ATWT Update Friday 8/27/04

As the World Turns Update Friday 8/27/04

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At Jack and Carly's house, Carly picks up the kids' toys from the living room floor. There is a knock at the door, and Carly is a bit surprised to see Mike, but she figures he came over to check on her. Mike informs Carly that he rushed over because Parker called him and he sounded upset.

Parker comes downstairs and greets Mike. Parker tells Mike that they must go and find Jack.

At Nurse Julia's house, Jack grows even more frustrated as he struggles to remember something about his past. Julia reminds him again that he needs to be patient because remembering will take time. Julia is worried about Jack staying in the house alone. Julia offers to cancel her trip to the water park with J.J. Jack insists that he will be fine; he will stay home and fix some things around the house. Julia tells him not to worry about fixing anything because he needs to relax. Jack insists on doing something around the house, because he isn't a person who can just sit around and do nothing. When J.J. comes downstairs and is told by his mother that Jack won't be going to the water park with them, he begs Jack to come along.

At the Stewart house, Susan explains to Aaron why Allison was upset and left the house. Susan starts getting upset with Kim again, and Aaron decides to leave his present for Allison with Susan and leave the house. Emily also decides to go and find Allison.

Outside Hal and Emily's house, Allison cries and tells herself she ruins everything.

At the apartment Bob is showing to Chris, Bob wonders if Chris is having a simple case of cold feet, or if he is having serious doubts about marrying Allison.

At the courthouse, Jennifer almost leaves because she doesn't want to talk to Jordan anymore, but Hal pleads with her to stay for Will's sake. Jennifer refuses to listen to any of Jordan's excuses about why he slept with Rosanna. Jordan once again explains that he and Rosanna needed to comfort each other, and that Rosanna means nothing to him. Jordan also tells Jennifer he loves her. Jennifer yells that Jordan betrayed her, and she explains that, as much as her head wants to believe his reasons for sleeping with Rosanna, her heart will never forgive him. Barbara arrives and gloats that she was right about Jordan all along, and she only tried to protect Jennifer from him, but Jennifer never listened to her warnings. Barbara challenges Jennifer to testify and send her to jail so she won't be able to protect her or Will ever again.

At the Stewart house, Susan apologizes to Kim for their fight. Kim offers to apologize to Allison for her comments to her. Kim doesn't think Chris and Allison are ready for marriage.

Kim thinks that if Allison were really committed to this marriage, she wouldn't have forgotten to mail the invitations. Susan admits she also thinks Chris and Allison are too young to get married, but she feels it's their decision and she must support it. Susan thinks that Kim shouldn't come to the wedding if she can't at least pretend to be happy about it.

At Hal and Emily's house, Allison cries and tells Emily she is worried about losing Chris because of the Stewart curse. Emily is puzzled about Allison's remark. Allison explains that the Stewart women have not been that lucky when it comes to love. Emily promises her sister that nothing will come between her and Chris.

At the apartment Bob is showing Chris, Chris tells his father that he isn't having serious doubts about marrying Allison. Chris thanks his father for telling him about the apartment. Chris thinks Allison will love the apartment and they will both be happy living there. Chris rushes to the bridal shower because he is already late.

At Nurse Julia's place, Jack and J.J. manage to persuade Julia to let Jack go to the water park with them.

At Jack and Carly's place, Mike sends Parker upstairs so he can talk to Carly alone. Carly worries that Parker will never be able to let Jack go without professional help. Mike thinks that Parker just needs to let Jack go at his own pace, and seeking professional help will only make the situation worse. Mike suggests they all should go for a ride to get out of the house. Carly reluctantly agrees to the idea.

At the courthouse, Jordan pleads with Jennifer to testify for Cabot's sake. Jennifer agrees to testify but makes it clear to Jordan she isn't doing it for him. Barbara pleads "not guilty" to the charges against her.

At the Stewart house, Susan explains to Chris what happened with the bridal shower. Chris apologizes to Susan because Kim's comments upset Allison. Susan wonders if Chris doesn't sometimes wish that Allison were more like Emily.

At Hal and Emily's house, Allison worries that she won't be a good doctor's wife. Emily tells Allison that being a good doctor's wife takes time, but she is sure that Allison will get the hang of it. Allison gets a call from Aaron asking her to come to his place right away. Allison asks Emily to apologize to Susan for her and let her know that she will straighten everything out later.

She gives Emily a hug and thanks her for being such a great big sister.

Jack, Julia and J.J. arrive at the water park.

Parker sees the water park while Mike is driving and insists they must go and look for Jack there.

At the Stewart house, Chris avoids Susan's question by concentrating on helping her put things away. Chris explains to Susan that he loves Allison's spirit and, although she can drive him crazy sometimes, he wouldn't want her to change. Chris does admit that he worries that Allison doesn't think about studying or preparing for the future. Chris tells Susan he has tried to encourage Allison to go to college and think about a career. Susan tells Chris that marriage is hard work. Chris thinks Susan is trying to scare him. Susan makes it clear that she needs to hear that he loves Allison, faults and all.

Allison arrives at Aaron's place for a surprise bridal shower.

At the courthouse, Emily wants to have a romantic picnic with Hal. Hal appreciates the thought, but he tells Emily he must stay to transfer Barbara after the hearing. Barbara is unhappy with her defense and requests permission to defend herself. The judge grants Barbara's request. Barbara requests bail and immediate release from jail.

Carly refuses to let Parker go inside the water park. Mike and Carly get out of the car to have a talk. Carly thinks it's a bad idea to let Parker think he will find Jack inside the water park. Mike thinks that they all need to have some fun, and maybe Parker will be having so much fun he will forget about looking for Jack for a few hours. Carly agrees to go inside the water park.

Inside the water park, Julia asks Jack to go get her and J.J. something to drink while they change their clothes. Julia gives Jack some money, and he jokes that she is his mom. Jack promises to pay back all the money that she has spent on him once he gets a job.

At the Stewart house, Chris tells Susan that he knows in his heart Allison is the woman for him. Susan gives Chris all the bridal shower food to take to Emily's house.

At Aaron's place, Allison is thrilled with the gifts that Curtis and the waitresses from Metro give to her. Aaron gives Allison the blender she gave to him as a housewarming present. Allison gives Aaron a hug and thanks him for a wonderful bridal shower.

At the courthouse, Barbara requests that the handcuffs be taken off so she can present her case. The judge once again grants Barbara's request. Barbara explains to the judge that her only crime was trying to protect her children. She says that James Stenbeck threatened to kill her son if she didn't follow his orders. Barbara tells everyone that James is the person responsible for the death of Cabot Sinclair, not her.

At Aaron's place, after everyone leaves Allison thanks Aaron for the best shower ever. Allison gives Aaron a hug and tells him she loves him. Aaron tells Allison he loves her, too.

At Hal and Emily's place, Emily is sad because Hal rejected her. Chris arrives with the food.

At the courthouse, Barbara tells everyone that she knows nobody believes her. Barbara thinks there is only one thing she can do now; she then escapes by crashing through a courthouse window.

At the water park, Parker refuses to eat because he wants to walk through the park and look for Jack. Mike notices they forgot their drinks and tells Parker to go with him to get them.

Julia worries because Jack has been gone too long, and she and J.J. decide to go look for him.

On his way back with the drinks, Jack sees Carly and keeps staring at her with a puzzled look on his face. Carly doesn't see Jack because she is sitting at a table with her back turned to him.

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