ATWT Update Monday 8/30/04

As the World Turns Update Monday 8/30/04

By Jenny
Pictures by Boo

Lucinda went to talk to Lucy. She did not approve of the fact that Lucy had obviously spent the night with Dusty, but said she wasn't going to harp on that. Instead, she told Lucy that she had her bags packed for her trip to Williams. Lucy informed Lucinda that she was not going to college, at least not this semester. She said she wanted to take some time off and stay in Oakdale after all she had been through. Lucinda said that this must be about Dusty, and Lucy was throwing away her future on a guy that she wouldn't be with very long. Lucy said it was NOT about Dusty, she just wanted to take some time off after all she'd been through.

She also said that she was in love with Dusty. Lucinda basically said she didn't think the relationship would last, Dusty was too old and a criminal, etc. Lucy yelled at Lucinda that she was old and her life was devoid of love, so she wouldn't understand. She quickly apologized for that comment, realizing how it sounded. Lucinda responded that she did remember what it was like to be young and in love, but she had never been a fool for any man. Lucy said she was not a fool, she loved Dusty and she didn't want to go to college right now anyway. She also said that she wanted Lucinda to love her enough to respect her choices, even though Lucinda might think they were mistakes. She pulled out the brooch Lucinda had given her and said if Lucinda couldn't respect her decision, she couldn't keep the brooch. Lucinda said she was not an indian giver and wanted Lucy to have the brooch no matter what. Lucy said she could not keep the brooch if Lucinda wouldn't respect her decisions. Lucinda said she would respect Lucy's choice, although she still wasn't thrilled about it. Then they hugged and Lucinda left.

Meanwhile, Dusty saw Craig at Metro. Dusty told Craig that he had broken Lucy's heart and he better stay away from her from now on. He said that Lucy was staying with him now. Craig said that Lucy was with Dusty now, but she wouldn't be for long. He said he would always be Lucy's father, and she would eventually come around and forgive him. Then he left.

Craig went out to his car. He stupidly didn't look in the back seat before getting in the car. Naturally, a thug was waiting with chloroform. He knocked Craig out and drove him back to the bell tower. By then Craig was awake again. He asked the thug what he wanted. Just then, Dusty walked in. The thug gave Dusty the gun and he pointed it at Craig. He told Craig that he could choose how he wanted to die - falling to the ground or being shot. He backed Craig up to the edge and shoved the gun in his face. Craig turned around and looked at the ground. Dusty still had the gun on him. He said that he could shoot Craig, or Craig could jump and make it a "do it yourself project". Craig said he didn't think Dusty had the guts to do it. He turned around and looked at Dusty.

Dusty insisted he was going to kill Craig. Craig looked at Dusty, with the gun pointed at him, and suddenly he started laughing. Even Dusty looked like he didn't know what to make of it. He said he was going to kill Craig after he found out what was so funny. Craig pointed out that if he ended up dead Dusty would be a major suspect - and Lucy would hate him. Craig told Dusty he didn't think he had the guts to kill him. So he told Dusty to go ahead and shoot if he really had the guts. Craig turned back around. Dusty walked up to him, shoved the gun into the back of his neck - then he lowered the gun and walked away. He got to the door, turned back, and told Craig to stay away from Lucy or he would kill him after all.

After having such a bad afternoon, Craig went back to Metro for a drink. A stranger walked in and asked for Dusty. Craig said he wasn't around. The stranger gave Craig his card. He said to tell Dusty to contact him if he was still interested in making money on a "fight game". Then he left. Dusty looked at the card and wondered aloud what Dusty had gotten into now.

Dusty went home to Lucy. She told him about her grandmother's visit and the phone conversation she'd just finished with her mother. Neither mom nor grandma was thrilled about her relationship with Dusty. Dusty told her he'd seen Craig. He said things hadn't gone great, but didn't give her any details. Lucy said Dusty was the only one who cared about her and she loved him. Then they started kissing.

At the waterpark there were a series of near misses involving Jack and Carly. After seeing Carly, Jack had a few vague flashbacks about a woman who looked like Carly - he was starting to remember just a little. He didn't remember exactly what she looked like, he just had an image of a woman with short blond hair, who was about Carly's size and shape. While Jack was waiting for Julia and J.J. he saw a woman who fit that description and asked if she knew him. She laughed and said that was a lame pickup line. He said she reminded him of someone, but he couldn't place who. She wished him good luck with that line and left.

Meanwhile, Parker ran around looking for Jack, to Carly's dismay. Finally he came back. Mike said he was going to go get a surprise for Parker and left. Carly needed to change Sage's diaper but Parker refused to go to the ladies' room with her. Carly insisted she couldn't just leave him by himself. She saw Julia at a nearby table with J.J. Carly asked Julia if she would mind watching her son while she went to change the baby.

Julia was very nice and said she didn't mind at all. Parker did not look happy and was unfriendly to J.J. Carly apologized and explained that Parker had lost someone recently. Julia was very understanding and directed Julia to a nearby restroom with padded changing tables. Carly thanked her and left. When she came back, Parker and J.J. were fighting over one of J.J.'s toys. Parker thought it was his because it looked just like one of his toys. Carly explained the mistake to Julia, who said she understood and it was no big deal. Carly made Parker apologize to J.J. Mike got back with his present for Parker. Carly introduced him to Julia, then Julia said she and J.J. had to leave. They said goodbye and went to find Jack.

Meanwhile, Parker wanted to look for Jack some more and headed in the same direction Julia and J.J. had gone. Julia found Jack and asked if he felt all right. Jack said he kept thinking about this blond woman but couldn't place where he knew her from. He said that was all he remembered. Julia said to relax, his memory would probably come back slowly, and he'd figure out who the blond woman was. They started to leave the area. Just then Parker walked in and saw Jack. Jack didn't see Parker, though. He and Julia continued on their way. Parker tried to run after Jack. Someone working at the park stopped him, saying he couldn't let Parker do that. Just then, Carly and Mike arrived. They were just in time to hear Parker screaming that he'd seen Jack and wanted to go after him.

At the beginning of the show, they replayed the last scene from Friday's episode, where Barbara took her flying leap. Then they showed everyone in the courtroom running to the window. It was apparently a two-story window, and everyone thought Barbara must have been killed or severely injured. Jen shrieked that she had to go down and see if Barbara was all right - they couldn't see anything from the window. Hal insisted she stay put while he went down to see what happened. He assured her he would tell her as soon as he found out something. He came back a few minutes later and said that Barbara was alive and probably not hurt too badly. He said apparently the bushes broke her fall, and she had escaped. Jen asked where she would go. Hal said he didn't know, but she had to be desperate and willing to do just about anything. He said he was going to call all the hospitals, and especially make sure Will's hospital was aware of the situation. Jen asked if he thought Barbara would try to get to Will. Hal said she might do anything, and he wouldn't put it past her. He promised to let her know if he found out anything, then he left. Jordan tried to talk to Jen. She told him to stay away from her. He tried to explain about the night he'd spent with Rosanna. Jen said he couldn't explain, and even if he could she didn't want to understand. She insisted that he leave her alone from now on. She told him to go to hell and take Rosanna with him.

Meanwhile, Barbara called Will at the hospital and said she might not be able to call again, they might start blocking her calls like they did before. She told Will not to worry, she would do whatever it took to protect him, just like always. (It's always a bad sign when Barbara says stuff like that.)

Meanwhile, back at Hal and Em's, Chris brought Em some leftover food from the shower that didn't happen. Em said that the kids weren't there and Hal was busy with Barbara's trial, and she didn't need that much food herself. She sounded sad and neglected when she said how nothing else mattered to Hal except Barbara's trial. Chris said he didn't think it was a good idea for him to stay for dinner. He said they couldn't keep pretending they felt something for each other. Em insisted she was happily married and he was marrying Allison. Chris said he felt drawn to her when they were together and he knew she felt it, too. He reminded her of their history together, and said he never really understood why they broke up. Em said he should stay for dinner and they'd talk the whole mess out.

Finally, Chris agreed. Em reiterated that she was happily married and Chris was a commitment away from marrying Allison. Chris reiterated that he was attracted to her. He stepped close to Emily and she realized she was indeed attracted to him. She said she could control herself, but it wasn't long before she started kissing Chris. Then Hal barged through the door. Em and Chris jumped away from each other like their lips were on fire. Fortunately, Hal hadn't seen them kissing. Em tried to explain what Chris was doing there, but Hal hadn't even noticed. He frantically told them that Barbara was on the loose. He explained what happened and said he had to go back out and look for Babs, but would keep them posted.

Then he asked Chris to stay with Em until he got back, or the rest of the night if he didn't get back in time. Em asked if he thought Barbara would come after her. Hal said he didn't know, but Barbara might do anything right now and he'd rather be safe than sorry. He didn't want Emily to be alone in the house. Em said she didn't need a babysitter and Chris said he didn't think it was a good idea. Hal said he would feel better if Chris was there with Emily and she wasn't alone. Chris reluctantly agreed to stay, and Hal went out to look for Barbara again.

Em was terrified that Barbara would come after her and decided to get Hal's gun. She and Chris went out to the garage to look for it and discovered it was gone. Em started to get upset, and she and Chris started yelling about how they were going to be together for the night and what a bad idea that was. Em said it was a disaster waiting to happen.

They were interrupted by Barbara, who jumped out from behind a car and pointed the missing gun at them. Em screamed. Barbara said if they did what she said, no one would get hurt.

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