ATWT Update Tuesday 8/31/04

As the World Turns Update Tuesday 8/31/04

By Jenny
Pictures by Boo

Barbara ordered Em and Chris into Em's car. Barbara got in the back with the gun and Chris drove. Chris and Em tried to reason with Barbara, pointing out that she'd be able to travel faster without them. They suggested she dump them off at the edge of town where they couldn't contact anyone for a while, then take the car and leave. Barbara said that was her original plan, she just needed a car and a gun, but they interrupted her in the garage. She said now she was going to work with what she had. Em's celly rang. Barbara sneered about how Em said they'd be out in the middle of nowhere, unable to contact anyone. Em said she forgot. Barbara grabbed the phone. It was Hal. Barbara said she'd swap Em and Chris for Will. Hal said there was no way he could do that. Barbara said too bad and hung up. Then she had Chris drive to the boathouse. There she tied up Chris and Em, facing each other, then she left.

Back in the car, Barbara called Hal back and told him he had had his chance to save Em. She informed him that Em and Chris were tied up at the boathouse - with a bomb set to go off in twenty minutes. Hal was at Will's hospital, directing security to make sure Barbara didn't get near Will. Allison had told him what happened at the house. She had heard a gunshot, then the car pulling away. Hal observed that the gun and car were gone and figured that Barbara was probably heading for Will.

On the phone, Barbara said Hal could save Em if he got to the boathouse in time. Hal said he knew what Barbara was trying to do. He said there was no bomb at the boathouse, Barbara didn't know how to make one. Barbara protested that James had told her how. Hal still didn't believe her. He said that she was just trying to get him to leave the hospital and run to the boathouse so she could get to Will. He informed her that that wasn't going to work. Barbara hung up the phone in frustration and kept driving.

Meanwhile, Em and Chris were trying to get untied. Chris tried to turn Em around so she could get at something to free her hands. They ended up falling on the floor on top of each other. They tried to get free for a minute, but ended up kissing instead.

Back at the hospital, Hal was trying to make sure every area was secure from Barbara. A security guard rushed in and announced that Barbara had just come through the gate. Hal demanded to know why they let her in. The guard said they didn't let her in, she drove her car THROUGH THE GATE and was heading their way. Hal looked out the window and saw headlights.

He yelled at everyone to get away from the big glass windows and they all dove for cover just before Barbara's car came crashing through the windows.

Dusty was talking to his old friend Dominick, who had left his card earlier. Dominick offered Dusty a chance to make a bundle - not legitimately, of course. Dominick said he was a sports rep whose client was a young Montegan boxer. He basically wanted Dusty to set up a fixed fight so the Montegan kid could win. He assured Dusty they'd both make a bundle on the deal.

Dusty said he was running a legitimate business now. Just then Lucy walked in. Dusty excused himself and went to talk to her. She said she had been trying to get a job since she was staying in Oakdale, but she was done for the day. She asked if Dusty was busy. He said he was just talking to an old associate. She said she'd go get something to eat and wait for him. Dusty went back to the table and Dominick went back to pitching his deal. Lucy came back with some food for Dusty, then went to wait for him at the bar. Dominick was checking her out. He told Dusty what a great-looking young girlfriend he had. Dusty told him he better watch it. Dominick said he was just complimenting Dusty on his taste. Then he got back to business. Dusty insisted he wasn't interested in the deal. He suggested Dominick get someone else to do it. Dominick said he needed someone he could trust. He said he was offering Dusty an opportunity to make a lot of money. Dusty glanced at Lucy, then back at Dominick. He reiterated that he was running a legit business and didn't want that kind of deal. Dominick said that Dusty was blowing a great opportunity because he didn't think his girlfriend would approve. Dusty said that wasn't it, he just didn't want to do business that way anymore. Dominick wasn't convinced. He pointed out how much younger Lucy was. He said she wouldn't want Dusty for long, and then Dusty would be sorry he'd given up such a great chance for her. Dusty told Dominick they were through talking and suggested he leave.

After they found Parker yelling that he'd seen Jack, Carly ran in the direction he said Jack had gone.

She saw a man who looked like Jack from the back and tapped him on the shoulder. He turned around, and she saw he wasn't Jack. He looked interested in getting to know her, though. Carly apologized and said she was looking for someone else. Mike and Parker caught up with her then. She told Parker that the man looked like Jack from the back, but it wasn't him. Parker said the guy he'd seen earlier was wearing a different colored shirt, and it WAS Jack. He wanted to keep looking, but Carly insisted it was time to go home.

When they got home, Parker started whining about how he'd wanted to keep looking. Mike took Sage upstairs and Carly tried to talk to Parker. She finally couldn't take listening to him talk about finding Jack anymore and told him it had to stop. Parker went upstairs and Mike came back. Carly told him how difficult the situation was with Parker. She said she just couldn't keep humoring him anymore, she had to talk to him. Mike said he'd go back upstairs and check on Sage. Carly called Parker and he came back downstairs. Carly said she understood how much he wanted to find Jack. She said she imagined she heard Jack in the house the other day. She said it wasn't real, she just imagined it because she wanted it so much.

She said Parker must have imagined Jack because he wanted to see him so much. Parker insisted that what he saw was real. Carly asked why Jack didn't come over and talk to them if it was him. Parker said Jack didn't see him. Carly asked why Jack didn't come home if he was still out there. Parker said maybe he was lost. Carly pointed out that they didn't live far from the water-park, and if Jack could find his way there, he could find his way home. Parker said maybe Jack was mad at them. Carly said that Jack would not get mad at them and refuse to come home. She said even if Jack was mad, he would still come home to them. Then she restated that unfortunately, Jack just wasn't coming home. Parker insisted again that he had SEEN Jack. He told Carly he didn't lie, and she admitted that that was true. But she still thought he must have imagined it, or seen someone who looked like Jack. Parker wasn't convinced, but he went upstairs to bed.

Mike came back downstairs and started talking to Carly. She started reminiscing about Jack and got a little choked up. Mike apologized for starting the conversation, realizing how much it upset her.

He suggested they just relax and watch TV so she could get her mind off things. Carly said that was a good idea. Mike went to get some food and drinks. While he was in the kitchen, Carly flashed back to her day at the lake with Jack, when they talked about how happy they were together. Suddenly, she jumped up, looking surprised. Mike returned and Carly told him they had to get back to the water-park. Mike was shocked and asked why. Carly said if she didn't go back to the park, right then, tonight, she would never be able to forgive herself.

At the water-park, Jack's picture had been posted. It was one of those things where amusement parks take your picture and post it on a board, hoping you'll buy it as a souvenir. One of the employees was about to take down all the pictures, including Jack's. Another employee told her to leave them up, the park would be open another hour and someone might still buy some of the pictures.

Julia, Jack and J.J. arrived at Julia's home. J.J. started whining about how he hadn't wanted to leave the park just yet. Julia pointed out that he'd gotten to ride the slide, etc. Jack played cards with J.J for a while.

Then Julia came back with a water-gun and started a water fight, since J.J. hadn't gotten wet enough at the park. They all had a good time. Then J.J. went upstairs to get ready for bed. Jack said he was thinking about how happy Julia and J.J. looked on the waterslide earlier. He said he wanted to just be happy like that, to stop worrying about finding out who he was and just be happy.

Julia told him to just relax, everything would come back to him later, etc. Jack had gotten wet in the water fight and Julia offered to wash his shirt for him. So, Jack took off his shirt and stood there looking like the hot guy that he is. Naturally, Julia stood there and appreciated the view for a minute. She took his shirt and their hands touched. They made some awkward conversation while looking in each other's eyes, then she said she'd better go wash the shirt.

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