ATWT Update Friday 9/3/04

As the World Turns Update Friday 9/3/04

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At the stables, Lily is still shocked by the fact that Holden doesn't think their problems can be worked out. Holden continues to shock Lily when he tells her they have not had a solid marriage since Rose's death.

Holden assures Lily that his feelings towards her have not changed; he still loves her. However, he thinks Lily's feelings towards him have changed.

At Metro, Nikki tries to help Jennifer forget about Jordan for a few hours, but the task proves to be hard because Jennifer can't stop crying; everything about Metro reminds her of Jordan. Henry arrives and can't stop staring at Nikki. Henry calls Mike to tell him to come right away because there is an emergency. Henry neglects to tell Mike that the emergency involves his love for Nikki.

At the hospital, Dr. Michaels tries to get the judge to change his mind about committing Barbara to the same hospital Will is in, but the judge refuses to change his mind. Hal worries that Barbara will find a way to see Will once she is in the hospital with him.

At Nurse Julia's house, Julia and J.J. give Jack a watch that belonged to Julia's father as a good luck present. Jack thinks that his good luck began when he met Julia and J.J.

At Jack and Carly's house, Parker is positive Jack will come home soon. Carly sends Parker upstairs to get ready for bed. Tobey admits to Carly she isn't sure Jack is alive. Tobey refuses to give Carly any false hope, but she does advise her to let Parker guide her to the truth, because Parker has a very strong connection to Jack.

At the stables, Holden thinks he and Lily have lost their connection to each other. Lily still can't understand why Holden turned to Molly instead of her. Holden explains that he has always been the strong one in their marriage, the person who was always there whenever anyone in the family had a problem. Holden explains to Lily that when Jack died he lost his control because he lost someone who was like a brother to him. He says he needed someone to allow him to be weak and to understand how much it hurt for him to lose Jack. Holden tells Lily that he didn't feel he could share his pain with her because she was focused on Craig and his problems. He tells her that he is tired of being drowned out by Craig.

At Nurse Julia's house, Jack asks Julia to come with him to his first night at work because he is nervous. Julia tells Jack she can't come because she has a chance to pick up some hours of overtime at the hospital, but she promises she will try to come to the bar after work.

At Jack and Carly's house, Parker says good-night to Tobey and asks if she knows where Jack is. Tobey tells Parker she doesn't know yet, but she will keep trying to listen for Jack. Hal arrives and asks Carly what Tobey is doing there. Parker tells Hal that Tobey is going to help them find Jack. Hal sends Parker upstairs so he can speak to Carly alone. Hal wonders why Carly is seeking the help of a psychic. Carly admits that she is starting to think Jack is alive.

At Metro, Nikki wants Jennifer to get involved in the "Rock the Vote" campaign because she is hoping that it will take her mind off Jordan. Jennifer agrees to get involved in the campaign.

Mike arrives, and Henry explains to him that he has no idea how to approach Nikki. Mike advises Henry to simply walk over to her and say hello. Henry asks Mike to keep Jennifer busy while he talks to Nikki. After a few minutes of coaxing by Henry, Mike agrees to the idea.

At the stables, Lily is angry that Holden is comparing her relationship with Craig to his relationship with Molly. Lily points out that she never kissed Craig. Holden explains that, all the same, Craig is getting in the way of their marriage. Holden asks Lily to tell Craig to leave the guesthouse, because Lily is turning to Craig when she has a problem instead of turning to him. Holden insists that Craig leave, or there will be no hope of saving their marriage.

At the state mental hospital, Dr. Michaels introduces Barbara to her new doctor. Dr. Michaels advises Barbara to tell her doctor the truth and follow her treatment so she can get well.

After both doctors leave, Barbara asks the orderly who brings her food to give a message to Will for her. The orderly informs Barbara that she is prohibited from having contact with her son, and Will doesn't know she is a patient there. After the orderly leaves, an angry Barbara throws her tray at the door.

Will sneaks into Barbara's room to see her. Barbara is very happy to see her son.

At Jack and Carly's house, Carly explains to Hal that Parker feels strongly that Jack is alive. Hal tries to make Carly face the reality that Jack is dead. Carly shows Hal the faded picture she found at the water park that she thinks is a picture of Jack. Hal tells Carly that the picture doesn't prove Jack is alive, because the man in the picture could be anyone.

Hal is angry that Carly exposed Parker to a psychic and raised his hopes that Jack is alive. Hal vows not to let Carly do to Parker what Barbara did to Will.

At Costello's Bar, Jack is happy when Julia arrives to watch him work.

At Metro, Henry tries to persuade Nikki and Jennifer to go to Mike's place, have some drinks, and relax. Nikki wants to go, so she manages to persuade Jennifer to go along with the idea. Mike doesn't like the idea, but Henry once again persuades him to agree to it. The couples head to Mike's place.

At the state mental hospital, Barbara tells her son that it was worth the risk to see him again. Will thinks this time Barbara is in over her head. Will tells his mother he has an idea about how they can both escape the hospital.

At Costello's Bar, Jack tells Julia she looks beautiful. Julia is happy to see Jack is doing well. The bar manager is very pleased with Jack's work.

At Jack and Carly's house, Carly is upset that Hal compared her to Barbara. Hal refuses to feed Parker's fantasies of Jack being alive. Carly warns Hal that Parker is very determined, and he won't be able to persuade him Jack is dead.

Hal is sure he can make his son believe Jack is dead. Hal is worried because Carly believes Parker's fantasies. Hal demands that Carly stop allowing Parker to believe Jack is alive.

At Mike's place, Jennifer is sad because she is reminded of Bryant when she enters Mike's house. Henry and Nikki discover they have something in common; they both like poker. Henry and Nikki both want to play strip poker. Mike and Jennifer don't like the idea but, once again, go along with it because of Henry and Nikki. Nikki bets Henry that if she wins the game he must help with the "Rock the Vote" campaign.

At the stables, Holden is upset that Lily isn't willing to ask Craig to leave the house. Lily admits that she is scared to ask Craig to leave the house and concentrate on their marriage because they may discover that the problem isn't the distractions, that really it's them. Holden assures Lily that once they figure out the problem they will work to fix it, but they must take the first step.

At the state mental hospital, Barbara tells her son she just wants him to have a normal life. Will thinks they can still have a normal life if she follows his plan.

At Jack and Carly's house, Hal tells Parker he is going to his house to play with his brother Daniel. Hal warns Carly that he will fight for custody of Parker if she doesn't face reality.

At Costello's Bar, Jack is happy that is new life his working out so well. Jack gives Julia a hug, and they share a kiss.

At Mike's house, Henry wins a hand of poker. Nikki wants to keep playing. Nikki and Henry are enjoying themselves, while Mike and Jennifer look sad and bored.

At the stables, Lily is still worried about Craig but agrees to ask him to leave the house.

At Costello's Bar, Julia pulls away from Jack's kiss after a few minutes, saying that she can't do this; she runs out of the bar leaving a puzzled Jack behind.

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