a little boy.. Carly explains to Martha that Jack loves her and his children, and he would never cheat on her.

At Nurse Julia's house, Jack vows to never hurt Julia or J.J. Julia is unsure; she can't shake the nagging feeling that someday Jack's family will find him.

At the Lakeview, Jennifer tries to make Paul understand that Cabot's death wasn't his fault. Jennifer tells Paul that no matter what he does to try to make things right it will never bring Cabot back, because he is dead.

At the farm, Rosanna offers to explain things to Jennifer so that she will forgive Jordan. Jordan appreciates the offer but doesn't think it will change Jennifer's mind about him. Jordan gets up to leave and tells Rosanna that Cabot was lucky to have her for a parent. Rosanna says the same about Jordan.

Emma arrives after Jordan leaves and wonders how Rosanna is doing. Rosanna gives Emma a hug and thanks her for all of her support. Emma advises Rosanna that the best way to get over pain is to help someone else. Emma thinks Rosanna should help Jordan in some way.

At Nurse Julia's place, Julia explains to Jack that the pressures of having a child drove her husband, Les, to drink and to hit her and J.J. Julia explains that Les was disappointed that J.J. couldn't be a perfect person. Julia goes on with her story and tells Jack that after her divorce she got a restraining order against Les, but when Child Protective Services got involved she became afraid of losing her son, so she left Texas and came to work at the hospital.

At the water park, Martha has a hard time describing Julia to Carly, but she does describe a beach bag Julia had with her. When Carly hears the description of the bag she remembers when she met Julia. When Carly describes Julia, Martha confirms that she was the woman she saw with Jack.

At Metro, Dusty leaves to run some errands. Lucy is surprised that Aaron didn't know about her relationship with Dusty, since he works at the club. Aaron explains that he has been busy trying to win the "Keys to the Kingdom" contest with his partner Allison. Lucy wonders why Allison didn't pick Chris to be her partner for the contest. Aaron explains that Chris is always busy with his job. Lucy tells Aaron that Dusty is an amazing person. Aaron thinks there is something strange about Lucy being in a relationship with Dusty, but he wishes Lucy well and tells her he is glad she has found someone that makes her happy.

At the water park, Carly explains to the detective she hired that Jack is with a woman Carly met when she visited the water park. Carly explains that she asked the woman to watch Parker while she went to the bathroom to change Sage's diaper. Carly goes on to say that when she returned, the woman's son and Parker were fighting over a toy, and Parker claimed the woman's son was trying to take the toy away from him. Carly thinks Parker wasn't angry about losing a toy, but because he thought the boy was taking Jack away from him. The detective thinks that Carly's story is more than a little farfetched and that she is taking her son too seriously. Carly tells the detective that Parker has some sort of radar when it comes to Jack, and she believes him. Carly suddenly remembers that the woman's little boy had his name on his backpack, and she tells the detective the little boy's name was J.J.

At Nurse Julia's, Julia continues to worry that Jack's family will come for him and he will have to leave. Jack continues to wonder why his family isn't searching for him. Julia explains that he was badly injured when he arrived at the hospital, and maybe his family thinks he is dead, or maybe they were in the accident with him and they died.

At the Lakeview, Jennifer is about to tell Paul that Jordan and Rosanna slept together when she is interrupted by a knock at the door. Jennifer asks Paul to get the door and goes to her room to make some phone calls. Paul opens the door and is happy to see Rosanna. Rosanna tells Paul she needs to talk to Jennifer and is about to leave when Paul says she can wait; Jennifer will be off the phone shortly. Paul once again apologizes for Cabot's death. Rosanna thinks that everyone involved was partly to blame because they were selfish and arrogant and thought of nothing but themselves. Rosanna tells Paul that they have no chance at a relationship. Paul pleads with Rosanna to stay, because if she leaves, James wins.

At Nurse Julia's house, Julia is positive someone is coming for Jack. Jack continues to doubt that he has any family. Julia and Jack share a kiss.

At the water park, the detective finds and address for J.J. The detective wants to go alone to spare Carly pain if Jack isn't there. Carly demands the detective give her the address now before it is too late.

At Metro, Lucy tells Aaron that her father has been causing problems with her new relationship, and Dusty has a plan to keep Craig from interfering. Lucy also tells Aaron that Craig is no longer a part of her life.

Aaron thinks that she and Dusty should do anything possible to keep Craig away from them. Lucy is worried that Dusty will become involved in illegal activity again if he gives up the club.

At the gym, Dusty agrees to find someone to fight Rafael and make him look good.

Rosanna continues to blame Paul for Cabot's death. She tells Paul she will never forgive him for putting their needs before Cabot. Jennifer wonders if Paul will forgive Rosanna for what she has done.

At the state mental hospital, Barbara tells her doctor that Will is her truest love and she doesn't need anyone but him. At the same time, Will tells his doctor that he has waited a long time for someone to put Barbara away.

At Nurse Julia's, Jack and Julia begin to make love.

At the state mental hospital, the doctor explains to Barbara that she isn't allowed to see Will. Barbara tells her doctor she is happy just to be able to breathe the same air as Will.

His doctor tells Will that he isn't allowed to see Barbara. Will says he will do anything he has to do to avoid Barbara. Will explains to his doctor that Barbara is the person who drove him to kill Rose, and that she is responsible for him being in the hospital. Will tells the doctor that his mother only thinks of protecting her children and is obsessed with keeping her family together. Will thinks Barbara will always need him. The doctor reminds him to keep telling himself he has a right to grow up and make his own decisions. Will assures his doctor that his mother won't be a problem, because he will do whatever is necessary to make sure of it.

At the Lakeview, Jennifer tells Paul that Jordan and Rosanna slept together..

At Nurse Julia's house, Carly asks that Jack please be there as she gets ready to knock on the door. Jack and Julia continue to make love until they are interrupted by the knock. Jack stops and stares at the door and wonders if he should open it.

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