ATWT Update Tuesday 9/7/04

As the World Turns Update Tuesday 9/7/04

By Jenny
Pictures by Boo

Jack returned from his big opening and asked Julia why she left in a hurry. She told him she didn't want to get into a relationship with him. Jack asked why not. Julia explained that she knew some other woman was going to show up looking for him one day, or he was going to remember his other family, and he would leave her. She said she didn't want to get attached then lose him when he got his memory back. Jack said that was a lot of "what ifs". He said he might never get his memory back, that there might not be a wife and family looking for him. He said they should just live in the here and now and he wanted to be with Julia, here and now.

Julia said it wasn't that simple. She said that J.J. would get attached to Jack too. She said he'd start looking at Jack as a father figure, and then what if Jack remembered his old life and left? She said it was bad enough J.J.'s father had walked out on them, he didn't need to have another father figure walk out of his life. She said she had to put J.J.'s happiness ahead of hers. Jack admitted that she was right. He didn't want to risk hurting J.J. if he remembered his old life. He said that Julia was right and he should leave soon. He talked about looking in the paper for an apartment. Then J.J. came back. He said he'd been playing football with some older kids and he made some kind of score. He asked Jack to help him learn to play football. Jack tried to decline, but J.J. begged him. He said if Jack helped him learn, he might be good enough to make the team. It was obvious he was already attached to Jack. Jack looked torn, but said it was up to Julia. She reluctantly agreed, and J.J. ran to get the football. After he left, Jack and Julia basically agreed that they would see where their relationship went from there.

Meanwhile, Carly was talking to Em. Carly told Em about her conversation with Hal, how he had compared her to Barbara and threatened to take Parker away from her if she didn't give up trying to find Jack. Em asked Carly if she believed Jack was alive. Carly said she knew it was silly, but Parker seemed so sure. She said until they found a body, she would never be sure. She told Em that she couldn't give up looking for Jack. She asked Em to talk to Hal, to get him to back off. She asked Em to make sure Hal didn't come down too hard on Parker for asserting that Jack was alive. Em promised she'd try and left.

Em got home just as Hal was talking to Parker. Hal reminded Parker about a pet lizard he'd had that died. Hal reminded Parker of the ceremony they had for the lizard (stop laughing, this is supposed to be serious!)and how the lizard was now in heaven. Then he asked Parker if he thought Jack was in heaven. Parker said he thought Jack was still going to come home. Hal started to gently talk him out of this idea, but Em walked in. She sent Parker upstairs and tried to talk to Hal. Hal said he was trying to shake Parker of the idea that Jack was alive. Em said she didn't think that was wise. She said Parker was just a kid, go easy on him, let him believe. Hal started yelling that Carly was filling Parker's head with wild eyes that Jack was alive. Em tried to defend Carly and Hal quickly realized that Carly had talked to her. He said that Carly had brainwashed Em and he wouldn't listen to Em. He said he was not going to have another son in the looney bin, he was going to make sure that Parker didn't unravel, too. And he felt the way to do that was to either get Carly to give up looking for Jack, or keep Parker away from her until she did. Em told Hal that what would make Parker unravel fastest was having his parents at war with each other over him. Hal saw the wisdom in that, and decided to apologize to Carly.

Meanwhile, Rosanna was hiding out at Emma's. She said she appreciated Emma allowing her to stay, and she needed to just avoid everyone for a while. Emma said she knew what Ro had been through, but there were still people who loved her and cared about her. She indicated Ro's ringing celly and suggested that Ro should eventually get back to some of the people who were calling.

Holden came by with Natalie. Ro talked to the baby and gave her a flower from Emma's garden. Holden started saying how sorry he was about Cabot, then apologized when he thought he might have upset Ro. Ro said she was fine, but she had some things to do and had to go.

Ro went to see Carly. She apologized for not calling her back. Carly said she understood and they hugged. Ro said she'd been letting go of things - Jordan, Paul, and Fairwinds. She explained that she'd been staying at Emma's. Then she asked Carly how she was doing with her situation. Carly explained about how convinced Parker was that Jack was alive, about finding the picture, and about how Hal was going to take Parker away from her if she kept looking for Jack. She said she knew Jack would never give up looking for her if the situation was reversed. But she couldn't let Hal take Parker away from her. Ro said the answer to that was simple - keep looking for Jack, but don't tell Parker. That would get Hal off her back.

Ro offered to help Carly. They called a private eye and he came over. Carly explained the situation to him. The investigator said his best guess was, if Jack WAS alive, that he had been injured and was unable to contact them for some reason. He said he would start his search with hospitals, etc. Then he asked Carly if she believed Jack was alive. She said she did, and until she had proof otherwise she was not going to give up hope. She told the investigator to go out and find Jack, no matter what it cost, no matter what he had to do. The investigator said he would get started right away. Just then, Hal knocked on Carly's door. Carly quickly explained that her ex-husband didn't approve of her searching for Jack, and Ro showed the investigator out the back door. (Luckily, he was parked a block away - private eye habit, apparently.)

Carly let Hal in and he remarked that it took her a long time. Carly said she was putting Sage down and asked what he wanted. Hal started to apologize, but Carly cut him off with some well-deserved sarcasm. Hal said he realized that he had gone overboard before. He said Carly was a good mother, and she and Parker were still grieving. He said he knew Parker needed his mom. He also said that after talking to Parker, he realized the kid hadn't gotten his ideas about Jack from Carly. He said he would cut Carly some slack if she would just try not to encourage Parker's ideas about Jack being alive. She promised she wouldn't and accepted Hal's apology. Hal left. Carly went and looked at Jack's picture and promised she wouldn't give up trying to find him.

Meanwhile, Parker ran downstairs, upset. Em asked him what was wrong. He said that somehow he just knew if they didn't find Jack soon, they would lose him forever.

Lily went to Metro and told Craig that she thought it was time to move out. She said that she and Holden needed to concentrate on their marriage, without any distractions. She said she felt really bad about asking Craig to leave, especially after he saved her life, but she had to do it for the sake of her marriage. Craig said he understood. He said he just needed a week or so to find a new place. Then he said he'd go with Lily to tell Holden he was leaving. They went home and Holden wasn't back yet. Lily apologized again, Craig said he understood again, Lily thanked him for saving her life again, and they said they'd still stay friends. Then they hugged.

Meanwhile, Emma quizzed Holden about how things were between him and Lily. She said she knew they were having problems. Holden admitted they had a few problems, but said they were both committed to working through them and making the marriage work. Then he took Natalie home. They walked in the door just as Craig and Lily were hugging. Holden didn't look thrilled, but Lily explained that she was hugging Craig goodbye. Craig said he had imposed too long and would be leaving as soon as he found new accomodations. Holden excused himself to the kitchen for a minute. Craig said goodbye to Lily and yelled goodbye to Holden, then went out the door. Holden came back in just as Lily was asking Natalie where she got the flower. He told her that Ro had given it to her at Emma's. Craig had just closed the door, and was still able to hear their conversation inside. Hearing where Ro was hiding, he headed straight to Emma's.

When Craig arrived, Emma met him at the door. Craig said he knew Ro was staying there so don't bother trying to lie and say she wasn't. Emma said Ro had gone out for the moment, but she wouldn't want to see Craig anyway. She ordered Craig to leave. Craig refused. Emma said he better leave or she'd come after him with her shotgun. Craig laughed and didn't believe her. Emma said she'd dealt with hunters, poachers, etc on her property and he would be no problem. Craig still refused to leave. Finally, Emma grabbed a bucket of water and threw it at him. He looked shocked. Emma said he better hurry up and leave soon or she would come after him with the shotgun next time. Then she went inside. Craig stood there looking bemused. Ro returned just then and saw him and she went into the house. She looked at him and coolly said "You must have chatted with Emma." Then she went inside, leaving Craig standing there.

Meanwhile, Lily sent the kids to eat cookies in the kitchen. She and Holden sat down with Faith's tea set and chatted playfully. They talked about how now that Craig was gone they could concentrate on each other and the kids, just like they wanted.

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