ATWT Update Wednesday 9/1/04

As the World Turns Update Wednesday 9/1/04

By Jenny
Pictures by Boo

Dominick was still trying to convince Dusty to go in on his business deal. Dusty told him no. It was basically a brief repeat of the conversation they had on the last episode. Finally Dominick gave up and left, but he told Dusty to call him if he changed his mind.

Dusty went over to the bar, where Lucy was cleaning the counters. Dusty took the rag away from her and said she was too good to clean counters. He said she should work at the country club, maybe. Lucy said that if Dusty was at the country club, she'd be there. But Dusty was at Metro, and she wanted to be with him. Dusty said he was going to make her go to college one day. Lucy said he wasn't going to make her do anything. They started kissing and Dusty said how sorry he was he had to work instead of going home with her. Then he asked Lucy to go get him to safe key that he'd left on his dresser. He said as soon as she got back with it, he'd lock up and they could get going.

When Lucy returned, she discovered that Dusty had closed the club for a private party - for just the two of them. Dusty had set up candles, music, everything. She had never found the key - that was just a ruse. She protested that Dusty couldn't afford to shut down the club for a night. Dusty said he couldn't afford not to. Then he said that there was more to his surprise. He said there would always be more for her - always. Then they started kissing. Dusty said he wanted her. He suggested they go to the Lakeview. Lucy said no, she wanted to get it on right here. They went back to kissing and quickly ended up rolling around on the floor.

Speaking of which, Em and Chris were still kissing in the boathouse when Margo walked in and caught them. Apparently Hal had sent her to rescue Chris and Em. Margo explained about Barbara's bomb story - then quickly reassured an alarmed Chris and Em that there was no bomb. She explained that the bomb story was just a ruse to get Hal away from the hospital so Barbara could get to Will. Em asked where Hal was. Margo said he was still at the hospital trying to protect Will from Barbara. Margo untied Chris and Em while they talked. Then she told them they needed to talk about what she had just seen. She said she wasn't going to forget it. Em said Margo had no right to talk, after what she did to Tom.

Margo said she was Hal's friend, and she could be Em's too if Em would let her. Around that time, Aaron and Allison showed up. Allison through herself into Chris' arms and asked if he was okay. Chris and Em assured Ali that they were fine. Ali said she'd been so scared she would lose them both. Chris asked how she and Aaron found them. Ali said they overheard the cops talking about where they were and they went straight to the boathouse. Chris pointed out that she could have been killed. Ali said she didn't care, she just had to get to him and make sure he was all right. Some other cops arrived and Aaron, Ali and Chris went outside with them.

Em was left alone with Margo. Margo said she wanted to help Em. She said she knew how it felt to feel unloved, unappreciated, to wonder how she fell in love with the man she married. She said she knew how it felt, but she also knew how it had blown up in her face. She told Em that she didn't want Daniel to be hurt. Margo said she had seen how her actions hurt Casey, and she didn't want that to happen to Daniel. She told Em that it wasn't worth losing her husband and tearing apart her family over an infatuation with Chris. She said she wasn't going to tell Hal what she'd seen, but she begged Em to think over what she was doing before she did something she regretted - the way Margo regretted what she'd done. Em looked like she was considering Margo's words and they went outside.

Meanwhile Ali noticed some lipstick on Chris' cheek. Chris explained that he and Em had been tied up facing each other, and her face had brushed against his while they were struggling to get free. A suspicious-looking

Aaron pointed out that Chris and Em must have been alone for awhile before Margo got to them. Chris asked what he meant by that. Aaron said he just meant they were lucky that nothing worse happened to them. Chris knew what he meant but Ali didn't notice anything wrong. Then Emily and Margo returned. Em said that Ali needed to know the truth about what happened. Chris looked worried, but Em just said that Chris had been wonderful while they were trapped. Em said that she started to panic but Chris calmed her down, and got her focused on trying to escape. She said she didn't think she would have made it through the ordeal without Chris. Ali exclaimed that she was right, she knew she was the luckiest bride in the world, Chris was the greatest guy in the world, etc. She gave him a big hug. Then she asked Em to come home with them. Em said she was fine, she just needed to be alone. Margo said she didn't want Em alone at her home with Barbara still at large. Em said she would be fine and Margo could post a guard at her door. Margo said she'd do that. Aaron said he'd drive Em home and they left. Then Ali told Chris again how much she loved him, how great he was, how she was lucky to be marrying him, etc. She gave him a big hug and said she loved how great he was with her family, meaning Emily. She was hugging him so she couldn't see the guilty look on his face when she said that.

Meanwhile, they replayed Tuesday's last scene, where Barbara drove her car through the glass windows at Will's looney bin. Then she jumped out of the car with a gun. Hal was making sure everyone was okay - they had all jumped out of the way and no one was hurt.

Hal turned around and saw Barbara pulling the gun. His officers pulled their guns too. Barbara said he better tell his officers to put down their guns or she'd start shooting people. Hal told his officers to put down their weapons. Then Barbara said they better give her Will right away or she was going to start shooting nurses and security people. She demanded to know where Will was. When no one answered, she shot at a nurse, missing, and demanded to know where he was again. Scared, the nurse blurted out that Will was in maximum security. Hal stepped right up to Barbara and said if she wanted Will she was going to have to kill him first. Barbara started pleading with him. She exclaimed that she had wrecked all chances of ever seeing Will again and started sounding desperate. Hal said that wasn't true, that they could work something out if she just gave him the gun.

He went to take it from her hand and she smacked him upside the head with it, knocking him out. Everyone else got out of her way and she ran after Will.

Barbara waved her gun at an orderly and demanded to know where maximum security was. He told her and she ran up the stairs. She arrived in max security and went around looking for Will, knocking on doors and looking through the little windows into rooms. She met several crazy people who were of no help to her. Finally, she found Will. She tried to talk to him, but he didn't say anything. Barbara said she was going to get him out of there. She said they'd go away somewhere and have a nice life together.

She asked if that was what he wanted. He didn't answer. Barbara said she was going to get him out of there. She tried shooting at the lock, then told Will to kick the door down or something. Just then, Hal and his officers found her. They grabbed her and got the gun away from her. They cuffed her and started dragging her away, kicking and screaming. Will yelled at them to let her go, don't hurt her, etc. Barbara screamed that they would never be apart as she was being dragged away.

Meanwhile, Carly told Parker that she and Mike would go back to the water-park to look for Jack while he stayed with the babysitter. Then she sent him back upstairs. She was about to call the babysitter when Mike stopped her. He said he wouldn't allow her to do something so destructive to both her and Parker. Carly said she didn't need his permission. Mike said he just didn't think it was healthy for her or Parker for her to continue looking for Jack. Carly said if she didn't go back and look, she would never forgive herself. She said she believed Parker when he looked in her eyes and said he saw Jack. Mike said ok, but he was going with her.

At the water-park, they were just closing up. Carly asked where the pictures were from the day. An employee directed her to a nearby trash can. Carly and Mike started rooting through it. Carly found a blurred picture that had been rained on.

The face was obscured, but she thought the build and hair color looked just like Jack. The guy in the pic was also wearing a light blue shirt, which Parker had said Jack was wearing. Mike pointed out that the pic could have been of any guy with Jack's build and hair color. Carly bought the picture and they went home.

At home, Carly looked at the pic and said she thought it was Jack. She asked Mike's honest opinion. Mike said he honestly thought it was some other guy with Jack's build and she was just imagining what she wanted to see. Carly wasn't convinced. Mike said if he thought she was getting obsessed with this to an unhealthy degree, he was going to say something to her about it. Carly thanked him for his concern, then said she needed to get some sleep. Mike offered to spend the night, but she assured him they'd be fine. She said he'd done his good deeds for the day. Mike left and Parker came downstairs. Carly hid the pic from him. She admitted that they hadn't found Jack at the water-park. Parker said Jack must have left the park already. Then he said he knew that Jack would find the picture Parker had put in the bottle and thrown off the bridge soon, and then he'd come home.

Meanwhile, Julia and Jack started kissing, but were interrupted by J.J. Julia sent him upstairs to find his shoes. Jack apologized for kissing her.

Julia said it was all right and he didn't need to apologize. She said she was attracted to him too, but they agreed that this was not a good time for them to be getting together, since Jack's past was still unclear. Julia said he was a good man, and she knew that somewhere, there were people who loved him and missed him. Then she suggested that they do some research on the computer to try to find out more about his past. Jack said he didn't think it was a good idea for him to be so close to Julia right now and he wanted to go out for a walk. Julia looked a little embarrassed, but flattered.

After Jack left, he wandered into a bar where they were having open mike night. He sat down at the piano and started singing an old Elton John song. He sounded great and they crowd seemed to like it.

Meanwhile, Julia sent J.J. out to help her friend walk her dog Roswell. Julia went out to look for Jack. She soon found him at the bar, and walked in while he was still singing. Their eyes met, and it was clear Jack was thinking of her as he sang the song. He finished the song, and the crowd started applauding loudly.

Meanwhile, J.J. and Julia's friend were walking near the river. The dog started digging, and J.J. bent down to see what the dog was digging up. Surprise, surprise - it was Parker's bottle, washed ashore! J.J. picked it up and started opening it.

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