ATWT Update Wednesday 9/8/04

As the World Turns Update Wednesday 9/8/04

By Jenny
Pictures by Boo

Dusty went to the gym and saw some guys boxing. He also ran into Dominick. Dominick said he thought Dusty wasn't interested. Dusty said he wasn't, he was just going to they gym. He asked Dusty about the boxer he wanted to set up. He asked why Dominick needed to set up a fall guy if the boxer was so great. Dominick said there were few sure things, and he knew they'd make a bundle. He asked Dusty if he was reconsidering. Dusty said no, he was running a legit business. However, he kept asking questions and seemed interested. Dominick said it was a chance to make a bundle. Dusty asked how much he'd get, if he did it. Dominick said he'd have to commit to it first, then they'd negotiate. Then he told Dusty that the offer was only good until midnight. Dusty said he'd think about it and left.

Meanwhile, Lucy was looking for Dusty at Metro, but found Craig there instead. She started to leave. Craig asked her to wait. It was obvious she was still angry with him. Craig tried to give her his apology story again, but she didn't want to hear it. She yelled at him that he had her kidnapped and almost got her killed. He swore he never meant for it to go that far. He said he loved her and no one would ever love her more than he did - especially not Dusty. She was starting to leave, but he mentioned that Ro was staying at Emma's. He said that Ro wanted nothing to do with him, but she and Lucy had always been close and she might like a visit from Lucy. Then he pulled out a picture of Cabot. He said he'd found it and thought Lucy might like to have it. Lucy looked at the picture and said their whole family had been a lie. Craig said that wasn't true, they all loved each other and that made them a family. Then Lucy said he had sunk to a new low, using Cabot's memory to try to soften her up. Craig said he wasn't trying to do that at all. Lucy yelled at him that she wanted nothing more to do with him. "I'm your father!" Craig yelled. "You're nothing to me!" she yelled back. She was just about to leave when Dusty walked in. He told Craig to leave Lucy alone and get out. He threatened to make Craig sorry if he didn't leave. Craig said he stopped by because Molly was gone and he wanted to help keep up Metro. Dusty said he could handle it himself. Craig said he wanted to make sure the business wasn't going down the drain. He said he'd leave, but added that he still owned part of Metro - and he would be watching. Then he left.

Afterward, Dusty told Lucy that he was thinking - maybe running Metro wasn't such a good idea anymore. He didn't want to be around Craig, and he knew Lucy didn't want to see Craig all the time when she came to see Dusty. Lucy said it was okay, if Metro was good enough for Dusty, it was good enough for her. And it was Dusty's dream. Dusty looked around and said nothing lasted forever, things change. Lucy was alarmed and asked what he meant. Dusty said maybe he didn't want to run Metro anymore, maybe a change would be a good thing for him. He was obviously thinking about the deal with Dominick.

At Jack and Julia's, it was J.J.'s first day of school. Julia was a nervous wreck. Jack offered to walk J.J. to the bus station, saying he needed to get a paper anyway. Julia mouthed "thank you" at him as they left. As they were walking, J.J. realized he forgot his lunch and said he was dumb for forgetting it. He said his dad used to say he'd forget his head if it wasn't screwed on. Jack said he wasn't dumb, it was no big deal. He pointed out that he'd forgotten the last thirty years of his life! Only thirty? Anyway, Jack gave J.J. some money to buy lunch at school. J.J. said "So you're not mad?" Jack said of course not. He asked if J.J.'s dad used to get mad about that stuff. J.J. said yes, one time he forgot to put the trash out and his dad punched a hole in the wall. Jack asked why he did that. J.J. said "Because I ducked".

Meanwhile, Julia heard a knock at the door. She thought Jack had forgotten his key, but opened the door to find her ex-husband standing there. She tried to slam the door in his face, but wasn't fast enough. He forced his way in and demanded to see J.J. She said J.J. was in school. He asked where. Julia said she couldn't take J.J. out of school.

He started yelling that he wanted to see his son, that Julia had broken the custody agreement and that was against the law. Julia said she didn't want him to use J.J. as a punching bag. He said he never hit J.J. Julia said she remembered a lot, and she wanted him to stay away from them. She said they were happy and she wasn't going to let him near J.J. He said he was going to get his son back since Julia broke the law in taking him away. Then he saw some of Jack's clothes on the table. He demanded to know who Julia was shacking up with and called her a slut. Then he said since she was "giving it away" to everyone else, he wanted some too. Julia told him to get away from her. He grabbed at her and they struggled. Julia got ahold of a baseball bat and started hitting him. She got in a few good hits, but then he grabbed the bat and got it away from her. He knocked her to the ground and started hitting her with the bat. Just then, Jack walked in. Julia screamed at him to help her. Jack grabbed ex-hubby and got the bat away from him.

He quickly restrained him, tying his hands behind his back, in a maneuver reminiscent of his cop days (which he doesn't remember yet). He asked Julia if she was okay, then told her to go call the police. Then he grabbed ex-hubby by the hair and told him he better hope the police arrived soon, or he'd wish they had.

The cops arrived and carted off ex-hubby, who was still yelling that J.J. was his son and he would get custody away from Julia. The cops dragged him out of there. Julia thanked Jack for saving her and started crying. She said she had to protect J.J. from her ex. She kept crying. Jack hugged her and reassured her everything would be all right.

Meanwhile, Em brought Parker back to Carly's place. Parker went upstairs, and Em told Carly about what he'd said - that he knew if Carly didn't find Jack soon, he'd be gone forever. They wondered what it meant. Em suggested that maybe Parker was just coming to terms with Jack's death in his own way. Carly said no, it must mean Jack was still alive, but she had to find him soon. Em suggested that maybe she was going a little overboard taking everything Parker said at face value. Carly snapped that the old Em would have believed in miracles, but obviously she didn't anymore.

Em said she wanted to, but she had to face reality sometimes. Carly insisted that she was going to find Jack before it was too late. She said she was going to call someone who could help her. Em asked if it was the psychic. Carly said no, it was a private eye she'd hired to look for Jack. She called the P.I., Dennis Everhart, and asked him if he'd found anything yet. Dennis said he was at Waterworld, waiting to talk to an employee who thought she might have seen Jack. He said he had to wait till her break to talk to her. Carly said she wanted to be there. Dennis said he thought that was a bad idea. Carly said she wanted to be there, she couldn't just sit and wait, and she promised she wouldn't screw things up. Dennis reluctantly agreed to wait for her by the big Waterworld sign.

Carly asked Em to stay with the kids while she was gone - and not tell Hal what she was doing. Then she went to Waterworld and met up with Dennis - and the blonde woman Jack had seen there. Dennis introduced Carly as an associate who was working with him. Carly told him to leave, she would handle this. Dennis was reluctant to leave, but she insisted. Carly told the woman that Jack had driven his car off a bridge but the body was never found - and they suspected he was alive.

She showed the woman a picture of Jack. The woman said she saw a lot of people and couldn't be sure, but she thought it looked like the man she'd seen. But she told Carly that she really couldn't be sure. She said the man had said she looked familiar. Carly said that could be because the woman looked a lot like her. Then she asked the woman to look at the photo again. She said her little boy was very close to Jack and thought he'd seen him. The woman suddenly realized that Carly was Jack's wife, not just an investigator. She said she could have been wrong and it might not have been the same guy and she had to leave. Carly realized that the woman wasn't telling her everything. She ran after her and begged her to tell her the whole story. The woman insisted there was no story. Carly said she knew the woman wasn't telling her everything. The woman said Carly might be better off not knowing. Of course Carly HAD to hear the story then. The woman finally said that if the man she saw was Jack's husband - he was with another woman. Carly was shocked. The woman continued that Jack was with a woman and their kid - or at least, they seemed like a family. Carly looked even more shocked.

Meanwhile, Chris asked his dad for more advice. He said he hadn't been completely honest when they talked at the condo. Bob asked if he was having second thought about him and Alison. Chris said no, he was having thoughts about him and someone else. He said it was someone he'd known for a while and they just "had a connection". Bob said he'd better do the right thing with Ali before it was too late. Chris said he loved Ali and didn't want to hurt her. Bob said it would only be worse if she found out after they were married. He told Chris to do the right thing and tell Ali the truth before their wedding. Chris admitted Bob was right and went home to talk to Ali.

Ali and Susan had just gotten the wedding crystal they'd ordered. Ali was excited. Susan pulled out a glass and read the inscription. Unfortunately, the company had misspelled Ali's name. Ali got upset and said it would never be fixed in time for the wedding, and she'd already screwed up with the shower and the invitations, etc. Susan said they could get the crystal fixed. Ali said not in time for the wedding. Susan said they'd work something out.

Ali said that everything was just going wrong. Susan said at least she had a great fiancee. Ali said she wasn't so sure. She said Chris was always busy, etc. Susan pointed out that he was a doctor and doctors were busy. Ali said it wasn't just that. She said when he was around, it was obvious something was bothering him. She said if it was work he would tell her about it. Just then they heard Chris coming in the door. Ali told her mother that their conversation had never happened and ran to meet Chris. Chris gave her a big kiss and said he loved her and she was the most beautiful bride-to-be. Ali said he was the greatest fiancee and she was so lucky that she was the ONLY ONE he loved. Chris looked awfully guilty after she said that. Ali told him about the problem with the crystal. She started wailing about how she'd never get it done in time. Chris grabbed the box and said he would go to Bay City and get it fixed right away. He said nothing was too good for her. It was obvious that he was doing it to assuage his guilty conscience but Ali didn't realize that. Ali looked happy that he was going to so much trouble for her.

When Chris returned, he said he'd talked to the company manager, and they would have their redone crystal in three days. Ali grabbed him and hugged him and said he was the greatest fiancee and she loved him so much. They started kissing and Susan excused herself. They ended up lying on the sofa and Ali kept going on about how great he was, how much she loved him, which of course must have made Chris feel even worse. Then Ali kissed him and pointed out that they had the whole house to themselves and that he didn't have to be at work for a while. She suggested how they might spend that time and Chris agreed, obviously having decided not to fess up to Ali after all.

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