ATWT Update Thursday 9/2/04

As the World Turns Update Thursday 9/2/04

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At Holden and Lily's stables, Molly arrives and calls out Holden's name a few times. Lily comes into the stables and wonders what Molly is doing there. Lily makes it clear that Molly isn't welcome in her home.

At Hal and Emily's place, Emily calls the police station looking for Hal and is told he isn't available at the moment. Emily explains to the person on the phone that she is Hal's wife and she needs to speak to him. Emily is annoyed when the person on the phone thinks she is Barbara. Emily tells the person on the phone to give Hal the message that his wife Emily called and needs to speak to him. Chris arrives to check on Emily. Emily tells Chris to leave and shuts the door on him.

At the hospital, Hal loudly asks Barbara to wake up so that she can go back to the hearing. Tom arrives and informs Hal that it won't be possible for Barbara to go to the hearing.

At Nurse Julia's house, Jack finishes fixing a chair that has a broken leg. When Julia arrives, Jack jokes that now they can add another clue in the case file that is the mystery of Jack. Jack explains to Julia that he felt at home when he was singing at the bar in front of all the people.

At Jack and Carly's house, Carly stares at the picture she found at the water park and wonders if the man in the picture is Jack.

Parker comes downstairs and tells Carly that when he woke up this morning he had the feeling Jack was moving closer to them.

Outside Nurse Julia's house, J.J. finds the message in a bottle that Parker threw in the river for Jack.

At Hal and Emily's house, Chris pounds on the door until Emily lets him come in. Emily is worried because Margo saw them kissing in the boathouse. Chris isn't worried at all because nothing happened beyond a few kisses. Chris doesn't think that Margo will say anything to anyone.

Emily tells Chris that they can't see each other anymore because she doesn't want to risk her marriage. Chris explains that he has discovered he still has feelings for her, and they must resolve their issues from the past.

At the stables, Molly explains to Lily once again that she and Holden are just friends. Molly doesn't want to argue with Lily anymore over this situation. She informs Lily that she is moving to L.A. to live with Abigail.

Holden arrives and wonders if Molly is moving because of him.

At the hospital, Tom explains to Hal that Barbara must have a psychiatric evaluation before she can face the charges against her. Hal thinks that James will help Barbara escape before she can face charges. Hal also worries that, when Barbara escapes, she will try to take Will with her.

At Jack and Carly's house, Parker feels like Jack is trying to reach out and grab his hand, but no matter how hard they both try to reach out to each other their hands can't touch. Carly tells Parker they are going to look for Jack. When Parker goes upstairs, Carly calls a psychic that has worked on cases with the police department.

At Nurse Julia's house, Jack is tired of putting his life on hold, and he decides not to worry about remembering his past. Jack tells Julia he wants to concentrate on the present because life is good right now. The manager of the bar arrives and offers Jack a job singing at the bar. After a few minutes of negotiating a salary, Jack finally accepts the job. Jack and Julia share a hug and they almost kiss, but Julia pulls away from Jack.

At the hospital, Margo arrives and gets an update from Tom on the situation with Barbara. Tom wonders why Emily isn't there to help Hal through this rough time. Margo reluctantly tells Tom she saw Chris and Emily kissing at the boathouse. Margo tells Tom that Chris and Emily explained it was just a one-time thing that happened because they were scared they were going to die. Margo doesn't buy their story because of their past history.

At Hal and Emily's house, Chris thinks that he and Emily have a strong connection and that they understand each other. Chris tells Emily that he knows they are attracted to each other. Chris and Emily almost kiss, but Emily pulls away from Chris. Emily tells Chris that it's over between them. She tells him to go home to Allison. Emily tells Chris that if he doesn't leave she will tell Hal to have a talk with him. Chris makes it clear to Emily it isn't over between them before he leaves the house.

At the hospital, Barbara awakens and has a talk with Dr. Michaels. Barbara explains that she crashed her car through the mental hospital window because people are trying to keep her away from the leader. Barbara explains the leader promised to help her be with Will.

At Jack and Carly's house, Toby, the psychic, tries to feel Jack's presence. The psychic informs Carly that she doesn't feel Jack's presence at all.

At Nurse Julia's house, Jack thanks Julia for everything she has done for him. Julia goes into the kitchen to get Jack some juice.

An excited J.J. runs into the house and asks Jack to help him get the message out of the bottle.

At the stables, Molly explains to Holden and Lily that Abigail called her from L.A. and told her she needs a new roommate. Holden asks Lily to leave him and Molly alone so they can talk. Molly tells Holden she could easily fall in love with him again, but it's better to leave now because she doesn't want to get caught in another no-win situation.

At the hospital, Dr. Michaels tells Hal that she will recommend to the court that Barbara undergo a psychiatric evaluation for thirty days.

At Nurse Julia's house, Jack sends J.J. to get his mother's knitting needles so they can get the message out. J.J. comes downstairs with the knitting needles just as Julia gets back from the kitchen. Jack and J.J. try to hide the bottle, but Julia sees it and wants to know what they are doing. Julia wants to throw the bottle away because it could cause infection. J.J. tries to persuade his mother to open the bottle because it could belong to someone who is lost.

At Jack and Carly's house, Carly thinks the reason Toby can't connect with Jack is because he is still alive.

At the hospital, Emily arrives to check on Hal. Emily is upset because Hal wasn't there when she needed him last night. Emily thinks Hal needs her now too. She pleads with Hal to come with her so they can spend just five minutes alone together. Hal tells Emily he can't get away then. Margo understands that Emily feels very lonely. Tom wonders if Margo felt the same way when he was busy with work. Margo says that she did feel the same way, although she understood his work was important. Chris arrives, and Margo notices that he is staring at a sad Emily. Tom wants to speak to Chris, but Margo says she will talk to him.

Hal tells Barbara he knows she is faking, and he won't let her get away with it.

At Jack and Carly's house, Toby is disappointed that she was unable to find Carly. Before Toby leaves, she gets a feeling about Jack.

At Nurse Julia's house, Julia persuades Jack to throw the bottle in the trash. Julia gives Jack new clothes for his job. Jack goes to try on the clothes. J.J. sneaks downstairs, takes the bottle out of the trash, and hides it inside a bookcase.

At Metro, Margo tells Chris she must speak to him before he makes a big mistake. Margo explains to Chris that her marriage may be over because of a few kisses. She tells him that if he loves Allison he will stop things with Emily now. Margo pleads with Chris that, if he doesn't love Allison enough to marry her, he should tell her the truth now and not string her along.

At the stables, an angry Holden tells Lily to drop the subject of Molly. Holden is angry because he has lost a friend. Holden thinks he and Lily have a distance between them, and Molly isn't the problem. Lily wants to work out their problems. Holden isn't sure they should try to work out their problems.

At the hospital, Tom informs Hal that the judge has committed Barbara to the same hospital where Will is a patient.

Barbara hears the conversation going on outside her room and smiles.

At Nurse Julia's, Jack and Julia get ready for his first night on the job. Jack thinks they will have fun.

At Jack and Carly's house, Parker, Carly and Toby play "go fish." Parker figures out that Toby is there because she also thinks Jack is alive.

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